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  1. Piper17

    Am I crazy, because this seems VERY WRONG...

    I understand what you are saying, and that SUCKS! I am in my first semester junior year I have passed meds, changed dressings, given g-tube meds, trach suction and trach care, and also followed CNAs and learned all the basic stuff as well. I would definitely feel cheated out of the money you've spent and the experiences you are missing! I am sorry that happened to you, but I'm sure you will be a great nurse despite this.
  2. Piper17

    How to deal with classmates who try to bring you down?

    You were the only one in your WHOLE CLASS that knew the the 3 sections of the small intestines?? and the rest laughed at you for knowing it ??!! Oh lord have mercy, that's a scary group of nurses you are going to graduate with. Kudos for the being the smartest one in your class!
  3. Piper17

    BSN Students= Community Woes

    ughhhh i hate community! but it's not an easy A where I am, it's a pain in the behind. AND we have 2 HUGE projects, which are really pointless. The good thing is we get to give flu shots to the kiddos at our elementary school, so that's something......honestly, i can't wait for this semester to be done-zo.
  4. Piper17

    Last Post....

    This will be my last post for "pre-nursing" because I just received my acceptance letter from my school's traditional BSN program!! After a grueling freshman year as a biology/music double major, I discovered that I wanted to be a nurse. I spent the next two years playing catch up with all my classes/pre-reqs- I am FINALLY starting the program!! I am beyond excited to start clinicals. Although this will technically be my senior year of college and I still have two years until I graduate, I don't regret the path I've taken. I won't take any of my experiences for granted. I am ready to kick some nursing school butt!!
  5. Piper17

    Do you like the uniforms they give you for your school?

    I just got accepted into the traditional program at UofL and I actually like the uniforms. You have to buy the scrub top because it has the school's logo on it, and it's red and black. We can wear any black scrub pants, so I can get the boot cut/flared ones from cherokee that I like...and then just black shoes, which I have a cute and comfy pair of pumas to wear. I'm so excited!!
  6. Piper17

    Do you think younger generations have a sense of entitlement?

    I agree, I think it just depends on how you were raised/what type of person you are, not necessarily your age or generation.
  7. I would email them, the worst they can say is no. I'm sure you understand that you can't ask for extra points on the NCLEX, and if it's just two points difference, it's not our place to tell you if you feel ready to move on from the class or if you need to retake it- it's the teacher and you....
  8. Piper17

    Anyone watch Nurse Jackie?

    I'm pretty sure the producers/directors actually are nurses! I saw an interview and they said they wanted to make the show because ALL the hospital shows were about doctors, and they wanted one centered around nurses.
  9. Piper17

    Anyone watch Nurse Jackie?

    LOVE nurse jackie. I'm in love with Dexter, and I always watch United States of Tara, too! Showtime has the BEST tv shows ever.
  10. Piper17

    HAPS Exam for A&P

    I've taken it, I got the little cracked cranium certificate, haha. I would say if you have a CD that came with the book for class that usually has really great reviews on it. There is a break down of the how many questions in each sections on the HAPS website, and that's what I concentrated on.
  11. Piper17

    Dinner ideas for busy class nights!!

    Little microwave meals, like lean cuisines, or lean pockets, or smart ones, they are only 1 or 2 dollars. Or, if you don't have enough time, a granola bar and apple until you get home. You could also pack a sandwich and chip or something.
  12. Piper17

    Lincoln Memorial University

    I applied to UofL's BSN program in April and won't get an answer until July sometime! The waiting is the worst part.
  13. Piper17

    Areas of nursing

    I start clinicals next fall and don't have ANY hospital experience, so it'll be interesting to see what I love at the END of nursing school, haha.....but for right now I am thinking.... Best: 1. ER - I love being busy all day, running around, working at a fast pace, and I work well under pressure. 2. Peds - MAYBE, haha. I love kids, but like everyone else said, I don't know if i'd be able to handle the sadness. 3. I don't have a 3rd yet, I guess I'll have get my clinical experiences to have a better idea. Worst: 1. nursing home/hospice - not my thing. 2. outpatient office - I'm pretty sure I want to work in a hospital 3. psych - I want to be on my feet, busy busy busy....I'm not sure I would thrive in that kind of environment. It'll be funny to compare these answers after I finish clinicals! haha.
  14. Piper17

    Staying up to speed over summer break

    Working, exercising, relaxing, hanging out with my friends and spending time with my boyfriend....come next fall those will probably all be low on my priority list!
  15. Piper17

    Pharmacology and Pathophysiology at the same time?

    I took them both at the same time this past semester along with ethics. It wasn't too bad, as long as you keep up with both of them. At my school, pharm is pretty easy and patho is really hard, so it evens out. I think it varies from school to school.