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I took my test on 1/27....I read on here some people are getting their results back in 12 days...well that's today. Does anyone who took their test that day have theirs back? How about those of you... Read More

  1. by   keithjones
    Composite 162 DI:99 AD:99 All:99

    Verbal 58 of 60
    Math 38 of 60
    Science 54 of 60

    Too bad my school weighs GPA more heavily than Test results. A 99th percentile is worth 38 points a 50th percentile is worth 29 points. A 4.0 GPA is worth 48 points, a 3.0 worth 24 points and my 2.5 GPA (10 years old) is only worth 13 points.

    So if you pull out a 3.0 GPA and score 50th percentile or higher on the test you will beat my point total... sucks really! Fortunately once i finish my prereqs in the fall I get to bankrupt my GPA!!
  2. by   lorba
    Wow! That's an awesome score Keith. Congratulations and good luck getting into your program.

    I scored a 142....97th percentile. I'm waiting to hear from my school about acceptance for Fall 2009. Any day now...
  3. by   Jsverk
    Hello! I meant to post sooner, but work has been crazy lately.. I got my test scores back from the NLN a couple weeks ago, and I was in the 92nd composite percentile, which I was so excited about! I took the test with over 100 people, so before I took it I realized I was probably not going to get in, but I figured I might as well take it. Good choice on my part, it seems. I then found out the next day that I'd be getting an interview along with 35 other people for the 10 spots available. When I went to my interview a few days later, they gave me a small math and english test (100% on both), and then told me that I got into the program!! ^_^ I'm so excited!

    It really is nice and satisfying to know that I will finaly be making something of myself.

    Also, wow Keith! I dont see how they could possibly not let you in with those scores. You did way better than I did, haha!

    Good luck Lorba!! ^_^ You did really aweosme too, and Im hoping that you hear soon!
  4. by   dolphin2027
    ok I have been on this site and reading since I knew I wanted to be a nurse. I read every gross thing you can expect as a nurse. I still want to be a nurse. I just took my nln last week, i think i sucked at verbal can you do well on nln if you do well?
  5. by   AccelCNL
    Good luck all of you I hope you get into you gain admission.
  6. by   dolphin2027
    Quote from dolphin2027
    ok I have been on this site and reading since I knew I wanted to be a nurse. I read every gross thing you can expect as a nurse. I still want to be a nurse. I just took my nln last week, i think i sucked at verbal can you do well on nln if you do well?
    When I wrote that I was half way drunk b/c of anticipation. I was thinking how I messed up on my verbal. I finally got my score today. comp of 144 and I think 98%.

    I tell you, if I can do it anyone can. Reading this post help me alot getting prepare for the test.

    Have a great day!!!
  7. by   itsa307
    So I took the NLN today...can someone PLEASE help me understand the results?

    The raw score...let say 42 out of 60...that's 42 right out of 60 right? So then how would you figure out the percentile out of that? Or can't you because it's weighted?

    The composite score? How is that calculated?

    Thanks tons!
  8. by   keekeedt
    Hi Everyone,

    I took the NLN for the 2nd time and I did better. The first time I got in the 78 percentile, this time I got in the 89 percentile. Also my first composite score was 112, this time I got 127.

    Any CLC Students: Do you think my new scores are good enough to get into the program?

  9. by   ernurse2015
    I have 2 former classmates who just took there tests and one got a 91% and the other 94%. They both go to CLC. I would think your score is good enough but you can call the nursing division and ask if you are going to be accepted into the Spring program. They will be able to tell you. Good Luck!!! Congrats!!!!
  10. by   nvr2late
    since you all took the NLN, can you tell me what the actual test was like?...I've taken the TEAS and wonder if it's similar. I stink at math. I'm scheduled to take the NLN in December, but wonder the amount and depth of the math. Also can't quit the cigs until I know. Good luck to you all, and I'll be hoping someone will ANSWER me, because this is the first place on here I've seen the letters "NLN". NVR2late
  11. by   ernurse2015
    On the verbal ability there is vocabulary and short stories with questions. Then math and science. There are 80 questions for verbal and 80 questions on science but they only count 60 questions the other are just random. The math 54 questions only count 40. I am just frustrated with the whole process of having to take the NLN and that being the only thing they look at to determine your acceptance into the nursing program. I am a good test taker but when it comes to remembering my math and science stuff its much harder for me.

    Not sure if this helped you.
  12. by   nvr2late
    It helped but I'm still frustrated as well. The "TEAS" was also geared to see your understanding of reading and language skills. The science blew my mind because much of it was earth science. I scored 100% on the 'human science' or 'medical science' portion.... 94% on the reading comprehension and 92% on the language skills. I know my math/algebra score brought down the final score - - - I don't remember how many questions, but I know I did awful in the math and great in the rest. What I really really need to know is: is this mostly academic knowledge (math/reading/comprehension/science) OR ARE THERE NURSING QUESTIONS INVOLVED? I am already exhausted before school even starts, just up all night worrying about this test. We have many applicants and not enough slots (450/40) and so only the highest scores from NLN will get in spring. Will the core Math 1012 class help me before the NLN? Is that class going to be relevant to this test? NVR2late
  13. by   ernurse2015
    The test is more on your academic knowledge of basic math, and reading. The science however in my opinion asks a lot of questions about physics. We have 60 slots available 40 are for the day students and 20 for the evening. They require at our school you have a CNA license before you can even take the NLN exam.