How much is everyone paying for books this upcoming semester? - page 3

For two classes, my nursing fundamentals class and my A&P II class, it's going to cost me about $520! 7 books total for two classes!!! The bookstore on my campus is the only bookstore around that... Read More

  1. by   doris66
    I get my books at I spend alot less than at the bookstore and they are good quality, most are still in the wrapper.
  2. by   nyemt195488
    I am taking Nursing I and A&P I, I was given a Fundamentals Book and study guide by someone who graduated 2 years ago. But even without that my books are going to cost me $1400, I am also required to buy a PDA $300 and the software from unbound media $153. So I am looking at about $2000. Some of the books we use the entire 2 years, but next semester it will be another $500 just for Nursing II, that does not include A&P II or microbiology. Since I am using student loans to pay for my books I am required to buy them from the campus bookstore.
  3. by   sayitaintso
    mine came up to almost $600 i say approximately $580, thank goodness for financial aid, not to mention these books are not brand new they are used, i dont even want to imagine what they would have cost if i had bought them brand new. ridiculous
  4. by   getyournursingon
    Nothing! My parents have chosen for once to help with the financial burden of purchasing books. After their $100, I am getting $200 from a grant at school, but the out of pocket books I purchased at online...way cheaper than the school and I also can resell at the school.
  5. by   4lotus8
    I got all my books online--some bought, some rented, and it came to a total of about $139...considering I'm taking four classes, this is an incredible deal.
  6. by   penelopelp
    Rented books? I didn't know there was such a thing.
    I'm taking chemistry and a lab. $450
  7. by   NWGeorgiaFutureRN
    600 for 5 prereqs
  8. by   benegesserit
    I expect to pay less than $100 for 5 classes. Hopefully less than $50.

    Previous edition used books rock.
  9. by   osagarese
    My book at campus cost $187 for A&PI but I bought it on ebay for $75 w/ shipping. You just have to make sure you have the right ISBN like the books in school or you won't be able to sell them back. I just bought the lab book from school which was $42, because it is the schools lab edition. So I kind of did pretty good. Although still waiting to find out what my book is going to be for developmental psychology, and God knows how much that is going to cost.
  10. by   HopefulNurse08
    I've only spent about $200 for my A&P book pack and lab manual. I order off Amazon though. The textbook for the class new at the bookstore was $195 and I got it new for about $140. And the same book is used for A&P II.
  11. by   AnxiousStrawberry
    5 classes + 2 labs = $850 worth of very heavy books.
  12. by   hollie91999
    For my findamentas nusing class, it's gonna cost me $700, but we use the books through out the whole program.
  13. by   mochabean
    I'll be buying 2 books this semester. Altogether both will be $200. And they're used books. I had no lucky finding cheaper books on-line.