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  1. by   *Blessed2BaNRS*

    I was freaking thinking that the unknowns were going to do me in, but when it actually came down to doing them (we had to do 2 of them,) all the steps fell totally into place. I'm not sure how you do yours, but we had a flow chart with all the information of the various organisms and a section on all of the test results that we were able to use. I had 1 of mine figured out by the 2nd test but the 2nd one was a little more involved. Anyway, I just wanted to encourage you to keep the faith. You will get through it and do just fine. If your school doesn't have any flow charts to use, let me know and I will scan mine and the test result sheets and send them to you. Maybe they will match with what you are doing!!
  2. by   *Blessed2BaNRS*
    FoxyRoxy...how did your test go?? Let us know so we can cheer you or groan with you!!! JUST DON'T GIVE UP!
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    Quote from catzy5
    I couldn't agree more with Blessed!

    You obviously have the practical stuff down doing so well in the lab, to me that is the hardest thing to do and also the most important in being a nurse you are probably more hands on which will make you a wonderful nurse!

    Now for the lecture, talk with your instructor, you need to figure out what it is you need to study, if its anything like my micro class you are bombarded with sooooooo much information its hard to choose exactly what to focus on. I also agree about changing your format of studying either flash cards, outlines etc...working with a study group will help you alot you can learn others successes and see where you can implement different things, latch on to someone doing well in the lecture portion and see if they can help you. 90% of all of this is memorization the rest is figuring out what to memorize lol.

    Good luck.

    What subject are you working on now maybe some of us here have some tips links etc...

    Catzy & Blessed!

    You guys are seriously the best!
    You are right, I am a 'hand-on' learner and Lab is my favorite part of Micro!
    But, I have to buckle down and do my best on the remaining tests! Thank God I have all spring break to just focus on Micro....... Thank you again for all of your support and kind words. You both really know how to cheer a girl up!
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    Quote from blessed061987
    FoxyRoxy...how did your test go?? Let us know so we can cheer you or groan with you!!! JUST DON'T GIVE UP!

    Yesterday we didn't have a test, but the next one was scheduled for 4/4. That's the first day back from break so she the prof. wanted to change it to 4/6, but that's 'Reading Day' and classes are canceled. So, our prof. was kind enough to reschedule it to 4/11! That gives me three long beautiful weeks of studying! I really think I can do this, I just hope I don't choke when it comes to actually taking the test.....my nerves always get the best of me. Thank you so much for wanting to know how I am doing, and I'll keep you posted on the scores!
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    Micro is very different from any class I have ever had.
    Good luck, and hang in there.

    Quote from FoxyRoxy21
    I just want to say that I didn't leave you guys, I've just been way too busy!

    School is crazy this semster for me and I feel somewhat like a failure. I am doing horribly in Micro. In the Lab protion I am getting a 92%, In the Assign/Quizz catagory Im receiving an 89.7% and then here is the whamy, In the Lecture Exams I have a wopping 57%, which brings my overall grade to a 68.8% - a big fat F! I hate this whole 3.0 grading scale thing......and she doesn't round up Grrrr..... I am doing so poorly on her tests. Im going crazy! I am a 'B' student so seeing this made me cry my eyes out. I started to double think the whole nursing thing. My boyfriend even asked me if this is something that I want to do.....of course I said yes. Then he said why can't you pull off the grades for it! He's usually way supportive, but I think he thinks Im wasting my time. Sorry, I just needed to vent.

    I am joining a study group tomorrow morning. So, I guess we will see. I can't get lower than a B......Thank God I have three more tests and a couple more quizes so I can hopefully bring my grade up.

    How is everone else doing? I hope not as bad as me! I wish you all tons of luck! Thanks for listening to me rant!
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    I'm glad to hear that you have a little more time to study and get those questions down really good. How nice that you get that extra week. Instructors seem to come through at the exact moment that you need to to!!

    You know, a study group is a great thing, and can really help, but one word of caution: make sure that you have your questions and answers down very well, because a study group can go either way; it can make or break you for a test. I thought that I had it down on my 4th test, when we really started meeting to study, but I spent more time trying to help a couple of people learn theirs and it messed me up in my learning, because when asking questions to each other, I would ultimately remember their answers instead of mine, which were sometimes incorrect. Some of the people tend to wait to learn their exams till when they can get together with others that know it. So make sure that you have yours down!!!

    Good luck~
  7. by   GeneralJinjur
    Hey everyone, I am struggling to wrap my head around the steps of cellular respiration and came across a nice tutorial. The drawings are clunky, but the information is sound and a little less detailed, which often helps me get the point before moving on to the details.


    I just got my lab practical grade back and am very happy with it. Our 3rd exam has been pushed off til Tuesday, so I am working hard to cover everything thoroughly. It's on immunology, cellular metabolism and something else that doesn't spring to mind immediately. The immunology is familiar at least because of A&P 2, but we'll be covering it in lecture tonight. We got so far behind that we are supposed to have 3 lectures covering immune response, but our instructor is condensing it into one night. I'm glad I am used to online courses and basically teaching myself. I feel bad for the class members who are currently taking A&P 2, they will not get to this system for another few weeks.

    Well, back to work!

  8. by   GeneralJinjur
    Here's another helpful cellular respiration link. Sure, it's for high schoolers, but it explains it well.

  9. by   RaElrA
    Phew! I'm doing A&P II and Micro now. Bye, bye 4.0. I'm struggling to keep B's. Good luck!
  10. by   RaElrA
    Hahahahaha! I keep a squirt bottle of bleach in the shower now, open doors with my sleeve, and never touch my face. I have gone from mildly to majorly OCD, lol.
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    Help! My instructor has changed the material she tests us over in the middle of the semester. She has given us a list of multiple choice questions that we have to answer, then she narrows the amount of questions down, and that is the test. Sounds easy enough, right? There are only 2 problems with this: The source she is using to get our questions doesn't correlate with the information in the book, and there is no key to check our answers to. I've done as much as I can to answer these questions - I've spent hours researching on the internet, but I'm sure you know how that goes! I've even found people asking the exact same questions on Yahoo! questions & again, nobody seems to know the answers. They are "just guessing". Our textbook is "Foundations in Microbiology, 5th edition" by Kathleen Park Talaro. I also have the study guide but these questions are not in it either.

    I'm hoping that somebody will recognize these questions & can point me in the right direction for a key to check my work against. Here are the first 3 questions of this phantom chapter 19 multiple choice test (which, I have the answers to but maybe somebody will recognize them!):

    1) Characteristics of Bacillus anthracis include all of the following except:
    A) capsule and exotoxins are virulence factors
    B) anaerobic
    C) reservoir includes infected grazing animals and contaminated soil
    D) Gram positive bacillus
    E) sporeformer

    (My answer is "B", found on page 578.)

    2) Anthrax is:
    A) a zoonosis
    B) transmitted by contact, inhalation, and ingestion
    C) a disease that, in humans, can cause a rapidly fatal toxemia and septicemia
    D) only seen sporadically in the United States
    E) all of the above choices are correct

    (Answer is "E", found on page 578.)

    3) Which form of anthrax involves a black eschar on the skin?
    A) pulmonary
    B) gastrointestinal
    C) cutaneous
    D) all of the choices are correct
    E) none of the choices are correct

    (My answer is "C" from page 578.)

    Thanks for your time reading this & again, I would appreciate any resources you may have to offer on this.
  12. by   Cinqly
    I have the 6th edition and the answers to all the quizes at the end of each chapter are at the end of the book. The 5th edition may not have this, I guess... The 6th edition also has only 17 chapters, so that information may not be covered in the new edition. I looked at the quizes for other chapters to see if those questions were asked, but it didn't appear that they were, and I couldn't seem to easily find the answers to your questions! Sorry!! Have you tried accessing the publishers website to see if the anwers are available there??

    Good luck and I'm sorry to hear that your teacher is being such a pain!!!
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  13. by   Ebony06
    Microbiology is very easy. I took microbiology last semester and received an "A." If anyone needs any help, send me a private reply. I have all of my original notes from the class if anyone wants them. Just remember all of the mediums, and the various stains of the bacteria.