Is this too much to handle?

  1. I'm starting community college this coming fall semester. The prerequisites for the nursing program are General Psychology, Intro to Cell Bio, A&P 1, and Micro Bio.

    Would that be too much to take in one semester? Haha.
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  3. by   TKeith8109
    Yes! My adviser told me that when taking any kind of science like a and p to make sure you're not over doing it in other classes. The sciences are the classes that really matter and you risk hurting your gpa and even having to re take the class if you can't devote more time in it. Also this is your first semester? You don't want to overload yourself when you're first starting out cause you don't really know what to expect. I would take it easy the first semester, focus on your science classes, and do great! There's no rush.
  4. by   GamerTurnedNursing
    Prereqs are extremely hard to get in here so I am forced to take anatomy and physiology ( they are two separate classes here) micro and pharm in the falls .. It's going to be insane but I really have no other choice ..
  5. by   avaloncar
    Yes. Those science courses are a killer! You need to dedicate time to each of those and it will be tough to maintain. But if you think you can do it, then kudos! Just make sure you do not slack off not one bit. Because you do not want to be in a position where you fail or get a low grade and have to worry about retaking the courses. You may want to take those classes one by one or take the general psych and one of the sciences and then take the others one by one. If those are the only classes you have to take for the nursing program, TAKE YOUR TIME!!
    Good luck and keep us updated on your decision.
  6. by   MrsStudentNurse
    In short, yes. You could take 2 of the science with the psychology then maybe take a summer session or two for the rest. Otherwise just take the school year to finish them.
  7. by   StayHumble11
    Quote from GamerTurnedNursing
    Prereqs are extremely hard to get in here so I am forced to take anatomy and physiology ( they are two separate classes here) micro and pharm in the falls .. It's going to be insane but I really have no other choice ..
    Lord have mercy...sounds suicidal
  8. by   Trenata
    Can you take biology over this summer? Then you could feasibly do the rest - but if you have no science background and no idea what to expect, it may be quite shocking. You really need to ace those sciences.
  9. by   LoveMyBoxer99
    Here we have to have both A&P's before micro... It would make for a killer beast of a semester to take them all together but if you have no other option then you just do what you have to do. I wouldn't do it unless I had no other choice and a deadline to keep.

    I was on a deadline for last 2 years and ended up taking average of 18-20 credit hours per semester...not sure how I made it through all that and kept my sanity. Whatever decision you make, good luck and many blessings to you.
  10. by   slc1984
    I don't think that is that bad of a course load... do you need to take the labs with the sciences? Some labs are really easy and others are more work than the lecture is. If all 3 labs are required then it might be a bit more daunting.
  11. by   Tinker88
    That is too much for one semester. I'm not saying that you couldn't do it because I don't know you, but each class is very challenging and time consuming. General Psychology is not a difficult class at all, but the others you mentioned are. I personally would take 1 science in the summer, 1 in the fall, and 1 in the spring. Or 1 1st term summer and 1 2nd term summer. Trust me on this. You want to be able to concentrate on one class at a time to become competent in it, PLUS make a decent grade in the course. Remember your GPA does make a difference at most schools when applying for nursing school. I hope this was helpful and I wish you the best!
  12. by   Rlee1
    I think you may also find in addition to the good advice previously posted that the intro bio course will help when you take a/p which will help when you take micro. It did at my school. Even a/p 2 helped with micro. Good luck. Thats a lot of science!
  13. by   MathHatingNurse
    I don't think so. I took Patho, Micro, A&P 2 and Nursing Fundamentals in a single semester while working 60 hour weeks. I was exhausted, but got it done.
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  14. by   awildsoul
    After reading the responses, I want to add one more voice: it is possible!

    I think it totally depends on you, your background, and your schedule. Are you working? Do you have a lot of responsibilities at home? Will you be able to devote at least 80% of your time to studying?

    This past spring I took Micro Bio, HA&P 1, Chemistry, Statistics and Human Development. I could have done better in two classes (in which I received B+'s) if I had not taken so many at once, but then I wouldn't be able to apply for programs this fall. For me, the trade off was worth it. But, one thing I would definitely recommend: do not schedule all your classes for the same day or the same two days! I did this so I could work the other days. I had three science labs on one day of the week (in addition to two regular classes) and it was too too too too much!

    If you are a C/B- student I would not take on that course load, but if you usually average A's and B+'s, I think you can do it.

    Best of luck to you.