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What do your schedules look like?? I am applying next spring... so I have some key* classes coming up. lol Now I have a 90.93% in A&P I think I need to get in a "safer" zone of an A!!...my A&P... Read More

  1. by   Jilaweez
    NOTHING!!!! I am finishing up the last of my pre-req's/co-req's for a BSN program!! This is my first summer off in a few years and I am looking forward to spending it with my kids. I feel a little wierd taking it off but I'm sure I'll get over it! I call it the calm before the storm!!
  2. by   nurse2btracy
    Summer 2007

    General Chemistry
    Oral Communications

    Fall 2007

    Not sure where I am going yet. Hopefully I will be taking nursing classes!
  3. by   SueBeeRN

    Abnormal Psych (5 week online class)

    Nursing I
  4. by   luvmy3kids
    Summer II 07

    CNA certification

    Fall 07

    Organic Chem

    After that I have to take another Health Science Chem and then I can apply! I can't wait!!
  5. by   MrsBradyMom

    Bio 111
    Eng 101
    Psych 101


    Soc 101
    Micro 100
    Math 020 (ugh)

    Then I apply for LPN clinicals.

    Fall (towards RN):

    A & P 1
    Math 051
  6. by   VieraGrl1030
    I am taking AP 1&2 this summer too.. everyone I have told looks at me like I have two heads. They just keep telling me I wont be able to do it and with someone who doesn't have very much self esteem and motivation. Oh well, I am taking psychology online too.
  7. by   roxxy3773
    VieraGrl1030, you can do anything you set your mind to! Don't let anybody get you down. Sure it will be a lot of work, but if you don't give up and you put a lot of time and effort into the work then you will be just fine. You will have to get motivated though!
  8. by   aerorunner80
    Summer 07:

    Math 119 (basic algebra prereq for stats)
    Spanish 101

    Fall 07:

    Math 145 (stats)
    Comm 130
    Pathophys I

    Spring 08:
    Pathophys II
    and a philosophy class...

    Spring 08 will also be the semester I will be applying for admission into a BSN program. I've already been accepted into a ADN program but I'm on a wait list that is 2 1/2 years long so I decided to move on.
  9. by   aerorunner80
    Oops! I have to throw sociology in there somewhere too! I think I'll take it next semester (fall 07)
  10. by   wugfun
    Sociology and Physc Human Lifespan this Summer 2007.

    Since my ABSN school doesn't start until Summer 2008, I can "take it easy" and do my prerequisites part-time/2 per semester for three semesters. Well, I am working full time too, but it is just a desk job.
  11. by   KEL2BanRN
    I'm finishing my pre-reqs, and will start the nursing classes in the Fall. We're on quarters, not semesters, so I just started Spring quarter last week.

    Spring qtr (now)
    A&P III
    Tech Writing English 110
    Human Growth and Development

    Summer qtr
    Research Writing English 202
    Intro to Psych
  12. by   RNMom2010
    Spring 07 (Currently)

    Summer 07
    A&P II (online with labs done at school)
    Human Growth & Development (AGAIN because it has been 5 years boo!)

    After that I am done with pre-reqs and co-reqs and I just hope and pray that I am accepted for Spring 08. I will know in late Oct of 07.
  13. by   ally21
    CPR course
    some intro to nursing course that lasts for 4 days

    Fall 2007:
    9 credit intro to nursing course along with the clinical

    I pray I pass microbiology this year otherwise I'm going to try to squeeze it into the fall semester.