My Theory on 8-week classes

  1. I am taking an 8 week life science as well as an 8-week comp 2 and sociology.

    I am completely not concerned about how much harder the classes will be because I don't have to work full time.

    Here is my theory on why 8-week classes are better. Even through all the information is crammed in half the time I think that this will keep me on my toes all semester. I noticed, this past semester, that half way through the semester I got a little lazy because I was already doing so well in my classes. As a result, I did not do so awesome on the finals but was still able to pull all A's.

    I think that this won't be the case with 8 weeks because the semester is so much shorter. I think that an 8 week course will keep you more focused on the class and less likely to fluff off. However, if you can't keep up with the material... then it would really suck.

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  3. by   TheCommuter
    I am currently enrolled in an 8-week psychology class at my local community college, and I happen to love the brisk pace of things. I take my final exams next week, and must score a 'B' grade on the psychology final exam in order to keep my 'A' grade for the course.

    I, too, have noticed that I tend to get lazy toward the end of a traditional 16 week, 1 semester class. I will definitely look for more 8-week class offerings in the near future.
  4. by   justme1972
    I have always done better during the summer with classes than during the regular semester. I know some colleges have even went to that schedule year-round and all I can say is, smart people!

    I know what you mean by the end-of-the-semester blues. My brain just starts turning to mush.
  5. by   Tweety
    I'm taking 8-week classes, one class at a time to get my BSN. I like it because I can get done in 2 years instead of four.
  6. by   NightOwl0624
    I agree, but I do think it depends on the kind of class you are taking. Personally, when taking A&P, I needed every one of those days to get the information in my head!

    But I do like taking the non-sciences in 8 weeks. It goes by so fast!
  7. by   CRNA2BKY
    I took both A&P 1 and 2 in 5-week sessions last summer, and I loved it. I did very well in both classes, and loved that I could focus all my attention on just one class at a time, and get both classes out of the way during the summer. I think that's why I made "A's" in both classes. Now I'm enrolled in an 18-month long ABSN program, and it is broken up into 8-week sessions for the whole program. I am loving the 8-week format. I find that during normal semesters, after about 7 or 8 weeks, my attention and motivation start to go down. Now, just as my attention and motivation are starting to slide around week 7 or 8, the session is pretty much over, and I can start thinking about the next set of classes. I love it this way.
  8. by   Jilaweez
    I like being able to take 8 week classes, it gives you time to do other things or finish quicker.

    I did have a bad experience with an 8 week online English class though. It was a ridiculous amount of work and a lot of peer evaluations. I worked really hard and thought my final paper was very well written. I ended up getting a B, the only one I've had in several years. I ran into the teacher near the end of the semester and she asked me how the rest of my (16wk) classes were going, I told her, "fine, I am getting all A's except for your class" and she said, "well if it wasn't an 8week class it wouldn't have been a an issue." I don't know what that was supposed to mean but I don't think she gave out any A's. (I saw the quality of work the other students were turning in, if they turned their assignments in. Besides one other girl and myself no one else really cared.) I know if I had any other teacher for that class I earned an A, but oh well. I feel better.

    Anyway, hope they work out well for everyone else.
  9. by   HikingNinja
    I took A& PII in an 8 week class format. It was my only C in all my prereq's. If I had to do it over again I would have taken the longer format. I work fulltime + and it was just way too much information for me with working fulltime also. I've taken other prereq's (like history) 8 week while working and done just fine. I think it depends on the individual and the amount of time you have to study.

  10. by   merrick
    We have 4 week classes here. Great for the easy, boring classes (statistics anyone?). Not so sure about the A &Ps I'm taking in June and July.
  11. by   violingirl
    I totally agree. 16 week semesters are WAY too long! This last one especially was just a drag. I like to get things over with. :-P I took anatomy in 5.5 weeks and it was a tad short for that much information. Still got an A though. 8 weeks is perfect.
  12. by   TheCommuter
    I am currently enrolled in a 'Maymester' 2-week nutrition class. My first class is tonight.

    Basically, I attend this class 4 hours per day, 5 days per week for 2 weeks at my local community college. They cram an entire semester's worth of work in 2 weeks. Since I loved my experience in the 8-week psychology class, I will attempt to be successful in a 2-week class.