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  1. 3 weeks to graduation and I am stressing HUGELY. 2 weeks ago we had three exams within 8 days. A Psych, Pharmacology and Adult Client III. I was holding an 86 in Psych and bombed my Psych exam so badly I am now holding a 75.33. I am holding a h...
  2. I have worked in a group home relief staff for the past 6 years {that I absolutely love} as a MHRT-1, and while talking to a friend last night she told me that once I passed my NCLEX she didn't think I would be able to continue to work in the home. ...
  3. Jenny67

    WE're OUtta the vagina!!

    WEll, my apologies for your feelings that I was classifying maternity as a vagina, because that was NOT my attention, as I would never refer to any other studies as you described. I passed my exam, came home and realized we were done with our mate...
  4. Jenny67

    WE're OUtta the vagina!!

    And thankfully we all have areas of care that we like. Actually Jolie, my expression was a 'joke' and nope, I didn't miss any aspects of reproductive care considering the past 8 weeks I have read well over 1500 pages regarding conception to postpa...
  5. Jenny67

    WE're OUtta the vagina!!

    {insert sounds of angels singing here!!} Today was exam 3 of 5, and I have officially survived our Maternity lectures and now move on {happily} to dysfunctions of the child, beginning with child w/cardiovascular alteration on Monday. Looking ...
  6. Jenny67

    stressed out

    does your school have its own library online? I used my online college library to find the journals that I needed for my research paper this semester.
  7. Jenny67

    Can Someone Help Me With My Essay ASAP?

    does your school have a writing lab? I would investigate that avenue asap. Good Luck!!
  8. Jenny67

    Venting about working and going to school !

    I'm right with you. I was 40 hrs/week {in a Doctors office}, cut down to 30 in Sept and next week will begin 20 hrs/week {we work 10 hour days} related to increased stress, and the lack of time to study etc. My oldest son informed me this weekend ...
  9. Jenny67

    Feel like giving up

    {Hugs} to you. You won't forget to use an alcohol swab or to put gloves on your hands again will you? And that's what matters in my opinion, especially since this was your first hospital clinical day. The professor was with you and reminded you of yo...
  10. Jenny67

    All this reading!

    I am desperately trying to finish up a tad bit over 300 pages of one unit today and want to rewrite the lecture notes that I took. I thought I had a lot of reading in 101, I am finding more reading in 201. I am thinking that I am ready for Tha...
  11. walked onto the Med Surg unit this morning to find only one peer looking at me {15 total, but are schedules do not match up as we are doing Med Surg II, Peds, School Nurse and OB rotations this semester}. Found out that TWO more peers have left r/t p...
  12. Jenny67

    braggard in the classroom

    I wish she was in my class because I'd be asking the girl what her study skills are etc. Not sure what I would do with an A, I can't get above a B and it makes me crazy!!
  13. Jenny67

    who is tired?

    raising both hands here. This is my fourth year, and I am as tired as you all are. I will be looking forward to the day when I can grab a book 'just to read'/'relax' with, and when my entire life isn't nursing school focused. Take care everyone...
  14. the ability to live with fatigue. :)
  15. Jenny67

    Not doing as well as I think I should...

    Hi, I am in my third semester also, and have found that my test results have gone up significantly. This semester everything seems to truly make sense to me. I joked to my husband last week that I {almost} feel smart this semester Of course I need t...
  16. I'm with everyone who says they will wear whatever it takes to receive that pin, pink mumu--purple leopard print, I don't care! I am not sure what our class will vote, I have heard a number say they don't want to wear white etc. One of my clas...