Loyola Univ. Chicago vs Rush Univ.

  1. Different schools, both accelerated programs. Are there any key differences between the Loyola Chicago accelerated program and the Rush accelerated program in terms of academics? Rush has the HESI, does Loyola have a similar test to take before graduation. Rush is proud of their past 6 years of 100% passing NCLEX rate, how about Loyola? Any personal experiences or thoughts you would like to share about the schools?

    Thanks for your input.
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  3. by   prinsessa
    I have heard good things about both programs. I haven't heard anything bad about either of the schools. I know people who are applying to or going to both of those schools. I heard that Rush is changing some of their programs. According to some people I go to school with, they aren't going to have the 2 year BSN program any more. I don't know if they are changing their accelerated program. Are you applying to both schools?
  4. by   wildorchid
    Rush is changing their programs. There will be no more bachelor programs after the last cohort of January 2008 for the accelerated program. I suppose the last 7 quarter program is the one that starts this fall. I don't believe it will have an negative effects on these last cohorts.
  5. by   ApoloRN
    Loyola does not have the HESI. If you would like more info on their accelerated program, let me know. I graduated from LUC in June of this year.
  6. by   firstyearRN
    What were the clinicals like at Loyola? How many hrs/week did you do? Any tips on getting into this program? Do you know what the acceptance rates are?
  7. by   ApoloRN
    We did 24 hrs/week the first semester (12 hr days on Tues and Thurs, 4-hour classes Mon, Fri and had Wed off), and then 6-hr days on Tues, Wed, Thurs the second semester. It was a good schedule, but if you need to work during school, it will be really tough. I think only a few of us had jobs and only worked about 1 day/week. To get in, I just say get the best grades you can b/c I really think they mainly just pick the people who have the best grades. For my class, I heard they picked 60 of 480. I think they accepted 120 for the 07-08 class. Good luck! Any more questions, let me know! Happy to help.
  8. by   firstyearRN
    Thanks Apolo! I was told at the informational session that it would be 3 days/week (36 hrs) working during the fall and the spring. I'm not sure whether I heard wrong but that seems crazy on top of a full course load.
  9. by   ApoloRN
    Yeah, they prob change things around every now and then. But I think they schedule things pretty well, and you don't feel like you're losing your mind. But you definitely have to put the work in. I will say, though, after just getting my license this week, THE WORK PAYS OFF! Go for it, it's worth it! Good luck