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  1. amybethf

    How do I learn "charge nurse" skills???

    I have been an RN for 10 mos. I was hired with 6 other new grads. The last 2 months or so we have all been taking turns being charge nurse. Basically, when I am charge, I need to know the pertinent info about each pt so when nsg supervisor comes I can give her the rundown. I am on a stepdown cardiac unit and the supe wants to know when/if the pt will be discharged, any change in code status, if they r on a heart med gtts, isolation, restraints, changes in condition since the last shift, etc. Its important to know what is vital to each pt because u want to be on high alert if a pt starts to deteriorate. It wasn't easy at first but as you become more comfortable as a nurse, it becomes second nature.
  2. amybethf

    Please give Katie V her honorary nursing license!

    Do a search on his name (State Senator Raymond Basham, 8th district) and it will direct you to his official website where you can leave a comment. Katie's family received an authoritative resolution certificate ytdy but we are still pushing forward for the bill. It appears there is alot of support behind it and it is in the legislative process now. The News-Herald also met with the family and will be doing a story to be published Wed. 2/10. We are so happy to see so many people touched by this and showing their support!:redbeathe
  3. amybethf

    Charge Nurse... 1 month out of orientation?

    That's absolutely nuts! I also had 12 weeks of orientation and have been at my position for 7 mos and I am still not ready to be charge nurse! And I am sure that you have wisened up to the fact that hiring 12 new nurses means ur floor has a high turnover rate. If your not being heard its time to move up the chain of command because it's just not safe. And it's ur license on the line!
  4. amybethf

    Please give Katie V her honorary nursing license!

    You can contact Senator Raymond Basham, 8th district! Please, time is of the essence!
  5. Hopefully it is ok to post this....a classmate of mine from Henry Ford Comm College found out days before she was to take the NCLEX-RN that she had an aggressive form of brain cancer; it is in the last stages now. One of the wonderful instructors @ HFCC started a push for a bill to give those who have encountered a devastating event in life to receive their honorary license. State Senator for the 8th district is among those who wish to see this happen and has been bombarded with emails and letters. You can can contact him or the official in your district. Katie was a vibrant 23 yr old woman who had everything in life going for her. We all know how hard nursing school is and to see her dream of attaining an honorary license would make Katie and her family, friends and classmates very, very happy! Please act now and pledge your support for this bill! :redbeathe
  6. amybethf

    What is the best RN to BSN online school?

    Chamberlain online program does not require clinicals but it's $600/credit hr!!!!
  7. amybethf

    What Can You Tell Me About Oakwood Healthcare?

    I also work at Oakwood on a critical care floor since June, I graduated in May. As with any job there are good and bad points. But for the most part, I like it alot. I usually have 3 pts with a max of four so I can't imagine working a med/surg unit and having as many as 8!!! I think as a new nurse and finally feeling somewhat confident, one of the most important aspects of my job is having a good rapport with the nursing aides; if not, I would be running the halls all night, never getting a break and barely getting to know my pts! The respect is a two-way street. I agree with the other post - definitely ask the mgr alot of questions, see how the unit and rooms are set up. On my floor, there are 3 different pyxis', an IV room and a med cart, alas, there is no central med room - this I don't like. But I do like my co-workers - there a few seasoned nurses and mostly new grads. So we all help each other out. When a new pt arrives, we all go in to help. I know that I can always depend on someone, which is huge for me! I may be out of orientation but I have only been an 'official' RN since July. At least have an interview and see if its what you're looking for. Good Luck!
  8. amybethf

    RN-BSN ?

    There's an ongoing post about this on the MI forum. There's alot of programs available and u need to consider how fast u want to finish. My job offers UD onsite and OU online at a discount. But I have to sign a contract for 3yrs post completion. I am looking @ EMU, they r reasonable $$ and have online program as well.
  9. amybethf

    Oakwood Hospital in Dearborn

    I am new nurse @ Oakwood Dbn. and thus far it is ok. I am in a transition, working very hard to hone my skills and learn how to be a nurse. The other nurses I work with r nice. U will always have unhappy ppl any field u work in. But I think it is the job itself that is hard; alot of running around and problem-solving all day. But I wouldn't make a desicion to not work somewhere based on other ppl's opinions. It's ur experience and what u choose it to be.
  10. amybethf

    Kaplan Book Test Questions Scores

    Long time no talk friend! I didn't do Kaplan review but I have heard it helped some and its alot harder than actual nclex. Personally, I knew I passed when it shut off and I seem to be in the minority. Most ppl feel like they didnt know alot of the stuff on it and walk out dazed and confused but learn they passed. Just know all the infection precautions and classes of meds. If its something u don't know then choose what can harm the pt the most. Truly, there's no way to prepare, its alot of application and knowledge. And its testing whether ur 'safe' not smart. Remember its nclex hospital/world so go by the book and not reality. Avoid reading into the questions, make ur best educated guess and move on. Don't second guess urself, go with ur gut. And be calm, confident and focused. The # of ?s means nothing. My coworkers got 75, 83, 105, 110, 160, 265 and all passed. Those who fail seem to get flustered and panic. And u know more than u think so go in there and think it's like just another nsg test. U will do great!!!!! Be sure to do the pearsonvue trick and keep me posted! Good luck!!!!!!!