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  1. treeguy

    I want 2 be a nurse, but I'm scared!!!

    I understand where you are coming from. I am NOT an academically smart person at all. In high school, they said I had a "learning disability" and could not learn math... I barely even graduated with a 1.6 gpa. So when I realized that nursing was my dream I became very worried about the classes, especially the math. Here is the deal though, I pushed through my pre-reqs and got mostly all A's with only 2 B+'s in A&P 1&2. My conselor asked me how I went from a 1.6 in high school to a 3.75 in college and I just told her "this is my passion and I am just pushing myself to do well. It has been over a year since my last pre-req and I just got accepted into the fall nursing program and I hardly remember any of the information I learned but I don't think it matters because the stuff I need is going to be drilled into my head for 18 months during school. I don't think anyone can pick up a trade on their first try, it takes time but after a while it will become second nature and the information will be ingrained in you. So I would say, don't worry about the smarts side of nursing because it can only get you so far. Smarts is NO substitute for PASSION in the field. True story, my mother knew a guy who flew through nursing school with straight A's but he didn't last long in the field because he did not have the passion for patient care and, to me, thats what a truley succesful nurse boils down to... someone who has the passion for the field. Yes, you need to focus and pay attention and learn in school but no one is going to be able to teach you how to love a patient and deal with the stress of the job because you have a desire to help people. So I would reccommend you ask yourself a different question: "do you have a passion for nursing?" -are you willing to wipe peoples backsides and clean up blood and vomit -are you willing to be underpayed for the level of work and stress you have to deal with -are you willing to not be fully appreciated for what you do -are you willing to not pay mind to the hardships of the job because you have a love for the field which at it's heart has and always will be HELPING PEOPLE GET WELL... modern medicine has lost site of that These are the things you need to consider. I used to work in a nursing home working with dementia patients; I wiped ass, cleaned body fluids, got attacked by patients with dementia, got screamed at, hurt my back lifting patients and had to deal with outrageous politics and drama from my co-workers.... but i LOVED it. It was the greatest job I ever had and our head nurse said if I could do that job and like it then I would be a great nurse and thats what started the dream in me. I can't say I like cleaning feces (who would?) but when I went through all those things and then had that one patient that may have had a better day because I loved them like they were my mother or father and I did not make them feel inferior, that sustained me... thats why I am going into nursing Why are you going into nursing? If you have the passion then don't worry about the smarts, just get dedicated to succedding and you will do fine. -Joseph p.s. if you are maintaining a B/A average in A&P then that says alot about your ability to learn the material... most people can't hack it in that class.
  2. treeguy

    I need some Financial Aid Re-assurance

    Thanks for the Info, What is the SEOG? Also, what did you need to do to actually get the money once you were informed that you were eligable for the aid. Could you explain what you had to do for each? Did you just fill out some paperwork then send it in. Also, How long does it take to actually get the money?
  3. Okay, here is the deal... I just got accepted into the fall nursing program (GREAT NEWS)... now for a little bad news... I have been trying to save up money for school but I have not been able to find a job and save, so I am basically totally broke. This means I am 100% relying on financial aid to pull me through school. But I am worried because I have never went through financial aid and I don't know how it works. I filled out my FAFSA on Jan 5th but I have had to make small corrections (amount I have in the bank, schools I am going to, ect). I know that I am going to get an "award letter" in may which will tell me what I am eligable for but I have some questions. 1. Will the fact that I corrected my FAFSA thus changing the processed date to this month affect me getting the first come first served grants? I hope not but can someone with experience give me the info? 2. Once I get my award letter, what do I have to do for there. Say for the pell grant, fed loans, and scholarships. What is the follow up on each of those things to get the money I need for school for the fall semester. 3. I have bad credit. My Credit score is a 550, with a couple bank deliquencies and an unpaid phone bill. This means I need a co-signer to get a loan right? This may be a problem because I am not sure I have anyone who can help with this. Are their any loans which don't require co-signers? ...also any general tips that you have learned on getting financial aid would be very helpful. I really need it.
  4. treeguy

    background check/dug screening

    Or they may just judge and label people as "obsessing" when they just asked a simple question... they may even refuse to give a straight answer... shurg....
  5. treeguy

    background check/dug screening

    Thanks for the info and clearing up that misconception. I also agree that people who currently use drugs should not be eligable. Nursing is a serious thing and people who use drugs do not really have their lives on track enough to think about a job with so much responsability
  6. treeguy

    background check/dug screening

    just because someone may have done drugs in their stupid youth doesn't mean they should not be a nurse. people make mistakes... it's called being human. i think her question is valid. if she used to use in the past then i don't see why she would not be concerned. before any gets on a high horse of "oh i have never done drugs" just remember that we have all done stupid things and that should not affect our future if we have sincerely given those things up. and to the other gentlemen, users are not the only ones who are concerened.
  7. treeguy

    Who is waiting for a letter from OCC?

    Man that wait was BRUTAL !!!!!!! Went to pick up my letter on Friday from the Post Office. I was so nervous as I ripped that letter open and when I saw I got in, I just lost it. I had a 3.67 nursing GPA with a 3.75 cumlutive. The accelerated program sounds tempting but I decided that I am taking the summer off... no work, no stress... I am just going to travel around the nation until eairly september. Even though I would like to finish in 2010, there is no way I am going to chance burning out mid-program because I just jumped right in. I am just going to relax and be sure that I am all rested and ready for all the hard work in the fall.
  8. treeguy

    Who is waiting for a letter from OCC?

    You can turn it into the office in person... thats what I am going to today tommorow (monday morning)
  9. haha... so true
  10. treeguy

    background check/dug screening

    why is it so hard to just give a straight answer because there is a lot of validity in her question. Taking a Urine sample to a hair sample are TOTALLY different and can mean you may fail even if you are clean. As is my knowledge, a hair sample can tell if you have ever taken drugs verses a urine which just shows if you are recently using drugs. So that would mean if you used to smoke a little pot back in the day but gave up for nursing school, you could still fail the drug test. So could someone pleassssssse just answer the question because I would like to know.
  11. I got my acceptance letter today!!!! I had to go pick it up at the post office and I was jumping around and hugging the post office workers. A lot of hard work and dedication went into getting into the program and I know I am blessed! Looking forward to being a great male nurse. For the Record: - My overall GPA was a 3.75 but my nursing GPA (adding the total GPA for only the classes that count as a nursing pre-req) was only a 3.67. - First time applying for the program - Not planning on taking the accelerated program. I'm not sure my financial add from my winter FAFSA will kick in till the fall anyways and I need time to relax and travel around the country before I settle down into this big commitment. My family wants me to start now but I do not want to rush this.... just think I should play it smart and re-charge my batteries before I dive into the nursing program.
  12. Congrats! I am going to pick up my letter from the post office right now... my fingers are crossed. Was that 3.75 your cumlutive GPA or your nursing GPA fopr your pre-requisites?
  13. treeguy

    Feeling like a big fat failure

    i understand what you are going through. it is really sucky to see so many kind, awesome potential nurses struggle while the people who are only in it for the money have an easy time. it is really backwards because so much of nursing is centered around how good of a people person you are. a lot of nurses are going to get into the field and realize that they hate it because they never teach you the only thing that matters in this profession... how to be a loving servant i guess there is no way to teach that. here are my two cents. if you have started right off the bat with your hard biology classes, then that was your first mistake but you can always back up and learn from it without hurting your gpa. i can not stress enough how important it is to take all the lesser classes first before you jump into the hard ones. i found that i would be totally screwed if i hadn't taken algebra before chemistry and life science before a & p. i am in my second to last semester and here was my total game plan: semester one: phys ed films government pre-algebra psychology semester two: algebra life science sociology english 2 semester three (current) a & p 1 chem semester four a & p 2 micro nutrition (!!!hard!!!) a lot of people told me that this wasn't a good idea because i was lumping all my sciences together but by this point, i have already had 10 months of school under my belt and i have fully developed my study skills and learned a great deal of information that is helping me through these hard classes. plus to go from 16 credit semesters to 8 are a lot easier even if they are sciences. my advice is to stay in the hard classes until the last point you can drop and then get out. until that time, absorb as much information as you can, take all the exams and save them for future reference and then take all your other classes that will prepare you for your sciences. sure, you are going to lose a lot of money and time but your gpa will not be affected and by the time you come back to a & p and micro, you will be ready to kick it's butt with ease!!!! just keep in mind, that if this is something you want to do... you will be able to accomplish it if you refuse to give up. challanges are normal... if fact, they are totally healthy in your path because they will add character to your struggle. sure, you may have to work a lot harder then other people but you are going to get their if you keep at it. when you finish school, you are going to be 10 times then nurse then most people in our underpayed, underappreciated profession. peace! p.s. those science classes are meant to get rid of people. they call them "weeder classes" and their purpose is to get rid of the students who will not be able to handle the program. don't worry though, if you have the heart (and you do) you will overcome this hurdle.
  14. treeguy

    Feeling like a big fat failure

    ...My real message is on the next page
  15. treeguy

    I Need Help Really Bad!!!!!

    you professor sounds like a real piece of work if he is telling you to drop the course because of one bad grade. don't drop the course until the last minute and until then try your hardest. read and re-read the text (not to say you aren't doing that already), join a study group with class mates and, most importantly, meet with a tutor. so you failed your first test... that is a real bummer but now it means that you have a little challange ahead of you... don't give up and waste you money before it is a reasonable time to throw in the towel. here is a little story of encouragement. in my elementary algebra class, i miserably failed my first exam and got a c on the second. i didn't think there would be any way i could make up those two goofs but i bucked up, studied hard and made it out of the class with an a!!! you can do the same because this score won't even have to count if he will drop it.
  16. treeguy


    I know that you need to have at least 1-2 years experience to get into travel nursing but I was wondering if that meant full time or part time service. I would like to be able to work towards my BSN and complete my experience requirements at the same time. Can someone help me?