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Hi, I am really bound and determined to go thru with this college thing- because if i dont do it now, i think i will always regret it.... BUT here's the problem- we don't really have the money... Read More

  1. by   JaxiaKiley
    I think it's worth it because you are trying to make a better life for your family.
  2. by   luvmyguys
    Hi-I have to say that we are dirt, dirt, sleeping with the worms poor!! BUT, I am totally invested in seeing this through and so is my husband. He does whatever it takes so that I can just study and take care of our kids. At first, I felt really quilty, but he always reassured me that how it is now, is not forever. And that if anything happened that made me quit-it very much could be. So, with that-I don't consider my education a debt-I see it as an investment that will make a profit in the future and better my family's position. (not to mention make me the FIRST in my family to go to college):roll
    Next quarter, I actually start the nursing program, up till this point, I have been taking mostly night classes bc we can't afford childcare. So, we are setting aside whatever we get from our tax refund and enlisting the inlaws!
    And, I try not to think "well, what about next quarter" -cause that will just stress me and hubby out!!
    The financial aid site is your best option-I sell stuff on ebay for gas money-which helps a lot. YOU CAN DO IT!!!!
  3. by   Sillynicunurse
    I took my pre-reqs at my local community college for a 78.00 per credit hour so that the only things I would have to take at the college of nursing were nursing courses. I did have to take out loans to pay for those since it is over 400.00 per credit hour (gulp). It will be worth it in the end.
  4. by   futurern123
    My mom went back to school to finish her degree (she had dropped out for personal reasons) for 2 years when I was in elementary school. It was hard on the family and my parents had to take out loans but it was for the best. She had to drive about an hour each way to college and it was difficult for everyone I won't lie-- but it was completely worth it. If my mom hadn't finished her degree there would be no way my parents would be able to afford my tuition or my sister's.

    If you want to do it, you can. It will pay off!!!!!!! You can do it!!!!!!!!!
  5. by   hiep
    umpiron: just another guy that would like to support you.
    I'm somewhat in similar situation, but I got supports from alot of people. File FAFSA as soon as possible. During filing FAFSA, you can choose options I'm interested in "Workstudy" or "Loans" or "Both". Even if you're not qualified for Pell Grants, other Grants are still available(such as Academic Competitiveness Grant, State Grants). Then Loans go after everything else. Talk with the Financial Office's administrators/advisors, they will help.

    Good lucks to you, dear.

    Best regards & sincere to you & your loved ones,
  6. by   kasia2
    Very good topic, Im also struggeling with money and im thinking about quitting my job once I get accepted in May, but its not that simple because i also have a lot of bills ( especially cc and phone contract for another 2 years) but im also conscious of the fact that I need flexible schedule to study, i dont want to have all this stress and go to work on sunday while i have huge test on monday, well ok maybe i will work 1 or 2 days time will tell...but my problem is that I have not so good credit because i made few late payments on my credit card and also once i didnt make last payment when i was cancelling my membership with one of the cell phone company, i know i have bad credit cause i checked, however I really need apply for private loan ( my mom offered to pay for my nursing education but i dont want to a financial burden to her cause she is arleady have huge debts herself) I want to borrow K20 if possible, im just scared that i will be turned down by all the private loan institution due to low credit points...Also is useless for me to apply for FAFSA because i arleady have an associate degree in general education so they told me im disqualified.
  7. by   MamaGyrl
    I can definately relate to your situation. I am 26 also and a single parent of a 4 yr old son and 3 yr old daughter. I am unemployed right now but thankfully I am receiving unemployment until at least mid-July. My funds are very very limited right now, but anything worth thinking or praying about is worth attempting. I am and was in the same predicament a couple of yrs ago. I made up my mind to attend an LPN school in DC, but had no idea how I would pay for it, still keep my apt, and care for my children during the yr I was in school. I prayed long and hard about the decision and I know in the long run it will benefit me and my children and its what I really want to do with my life. So when I really made up my mind I begin to slowly work out how I would still handle my motherly duties. Thankfully I have family and friends and my kids dad is in the picture, so things won't be easy but it takes a little stress off of me. I saved most of my income taxes to put the down payment for school and I set-up daycare for my children until they begin Pre-K and Head Start in Sept. And I had to apply for a loan for the $8500 tuition. I went into this with alot of things not in order but for me when I made my mind up to go back it seems ironic that some things are working out for me. I still have many things to deal with. How am I gonna take care of me and my family when my unemployment runs out, but sometimes you have to deal with issues when they come about because my thought and feeling about most things in life are, "If you do all you can with what you have even if it may seem so small to you, things will work out in the long run!" There may not be light at the end of the tunnel for a while but it does get better eventually. Oh and the LPN program for me begins May 1st. It will be a very long hard yr but well worth the wait. I pray things will work out for you and just try to work out as much as you can and things will fall in place for you believe me.
  8. by   RN BSN 2009
    your income after graduation will make up for that original debt!
  9. by   MB37
    kasia - you should still fill out a FAFSA. You may not be eligible to receive a Pell Grant to go for a second degree of the same level, but you should be able to receive loans. They'll be at a better rate than a private loan with poor credit. In addition, your school may offer scholarships, and normally to be considered for ANY aid, you need to have filled out a FAFSA.
  10. by   gt4everpn
    I'm feelin the cost of college as well, its atleast 2x that for me, but anyway go for it. The money you'll make will be able to pay off your loan debt. Best of luck to you, in all you do kids and school alike!
  11. by   starbabyfive
    i don't remember whos post i read this quote on, but i liked it so much that i wrote it in the front of one of my notebooks. i think it puts the whole 'loan' thing into perspective.
    "an investment in knowledge always pays the best intrest" benjamin franklin
  12. by   kasia2
    Thanks for the advice but I dont know if this will work, I arleady tried to make an appeal in past , it didnt get approved,I have no idea at all why they even came out with this appeal thing because I dont know anybody who was given second chancem but anyway I have no idea if I can apply for any loans on disqualified status. my school is so strict about financial aid, I should go and find out, I hope that its not to late to aplly for FAFSA, right now I'v been going to school to ask when the are sending the letters and they always say sometime in May...anyway this loan makes me nervous because Im afraid if something goes wrong I will have to pay very serious consequences, I mean anything bad can happend like failiing grade or some kind of physical sickeness, you dont finish your degree but you have to pay back what you took...
  13. by   pepperann35
    Since we have such a shortage of nurse, I wish the government would help pay for tuition to get some of us, that cannot affort the tuition and don't qualify for financial aid or grants, pay for school. Many of us, that are LPN's would LOVE to go back to school. Since they keep threatening to "phase out" LPN's, why not provide the opportunity for us to continue our education and become RN's if we so chose? I have been an LPN for 18 years and am now looking at college tuition for my children. I cannot afford to pay for my own as well. Just a thought....