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Does anyone else get a little discouraged when half the students in your class are working on prereqs for nursing? Summer classes started and mine are all online, so it's largely discussion board... Read More

  1. by   Krystin
    Quote from Ms. Nurse Assistant
    I agree w/ your post. I usually get the phone numbers of other nursing students to see how they are progressing and for additional support. It's really sad that so many ppl feel insecure that others are going into nursing. For whatever reason they are choosing the nursing field it's their business.
    I'm not insecure about it. My grades are great. It's more like what RADIATIONRN2BE described. And, the sheer number. As others have said, plenty can change their minds and any number of us could too. It's just shocking the number of students stating nursing as their goal right now compared with the first few classes i took.

    Also, these aren't science classes I'm taking at the moment. This summer I'm taking math, english, and spanish.
  2. by   greeniebean
    i have met serveral students that i have built friendships with but they dont act all hateful if i make a better grade then them, and vice versa. That's just what i've expirienced- a lot of backstabbing and pretending to want to be friends when they really want to pump me for information.
    That said, i value the friends i have made because they are an invaluable support system. But i think in such a competitve field we have to be sure not to surround ourselves with toxic people.

    I agree- i'm not complaining about the actual people going into nursing, just about HOW MANY there are!

    I hope everyone has an awesome summer!
  3. by   peytonsmom
    I agree that the NUMBER of people are overwhelming. Our area graduates an average of 500+ RN's each year. That doesn't include whatever LPN programs are out there. Our area can NOT sustain that! There are def not jobs for 500 new grads each year. What always gets me is that the first week of class you talk to pre-nursing students and most (not all!) of them mention the money first. If I here one more person say that the welfare office told them they had to get a job or go to school so they're going to nursing school to make money I'm going to cry.

    Obviously they have every right to be in the class even if it is just for the money but I hate thinking that i've wanted this for so long but might not end up w/ a spot or w/ a job because the media keeps hyping a "nursing shortage" and the money.
  4. by   SoulChic
    I understand your worry. There are tons of people going for their nursing at my college. I'm still taking my pre-reqs...but I heard from someone else going for nursing that its like a 2 year wait at my school. They also said that though your put on a waiting list....its really a waiting list where they pick the "best" applicants. High GPA and all that. I got straight A's and all that, but the pressure is overwhelming sometimes.....scary. I just want to be a nurse....
  5. by   sofia2006
    I just got my acceptance letter about a week ago, and until then I felt the same way. I thought there was too much compitition and I was never going to make it. but, I did not gave up!!!!!!!!!!!,, so Dont give up.
  6. by   SoulChic
    Its nice to find a fellow student on the same path as you. In my english class there is a lady who has been an LPN for 10 years, she's going back to get her RN. Its nice to talk to someone who has already been through some of the classes I will be going through and someone who has the experience in the field. Yeah, you feel a little more competitive with other nursing students, but thats good....pushes you to do your best and get what you want.
  7. by   guiltysins
    All but about 6 or 7 people in my chem class was nursing majors. I wasn't surprised because this is a chem class specifically for health professions. When I took general bio there were only about three or four people in my class doing nursing and in my orientation class I was the only one. Pharmacy is a really popular major in my school so almost everyone I knew was going for that. Then I got into chem and was overwhelmed. There was this one girl who was struggling in chem, I had also had math with her and she struggled there too. I had assumed she probably had a GPA like mine 3.3 or 3.4 but she actually had a 3.7. It spooked me out a little because I knew a lot of nursing students who had in the low 3.0's but I was just happy to meet people who weren't pharmacy majors. Most of them were a semester ahead of me and had already taken micro and A&P so I felt kinda behind a little bit but it was nice to see people work as hard and stress as much as me.
  8. by   VidaUrbana
    Most of the pre-req classes I took
    had mostly health science, nursing, and pre-med students.
    After a few classes I started to care
    less about what everyone was majoring in.
    I'm trying to do the best I can do and make the
    best grades possible.
    And for the ones who are SUPER competitive
    I just stay clear way from them.
    Stop worrying about others and do YOU
    , lol.
  9. by   denise0815
    Hi ,
    Here is my .........
    I am also working on my pre-req and have met several people in my classes that are also pre-nursing...some are genuine and some are extrememly competitive.
    The ones that are competitive,in a bad way, I stay away from. I don't need the distraction of worrying how the other person is doing, that is not my business, nor do I share my grades with them, unless they ask.
    I have learned over the years, that you can only control your actions.
    Do not get involved in all the drama, only focus on your journey!
    I am hoping to make some good friends in all this so we can support each other, that is what it is all about, or should be anyway......
    Do the best that you can and the rest will fall into place! There is no use to worry about how many people are competing for the same spot, you can not do anything about that. Things will change over the course of the semester and the students that are not in it for the right reasons will probably not make it anyway!
  10. by   lightsnoise
    In my school, about 80% of the people in the nursing pre-req classes, i.e., anatomy, micro, intro to o-chem, etc. are pre-nursing students. I don't really get discouraged because for nursing schools in california (not the community college ones), it is all about GPA, TEAS, health-care experience, being competent in another language, so it's really all up to you. And if you apply for the community college programs, its a lottery so thats all fate. Like I said, I don't get discouraged but I am like "damnnn" at the amount of people doing pre-nursing.
  11. by   fireball2424
    Where I'm going it seems everyone is in for nursing. There is a wait list of what is supposed to be 8 quarters. However, about half of the people on the list change schools, fail classes, dropout or change their minds before its their turn, so it's really not that long. My academic advisor explained to me that they have been telling people its that long because thats what it says on paper when everyone registers, but mostly to weed out the ones who are just doing it for money or reasons like that. Usually by the end of the wait list, the majority left are the ones who actually want to be a nurse. They only allow 80 students in the program every quarter
  12. by   brittany_micah
    I know how you feel. It is a little scary when you see so many people going to school for nursing and it can be annoying when people that don't study or work their butt off do really well in a class. But I try to make friends with the ones that are ahead of me to get suggestions or help and stay away from the ones who mess around in class or dont work hard. I guess the only good thing I've learned from this is to be competitive with myself. Going into this...3 years ago I thought I could squeak by with C's, keep in mind I was 20 years old, but now I see how many people are trying to get in, so I strive to do better and a big percentage of the people messing around in class won't get in anyways. thats what helps keep my mind in the right place Keep your head up and working hard and dont worry about everyone else.