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  1. freetobeme82

    Want to be a nurse...but too stupid?!?

    I was looking on line last night about LPN math for school. I was on cell phone and I found a post from a nurse that stated she worked with a CNA who she felt was too stupid OR.. not intelligent enough to do the math and science and she doubted her. Well.. the way in which she tooted her horn on behalf of herself and others who had a better aptitude for math and science was sickening! I was shocked that this person had so much thought invested in thinking that if you can't do the math or science you not intelligent. Everyone.. has a different aptitude. Many people want to do various occupations and careers in life, it does not mean your cut out for them or have the aptitude for them. I believe in those tests you take and there are many of them to tell where you fit in. I have to say.. I wanted to be a nurse when I was a teenager. My boyfriend at that time, his sister in law was a nurse. I looked up to her. Well.. through my own trials and error in life, trying, and taking aptitude tests, I realized that was not truly me or my calling. I get so mad when I hear others pushing becoming a nurse towards others because of the economy, never being without a job etc. It is surely.. not for everyone. It is actually a positive when your not like everyone else or can't do math and science.. because we were not all meant to be cookie cutters of each other. I am extremely gifted artistically. I write, illustrate, sing, and plan to act. Many .. people could never do what I do.. because they don't have this talent given to them at birth. It is just in you. Whether it be nursing and that aptitude along with science.. Or.. the arts etc. It is what you as an individual is good at, excels at. Many people would not be a nurse no matter what. I don't think it's fair to say just because you don't have an aptitude your not intelligent. You may be more intelligent in other areas. I had a friend at one time that was super competitive with me in everything I did. She had to do better. I thought.. I had failed at not accomplishing being a nurse.. until I realized it was not me or what I am meant to do/be in life. Well.. when I started being me.. and doing things I personally excelled at, that were creative projects, this RN friend and I use the term loosely now.. tried to top me. She was unable to top me.. because she unlike me was not talented in the arts and I blew her away. I could have gone around tooting my horn and saying she is un talented. But.. my talents when put up against hers , she had none. She was a genius with her straight A's in math and science and nursing classes. She just did not have what I had in the arts. She knew I would go places, I could tell.. she even tried to attach herself to me in ways that would allow her to be in the circle when I did. I caught on fast. However.. to a Astronaut or a Neuro Scientist perhaps a nurse would not look so smart. There will always be smarter people, and there will always be prettier and handsome people, and like me talented people. Everyone was made to be unique and hopefully.. true to themselves. I am sure if say.. an actor would have became a nurse.. he or she would not be able to have the platform they do to help the world on a higher level to them. I don't think people would call Oprah un intelligent just because she was not a nurse . She is a talent that has gained wide spread recognition. Although .. she had a College education, many CEO's and Hollywood people do not, and seem extremely happy in what they do for a living. When you love what you do and it is your passion, you never feel as though you work another day in your life!
  2. Hi Mrs. Cuoco, Does it depend on where you will be working? I would assume.. if you had a recent physical for school and can prove this with paper work and that all your vaccines are up to date and in order that they would not bother to go threw all this again. I did the CNA course once.. but failed in time to take the state exam. I have to re take it now. All we needed was our TB test. That was all. Nothing more. I know what school.. I am going back to lol.
  3. Okay.. Thank You all. I feel some what better. However.. the one lady above said when you get a job they do a whole other physical? That is that all about? Is that every place? What if they find you have things wrong with you? It is nerve racking. I don't know if that is every place you work or some? You are suppose to wear gloves. However.. many nurses now are choosing not to. I think I rather protect myself when dealing with blood.
  4. I am considering going to get my LPN. That is all I am able to do. I have Asthma. I had an acl problem but it healed itself. I am just wanting to know for LPN what the physical is? A former RN friend scared me about the physical for RNs. She said if you have or they find something wrong and they drew blood.. you have to fix whatever they find some how before you continue on. Even if you have no health care and I don't. Can't afford it. I thought.. it would just be bending, drug urine test, ears, nose, throat and eyes. Please for warn me.. Also.. do you know anyone who failed the physical? My friend told me she knew many new nurses with health problems. Someone recently told me what does intelligence have to do with health, stating people are human and have things wrong. Thanks.
  5. Can a LPN tell me what kind of physical exam you received/had to get prior to the program. I just hate surprises. I have asthma and hate having blood drawn. I don't do drugs or drink. I will gladly pee in a cup. I messed up my acl a while back but it healed on its own. I did not have the operation. I was told I had to. The doctor was wrong. I just didn't know if they can disqualify you from doing this is all or look for things. My friend out of state that I no longer speak to, told me when she went for RN.. they took blood and check you for everything. She said IF they find you have something wrong with you .. you have to fix it or attempt to before they let you in. She scared me from going for it. Thanks. I know for work physicals.. they check eyes, ears, and make you bend and pee in a cup. I am afraid they will say.. I can't swallow correctly or they feel something. EEKS.. How stressful. I just don't want this to hold me back.
  6. freetobeme82

    CNA Boards

    Someone had posted awhile back a link to an instructional CNA video that you can watch on line the steps one by one that are asked to demonstrate in the exam. Does anyone know it.. or where to find this. Please email me back (freetobeme82@yahoo.com) Thanks.. Leah
  7. freetobeme82

    CNA jobs

    Does anyone know... how likely or unlikely it may be to contract air born illness's diseases.. Or fatal ones/blood born in a home care setting with a sick person. I know.. hospital patients and staff catch staff often. More then they let on. My friend is an RN and she tells me all the time. She had two nurses die of staff. I went to a home health care site.. and the site posted this big thing... about blood born illness's and air born etc. I don't want this to scare me off.. from going for my CNA to work in home care or doing private duty for hire work. Please give me some positive up beat feedback in support of this.. LOL. So.. I am not fearing for my life. Thank You.. Leah
  8. freetobeme82

    CNA jobs

    I am taking my CNA in a month or two. I would like to work in only one of two settings. Home Health Care.. going to peoples homes.. Except you have to go ro 7 houses a night in order to make your hours. This can be hard on your car in the dead of winter. We get extremely brutals winters in WI. Sub artic temps and crazy on going snow.. blizzards.. ice storms. OR... I would primarily if I am lucky enough to find one.. love to get a job with a privately advertised person for home care. I would then have steady work and go to one location. If .. it pays well. I read on here one CNA contracts herself out to families for 15.00 hour. for four hours/per four hour shifts. Or just per hour if 7-8 is needed. I would love to do this.
  9. freetobeme82

    Has Any One Taken The Teas Test?

    Please email me the link where to get the Kaplan book. freetobeme82@yahoo.com. I didn't want to waste more money.. I purchased the ATI test book and it was horrible in my opinion. Not an easy study at all! I spent $44.00 on the web site. Now.. its either GED study guide at the library or Kaplan review book. Unless ebay has it cheaper. Thanks Leah
  10. freetobeme82

    Has Any One Taken The Teas Test?

    Please email me freetobeme82@yahoo. I went and in my personal opinion.. wasted $44.00 on the ATI Teas Book on the web site. It was horrible .. in my opinion. It did not teach you well.. at all how to do the problem solving or how they came to the conclusion. All the answers in the back were not all that accessible. I was highly... disappointed. I was wondering .. I seen on here that some people simply went to the library for the GED book. I am going up the street today for the library. My test is the 16th. I am freaking out.. and ill prepared as of now. I don't know if there are problem solving books step by step that actually teach.. then throw questions and answers at you without the foundation first and steps involved. I also read on here.. that the teas was much much easier then the ATI test book. I took the Compass and it was a breeze.. I did not even study. The nursing school I plan to get into says you only need an over all score of 58% to pass. I would think... if you do exceptionally well in the reading and English with not many in the math and science you can still get a 58 or above easily. Please email me and we can discuss this further.. Thanks Leah
  11. freetobeme82

    New Student... Feeling Unsure

    Hi, The strangest thing... I received recently your message. I live in WI. I was unable to reply back. I am a member it just doesn't work. Email me on yahoo so we can talk more. My email is freetobeme82@yahoo. I am Leah Thanks
  12. freetobeme82

    Herzing college anyone?

    First Of All People... Every Person.. And Every Situation And Every School is different. There are not all the same.. not the same teachers. Secondly in WI. the school has reached its Accreditation that it did not yet.. have in 08.You could not pay me money.. to attend a county college that makes so.. much money off of all the pre requisites attached PRIOR to taking each and every class. That extend the class by an easy 2 years. I am going to Herzing. I will gladly..pay more in the end... For 2 years void of pre requisites that is a money maker for the County Colleges. I have no wait list. I will be done exactly in 2 years. I will not at Herzing have to take and re take math or allege bra. They don't require it! And.. low life people won't pay Herzing prices later on.. so that rules them out too.. So... to each is own!
  13. freetobeme82

    MHCC lpn VS ITT tech ASN

    First of all.. ITT Tech is Accredited by The NLN. Secondly.. once you get your license you can work at a large.. number of places. Maybe she does not want to work for a hospital that is more like a sorority then an hospital. Anyone who has their licensed gets retrained on the job anyway. I would never want to work at an establishment that did not honor my license as a professional. Who are the people you work for to pick and choose where others want to attend school? We don't live in a communist society the last time I checked. Not everyone chooses or wants to walk the same path.. and that is not wrong. It shows they can think for themselves. If people are willing to wait less and pay more.. so be it. Many establishes are looking for good caring nurses and once you have you license you don't need one establishments BS. You can take it down the road!If everyone learned to be more positive and supportive this world and working environments would be a much better and happier place to live and work.
  14. freetobeme82

    CNA to LPN to BSN to MSN , Whew!

    Was it hard working part time CNA while focused on LPN school work and clinicals? I am asking because someone on here said she wish she had not done it that way . She found it extremely hard to do both. She said to take some easy breezy job part time instead and she wish she had done that different. I was thinking about office cleaning at night. I have done this before and its very easy.. your on your own. Its not a no brainer. I don't want my brain to fry on both ends LOL. Please email me @ freetobeme82@yahoo.com
  15. freetobeme82

    CNA to LPN to BSN to MSN , Whew!

    I have a question. I am wondering while I am in the process of getting my LPN.. which won't be until I take the mandatory CNA class for 6-8 weeks. My state of WI mandates we take CNA and pass the exam first. A woman on here somewhere.. mentioned when she went for her LPN she worked part time as a CNA.. and she said it was so.. so.. hard because LPN was demanding with clinical s. She said she wished she worked some other part time easy breezy job while in school instead. Regardless.. I need to take this class and pass for CNA the state boards. I took the class once before and was not told the Certificate expired in 6 months. I thought it was always good. So.. I have to re take another class. Also..the whole entire class failed the state boards where you must demonstrate the skill. I won't be going back to that school. However.. there are some free CNA courses.. but you have to promise you give them 6 months. There is one in a developmental disability facility. Should I do the free one? I am in a program on unemployment that will also pay for my CNA to train me as a displaced worker. I am undecided. Also.. should I just get a job 3-4 nights a week cleaning offices. Even 5? I use to clean and your on your own.. its not bad.. or hard work atall. Thanks...