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I am 32 years old. I was always interested in nursing, but when I graduated High School it was a decision - nursing, which I did not have the grades for (hey, we're all stupid when we're 17) or the... Read More

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    Welcome !!

    I think Math for Nurses would be a good course to take !!
  3. by   Worthy

    Oh, you guys are so great~!

    Up until now people usually say "oh, that's great, good luck" but that's it. Funny because one of my dad's good friends used to be a nurse and head of the department of nursing at her local community college, and even she wasn't too keen on giving me tips (though, to be fair, I tackled her at a family barbecue and she was quite distracted).

    I now have an idea of the sort of math I need. I'm going to print this thread out so I can take it to my potential math tutor - who I met with last night.

    She suggested first off to get a sample copy of the nursing entrance exam for the RPN program I am interested in. Do they give that sort of thing out? Anyone in Canada know?

    Again, thank you so much for the encouragement - it means so much to me, and I will be keeping a sharp eye on this board!

    Thanks, Worthy
  4. by   Jackie N
    Hey! I have the same problem. I want to be nurse but I was never very good at math. I did do well in Algebra but I had an excellent teacher. However, that was in Junior High School. Its been a long time since I did that type of math. I plan to get myself several math tutorial cd-roms from a local computer store.
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    Perhaps you were not a good student when you were 17, but you also have a maturity factor going for you now. Maybe school bored you, or you were less open to pushing yourself academically when you were younger. Now, you have a specific goal in mind, and have more of an idea how to make it happen.

    I graduated from a community college RN program at the age of 40. I had not been in a classroom in over 15 years when I started my prerequisite coursework. The median age in my class was 35, and two of my classmates were in their mid-50s. There were only a couple of students under 30. The fact that virtually everyone in the class was older, more mature and had life experience in the job market made a big difference in terms of attitude toward the coursework and dedication to study. This was not a group of teenagers away from home for the first time spending their parents' money on a lark, picking a field of study they thought might be "fun". This was a group of knowledegeable working people spending their own hard-earned money to change career fields. I worked 40 hours per week during my entire nursing education out of financial necessity, as did many of my classmates. Heaven only knows how we persevered, but we did.

    Don't forget also that your classmates are a great support group, and many will be willing to study with you. We used to go to a local hospital cafeteria that was open 24 hours - a great place to study regardless of the hour, and you could get something to eat or drink anytime.

    Best of luck in your endeavors. You have the desire. Now go and get what you want.
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  6. by   Dr. Kate
    Orca is absolutely right. Maturity and commitment make a world of difference.
    I don't know what math classes you have to take but I do know if you can divide a recepie and make change you'll be able to handle the math you need for most nursing situations.

    Great you're with us. You've come to the right place.
  7. by   Worthy
    Okay what's the catch.

    I checked out those websites that you all so very generously posted for me, and while some of it seems a little daunting, once I learn the formulas....I think I can DO that!!!!!!

    Maybe because it relates to something real (measurements of substances, etc.) just like my payroll, but with a little tutoring...

    I am feeling much, much better and now I have something to go on. I will concentrate on learning the math I NEED and relate it to my particular subject rather than anonymous numbers.

    YIPPEEEEE!!!! AND I most certainly can make adjustments in a recipe!!!!

    Many, many thanks.
  8. by   zudy
    Worthy, you are right, you can do it!!! Remember, if you have any more questions or problems, let us know!! zudy
  9. by   Sarahstudent

    Hidi is right, learning as an adult is easier beacuse you have the drive that alot of high school kids lack. I did not take ANY Chemistry in high School. I hated it. Last fall I applied into Nursing and I was condtionally accepted, condition being that I pass Chem. 30 with adequate marks. I did not know wether or not I should take Chem. 10 and 20 first seeing as how they're pre. req's for chem 30 but as an adult I could challenge 30 if I wanted. So I challenged the 30 level course all by myself, no help from anyone, no previous Chem experience and passed with a 75%.

    I was so proud of myself that I cried. After being out of school for 8 years I was able to get through it easily. Since I wanted so much to succeed and actually learn, I sopped it up like a sponge.

    As far as finances go, get student loans. I know the thought of loans is scarey but you're getting a wealth of knowledge for it. A University Education is something personal to you that you've earned and paid for by yourself. If you are in finanical need, the government will see it when you apply and automatically add a grant to your loan, and you can apply for bursaries once you've finished a semester, if you do well you may qualify for Scholarships, and there's many other options such as mentorship programs that pay part of your tuition and a monthly living allowance for the months that you're in school if you sign a contract.

    You have a whole year to prepare to be financially ready ie consolidation loans, selling things to help pay for school (if you have a new car try a gently used 5 yr old car, this will also help with getting student loan). Don't think you can't get a SL if you own a home either. They look at it as no different than rent. If you have kids you are more likely to qualify.

    Just hang in there, and please don't refer to yourself as stupid, because you're not, you found us didn't you!

  10. by   freetobeme82
    I was looking on line last night about LPN math for school. I was on cell phone and I found a post from a nurse that stated she worked with a CNA who she felt was too stupid OR.. not intelligent enough to do the math and science and she doubted her. Well.. the way in which she tooted her horn on behalf of herself and others who had a better aptitude for math and science was sickening!

    I was shocked that this person had so much thought invested in thinking that if you can't do the math or science you not intelligent. Everyone.. has a different aptitude. Many people want to do various occupations and careers in life, it does not mean your cut out for them or have the aptitude for them. I believe in those tests you take and there are many of them to tell where you fit in.

    I have to say.. I wanted to be a nurse when I was a teenager. My boyfriend at that time, his sister in law was a nurse. I looked up to her. Well.. through my own trials and error in life, trying, and taking aptitude tests, I realized that was not truly me or my calling. I get so mad when I hear others pushing becoming a nurse towards others because of the economy, never being without a job etc. It is surely.. not for everyone.

    It is actually a positive when your not like everyone else or can't do math and science.. because we were not all meant to be cookie cutters of each other. I am extremely gifted artistically. I write, illustrate, sing, and plan to act. Many .. people could never do what I do.. because they don't have this talent given to them at birth. It is just in you. Whether it be nursing and that aptitude along with science.. Or.. the arts etc. It is what you as an individual is good at, excels at.

    Many people would not be a nurse no matter what. I don't think it's fair to say just because you don't have an aptitude your not intelligent. You may be more intelligent in other areas. I had a friend at one time that was super competitive with me in everything I did. She had to do better. I thought.. I had failed at not accomplishing being a nurse.. until I realized it was not me or what I am meant to do/be in life.

    Well.. when I started being me.. and doing things I personally excelled at, that were creative projects, this RN friend and I use the term loosely now.. tried to top me. She was unable to top me.. because she unlike me was not talented in the arts and I blew her away. I could have gone around tooting my horn and saying she is un talented. But.. my talents when put up against hers , she had none.

    She was a genius with her straight A's in math and science and nursing classes. She just did not have what I had in the arts. She knew I would go places, I could tell.. she even tried to attach herself to me in ways that would allow her to be in the circle when I did. I caught on fast. However.. to a Astronaut or a Neuro Scientist perhaps a nurse would not look so smart.

    There will always be smarter people, and there will always be prettier and handsome people, and like me talented people. Everyone was made to be unique and hopefully.. true to themselves. I am sure if say.. an actor would have became a nurse.. he or she would not be able to have the platform they do to help the world on a higher level to them.

    I don't think people would call Oprah un intelligent just because she was not a nurse . She is a talent that has gained wide spread recognition. Although .. she had a College education, many CEO's and Hollywood people do not, and seem extremely happy in what they do for a living. When you love what you do and it is your passion, you never feel as though you work another day in your life!
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    Zombie thread. It's over ten years old!
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    But hey.. the fact that somebody responded to it... answers itself?
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    Somebody had to dig long and deep to resurrect this one!