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  1. denise0815


    Hi student81, Yes, math is a pre-req. You need to be at college-level. The pre-req codes are MA006 and MA007. Hope this helps, good luck!
  2. denise0815

    Anyone in Passaic County Evening Progam?

    Hi njgrl622, Sounds like you had a great semester. You must be very proud! I am looking forward to starting next month, but, I am anxious. It is nerve wracking not knowing what to expect, but thank you so much for all the info. I have been working on the SLM and will go to the lab in January to practice and test. It seems like it is definately going to be a BUSY semester. I pray I make it!! Hope you enjoy your New Year and good luck in NUrs. 2!!!
  3. denise0815

    A Beautiful Nightmare

    Congratulations!!! Your story made me teary-eyed. I know the feeling of not having enough money to pursue something you want so desperatley and feeling like you might have to give up. I seem to go through it every semester. Besides financial struggles, I also have a teenage son that will be home 4 nights a week without me (while I am at school/clinicals) and I feel guilty about that. But if I dont persevere, we will be in the same situation forever. I keep telling myself school is only temporary, and worth all the sacrifices. The moment you describe when you realized your 'nightmare' was a reality is one I hope to experience someday soon. :) Best of luck to you in your career!
  4. denise0815

    CNA Training Programs in NJ

    Mookaduke, Thank you sooo much for the information. I will definately check it out! It is a great opportunity to get paid while training and then you are guaranteed a position, what else can you ask for.... Good luck to you!
  5. denise0815

    CNA Training Programs in NJ

    Hi Mookaduke... That sounds like a great opportunity. Can you tell me the location where the training is being provided? I would love more information. I am also changing careers and start clinicals in January, would love to get my "foot in the door" and gain some experience while in school. Good luck on your interview!!!! Let me know how it goes. Denise
  6. denise0815

    Anyone in Passaic County Evening Progam?

    Hi, That would be great!! You must be so excited!! I went to the orientation in May but, I had to defer to the evening program, so I will start in January. I do have that self learning packet, glad to hear it was not too bad and the nurses were nice and helpful. I was already nervous about that...lol Please let me know how you are doing, and I wish you the best of luck!!! Denise
  7. Hi everyone, Does anyone here attend the Passaic County Evening Program? I am starting in January and I am very nervous....all my pre-req are done so all I have to focus on is Nurs 101. I am wondering how everyone handles it? Unfortunately, I do have to work during the day, and I am in the middle of changing careers. Nursing is something I have always wanted to do and would like to get a feel for the program....likes/dislikes, workload, schedule. Any info would be great!! Thanks, Denise
  8. denise0815

    Help ....need suggestions!

    Hi everyone, I need suggestions please!!!! I have finally completed all my pre-req and was accepted into the nursing program for Sept. But now I am at a crossroads, which I knew was coming, but hoping I would have a plan in place before now. Nursing was to be a 2nd career for me, however I do need to work atleast part time while in school.(single mom of two boys - 18yr and 14yr) How do people make it through nursing school without working? Am I missing something? We are all not straight out of high school...lol Does anyone know of positions that are generally held by students at hospitals or rehabs? Can you get student loans to cover living expenses? This is a career move that I have waited a long time to make and now I feel like I am stuck..If I have to quit after getting thru the pre-req., passing the Net and Chemistry, and being accepted into a program... I am going to be deeply saddened. How does everyone do it?? Any suggestions, greatly appreciated!
  9. Hi everyone, I was just accepted into the nursing program for Sept. and I am so excited. All my pre-req. are done so I will only have Nurs101 to concentrate on...thank goodness! I am trying to find a CNA position, because I do need to work and I want to be in a hospital environment. Does anyone know when we can work as CNA's and if any hospitals will train you since you are in nursing school? Salary is another question I have, what is the average range? I am in the North Jersey area. Any advice and\or info would be appreciated. Thanks, Denise
  10. denise0815

    CNA Training Programs in NJ

    Hi love4nursing101, Would you mind sharing where you worked? or have any ideas where to apply? I am starting Nurs101 in September and I am looking for A CNA position. Do you know if any hospitals hire and train you if they know you are in Nursing school? Any info would be appreciated, this is a 2nd career for me and I do not know where to start!! LOL!
  11. denise0815

    PCCC Nursing Student Introduction

    Hi, I am a student at PCCC, I am halfway through chem. and can not wait to be done with it....lol! I am also 30 something and a single mom of two boys. Determination is definitely what you need in order to make it. I have finished all my other pre-req. except microbiology which I was thinking of completing in the summer. I am taking the NET tomorrow morning!!!!!! and will apply to the day program for Sept., however, I might end up doing the evening if days do not coordinate with my work schedule. How do you find the evening program to be? it must be exhausting working all day and then classes until 10. Help!!! I need some suggestions on how it can be done....I need some encouragement!
  12. denise0815

    CNA salary range in north jersey?

    Hi everyone, I am changing careers and completing my pre-req for a nursing program. Since I do need to have a paycheck while completing school I was considering becoming a CNA. I have heard this is a good way to gain experience and get your foot in the door, also allowing flexibility with scheduling around school. Does anyone know of any hospitals, in the north jersey area, that will train you on the job, or is it better to be certified through a school and then apply for a position? It would also be helpful to know the salary range, if you dont mind me asking? Any info would be helpful.... Thanks, Denise :wink2:
  13. denise0815

    Can I "shadow" a nurse for the day?

    Hi Newgrad, That sounds like a great opportunity, it must have been so interesting! Do you know who I can contact at Cooper Hospital? Should I contact the HR department?
  14. denise0815

    Ten Things I Love About Nursing

    Thank you for this uplifting post...it is nice to read something positive for a change!