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I am so glad this semester is over with! I took A&P I & II this semester along with other prereqs and I pulled off an A in both classes! It was a lot of hard work and studying! But I just want to let... Read More

  1. by   clocke73

    I did the same thing this semester. I feel like I should walk around in an "I survived A&P I & II at the same time" T-shirt!

    I still have the final exams to take, but I'm pretty confident that I will be getting at least a B in both classes. There's a small chance for an A, but we'll see.

    My courses were tough, because they were blended - Online videos of lectures, Once a week recitation for each class for an hour and Lab once a week for each course. It required a lot of diligence on my part. Plus, the semester was riddled with drama at home and at work (I work full time).

    But I survived, too!

    I commend anyone who survived these courses this semester, even if you took one at a time. They are work - not the most difficult material, but a whole lot of material to learn at once.
  2. by   failtoprogress
    I had to get special permission and only one school would allow me to do this. I am 38, have a BS, and spent the first two years out of high school at an engineering school, so I have a strong math/science background--just not life sciences. I will be taking A&P I and II, Microbiology, and possibly Growth and Human Development (I have several psych/anthro classes, though, so I may get credit for it) in one semester so I can get started with nursing school next fall. I am very grateful they let me do this, or else I'd have to wait another year--which, given this is an unexpected redirection, would be a challenge.
  3. by   DarkBluePhoenix
    Good job but how did you take the together?
  4. by   clocke73
    I had to get special permission at my school, too.

    I have a BS in biology already, and I completed it while working full time. Based on that, the head of the program felt I would do well taking them together.

    Now I just have to wait for clinicals or prepare to apply to a direct entry masters program next year. It has no waiting list.
  5. by   mzrainydayz
    CONGRATS! Impressed I couldn't have done that. I think I would've had a brain overload and shut down.
  6. by   ashmcgr

    This is so good to hear!!! I'm taking A&P II and Microbiology in the same semester...the SUMMER semester. So it will be four weeks shorter than a regular semester, and I've got to take two more classes along with them. Everyone has been telling me that I won't be able to do it, it will be too hard, etc. It's great to hear that someone else has been through this!
  7. by   Slemon1982
    You are brave!!! I couldn't even imagine doing such a thing. Congrats!!!
  8. by   Piper17
    I did that too! I took A & P 1 and 2 along with 12 other hours of courses, 20 hours total. UGH, it was so miserable. I got A's in both of them too. I feel your pain, most horrible semester of my life. You should be so proud of yourself, not a lot of people have the discipline to put themselves through such a hectic and difficult semester!
  9. by   Chameleonchick
    Wow that is awesome news!! Does your advisor know yet??
  10. by   Pa0428
    I will be accepted into a nursing program in the fall and there is two classes; Anatomy and the other Physiology...So is that like A&P 1 & 2 broken down into two separate classes for one semester only? Has anyone took A&P like this before?
  11. by   MrSpock
    Congrats i did the same thing! except i had micro and A&PII along with a psych and a nutrition class. It was the best semster i've had. I love the thrill of the fast pace, plus since everything is so rushed you dont have time to forget any of the material. I think anyone can do it as long as you're motivated! Spite is a great source of motivation, let someone tell me i can't do and it makes me try even harder.

    I know this is a old thread but i thought i'd just give my to anyone who is going to take a load like this, this summer good luck to you guys
  12. by   flysbyemerald08
    Things like this are YMMV. If you feel like you have the discipline, time, and energy to do it. Go for it!

    I've taken my share of full-load courses and it was quite a bit of work! Be prepared to work like you never have and remember to take care of yourself while you're getting straight A's!