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  1. denise0815

    Help ....need suggestions!

    Hi everyone, I need suggestions please!!!! I have finally completed all my pre-req and was accepted into the nursing program for Sept. But now I am at a crossroads, which I knew was coming, but hoping I would have a plan in place before now. Nursing was to be a 2nd career for me, however I do need to work atleast part time while in school.(single mom of two boys - 18yr and 14yr) How do people make it through nursing school without working? Am I missing something? We are all not straight out of high school...lol Does anyone know of positions that are generally held by students at hospitals or rehabs? Can you get student loans to cover living expenses? This is a career move that I have waited a long time to make and now I feel like I am stuck..If I have to quit after getting thru the pre-req., passing the Net and Chemistry, and being accepted into a program... I am going to be deeply saddened. How does everyone do it?? Any suggestions, greatly appreciated!
  2. Hi everyone, I was just accepted into the nursing program for Sept. and I am so excited. All my pre-req. are done so I will only have Nurs101 to concentrate on...thank goodness! I am trying to find a CNA position, because I do need to work and I want to be in a hospital environment. Does anyone know when we can work as CNA's and if any hospitals will train you since you are in nursing school? Salary is another question I have, what is the average range? I am in the North Jersey area. Any advice and\or info would be appreciated. Thanks, Denise
  3. denise0815

    CNA Training Programs in NJ

    Hi love4nursing101, Would you mind sharing where you worked? or have any ideas where to apply? I am starting Nurs101 in September and I am looking for A CNA position. Do you know if any hospitals hire and train you if they know you are in Nursing school? Any info would be appreciated, this is a 2nd career for me and I do not know where to start!! LOL!
  4. denise0815

    CNA salary range in north jersey?

    Hi everyone, I am changing careers and completing my pre-req for a nursing program. Since I do need to have a paycheck while completing school I was considering becoming a CNA. I have heard this is a good way to gain experience and get your foot in the door, also allowing flexibility with scheduling around school. Does anyone know of any hospitals, in the north jersey area, that will train you on the job, or is it better to be certified through a school and then apply for a position? It would also be helpful to know the salary range, if you dont mind me asking? Any info would be helpful.... Thanks, Denise :wink2:
  5. denise0815

    Can I "shadow" a nurse for the day?

    Hi Newgrad, That sounds like a great opportunity, it must have been so interesting! Do you know who I can contact at Cooper Hospital? Should I contact the HR department?
  6. denise0815

    Ten Things I Love About Nursing

    Thank you for this uplifting post...it is nice to read something positive for a change!
  7. denise0815

    St. Joseph's (Paterson)

    Hi, Does anyone work in the hospital as a PCA? I just have a few questions...I am finishing up pre-req in order to get into the RN program at PCCC. I do need to work and was considering getting certified as a nursing asst. Would anyone mind sharing the salary offered? Also, do you need certification or do they offer training? Any info would be appreciated...thanks!
  8. denise0815

    A & P 1 online a good idea?

    I am also taking it online now during the summer I semester. I dont mind the online course as much as all the info crammed into 8 weeks....lol... If I could do it again I would utilize a full semester, I feel as if I am rushing through it. But to answer your question, the lab is primarily done through visual tools, just like Mezabeth stated. You use your text, lab book and additional software to complete lab exercises. I find all the materials very useful,the pictures and powerpoint are really great and you still get all the info you need, you just dont have the "hands on" experience.
  9. Hi everyone, I am thinking about attending the Paramus campus, any advice? What do you think about the program?
  10. denise0815

    I'm working on my pre-reqs for Nursing

    Hi , Here is my ......... I am also working on my pre-req and have met several people in my classes that are also pre-nursing...some are genuine and some are extrememly competitive. The ones that are competitive,in a bad way, I stay away from. I don't need the distraction of worrying how the other person is doing, that is not my business, nor do I share my grades with them, unless they ask. I have learned over the years, that you can only control your actions. Do not get involved in all the drama, only focus on your journey! I am hoping to make some good friends in all this so we can support each other, that is what it is all about, or should be anyway...... Do the best that you can and the rest will fall into place! There is no use to worry about how many people are competing for the same spot, you can not do anything about that. Things will change over the course of the semester and the students that are not in it for the right reasons will probably not make it anyway!
  11. denise0815

    Confessions of a 30-Something RN Grad

    It is great to hear so many inspiring stories!! I am 38, and a single mom, will be 41 when I am finished. I dont think everyone can appreciate how much is riding on this journey.....except if you are in the middle of it. Almost done with pre-req, taking it one semester at a time! Best of luck!
  12. denise0815

    LPN Hohokus Hackensack

    Hi, I am looking for an evening program and wondering if Hohokus offers one...and if they do, do you have any info on it, like hours etc? Any info would be appreciated...thanks!
  13. denise0815

    CNA to LPN to BSN to MSN , Whew!

    I can relate to your dilemma because I am going through it myself. I am a single mom and need to work, but currently hate my cubicle job. I am trying to figure out what route to take. I have been attending the local community college and working on pre-req part-time...it would take me 3 years to finish at this point if I ever even get into the RN program. It is frustrating and complicated.....sometimes I just want to give up! I am trying to see if there is an LPN program that would be good and switch to that and then do the LPN to RN bridge. However I would need to supplement my income , thinking about student loans??? Wish I could just quit work, get a part-time job in a hospital setting and go to school full-time....that would be ideal!! lol...dont know if it is a reality, I guess I am getting a little discouraged trying to figure all this out.. Anyway good luck to you and keep me posted!!
  14. Hi, Anyone live off student loans while in nursing school? I am a single mom and currently working full-time in a cubicle job I hate, and I am completing my pre-req part-time. It would take me 3 years to finish my RN and I dont know how I would be able to get to clinicals by 4:00. I am considering a LPN program that would be completed in a year if I went full-time, and then bridging to RN once I begin working. Hopefully tuition asst. would be an option!! The only problem is how would I pay the bills? Are there good part-time jobs for LPN students in a hospital setting? I was thinking about student loans to compensate for the lost income during this time, has anyone gone this route? Please help!!!!
  15. denise0815

    finding a way to go to school to become a nurse

    Hi.. I am going through the same thing right now..I am a single mom with two kids, mine are older though, 16 and 12. I have finally decided to go back to school. The only problem is I do have to work also. I am stuck in a cubicle job that I hate and I am trying to figure out how to to transform my life for the better for myself and the kids. So you are not alone...lol.... I am currently taking pre-req at the community college, but I know once I get to clinicals I will need to be available by 3:00, dont know how this is going to work. I was thinking about an LPN program to see if I can complete that in a year and then go to work and bridge to RN,once my foot is in the door. However, I am having trouble finding a program in the evenings even for that. I am not sure how all this is going to come about, but I just keep faith that somehow it will. I have waited so long to go back to school and I do not want to give up now.....lol The only other thing I was thinking about is applying for student loans and living off of that for a year..???? Keep me posted on how you make out....remember you are not alone!! Good Luck!!
  16. denise0815

    Essex Cnty LPN program

    thanks for the info....good luck at the new school!!! where did you transfer to?