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  1. How many work and go to nursing school?

    Your grades only suffer if you do not study right. I work 55 hours a week on a slow week and my grades have not suffered as a result.
  2. didn't start school til age 50

    My dad was 51 when he got his GED and went to college. He didn't go to nursing school, but he had to take some chemistry classes and stuff and he did very well. I have some older classmates in nursing school that are kicking butt. We are all gradu...
  3. What study habits work and don't work for nursing school?

    Never memorize. Now, what worked for me may not work for everyone, but I found it a good way to condense information to make reviewing for exams easier. My method: read all of the chapters and take detailed notes. Take detailed notes in class. Ta...
  4. Older workers that are new grad nurses, please explain.

    I want to say that you can be young and have a career. I have one and I am just 29 and have been going strong for nearly eight years. I am a journalist and web developer. It is my business that I created around the time the economy started to turn...
  5. Random drug tests in nursing school?!

    I agree completely!
  6. Working while in Accelerated Nursing Program?

    I have to work at least 50 hours a week and will graduate from an accelerated program in 10 weeks. It's not easy, but if you organize your time well it is very possible.
  7. Math Test for every class?

    We have one at the beginning of every semester and they get progressively harder. If you do not get at least a 90 percent, you fail the entire class. Nerve-wracking since I hate math, but I passed them all and graduate in about two months. Just ke...
  8. Kicking a bad habit

    I think I will talk to my doctor. Years ago back in my early 20s, I did quit using Welbutrin and nicotine-free cigarettes. Since I cannot find that kind of cigarette anymore, I am thinking just some Chantix right after graduation. Again, big congr...
  9. Internships for current nursing students

    I think your best bet is to check hospital websites. You can go to the education section and get internship information, or at least contact information that you can call/email to inquire about internships. My school requires an internship so they ...
  10. Kicking a bad habit

    Congrats!!!! Quitting smoking is incredibly difficult, so you should definitely be proud. I quit during Med Surg 1 and did well. I started again during the semester break because my job requires long hours, it is from home and smoking kept me awak...
  11. Ordering used text books on Amazon??

    I have bought every single book from Amazon. Saved a ton and the shipping is fast and free. I tend to buy new because I feel I would be distracted by someone else's highlighting. School bookstores are just too expensive.
  12. Working while taking RN classes?

    I have gone full-time and worked more than full-time throughout the entire program. I will graduate in August, so I have been doing this for two years now. It is not easy, but you can work and do classes.
  13. Is this too much to handle?

    I don't think so. I took Patho, Micro, A&P 2 and Nursing Fundamentals in a single semester while working 60 hour weeks. I was exhausted, but got it done.
  14. Fiction. Once you start school, textbooks will be the only books you have time for, so read a few fun books you have been meaning to read :) And, as others have stated, just get things in order. Take a little time to relax a bit before your classe...
  15. Nursing Shoes

    I'm not sure about specific brands, but I found a really lightweight pair that had good support. The arch on my left foot is collapsing, so I needed something that would get me through those 13-hour clinicals. I found a pair of Nikes for $40 that f...