Please give Katie V her honorary nursing license!


Hopefully it is ok to post this....a classmate of mine from Henry Ford Comm College found out days before she was to take the NCLEX-RN that she had an aggressive form of brain cancer; it is in the last stages now. :( One of the wonderful instructors @ HFCC started a push for a bill to give those who have encountered a devastating event in life to receive their honorary license. State Senator for the 8th district is among those who wish to see this happen and has been bombarded with emails and letters. You can can contact him or the official in your district. Katie was a vibrant 23 yr old woman who had everything in life going for her. We all know how hard nursing school is and to see her dream of attaining an honorary license would make Katie and her family, friends and classmates very, very happy! Please act now and pledge your support for this bill! :redbeathe


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Amy Beth, this is great that you posted this here. What an excellent idea!


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You can contact Senator Raymond Basham, 8th district! Please, time is of the essence!


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Is there an email address for him or do I need to look it up? I would like to help! If so please pm it to me. Thank you!


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Do a search on his name (State Senator Raymond Basham, 8th district) and it will direct you to his official website where you can leave a comment. Katie's family received an authoritative resolution certificate ytdy but we are still pushing forward for the bill. It appears there is alot of support behind it and it is in the legislative process now. The News-Herald also met with the family and will be doing a story to be published Wed. 2/10. We are so happy to see so many people touched by this and showing their support!:redbeathe


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i showed my support. i do not know katie but i do know how hard she must have worked. her and her family deserve to see the RN title follow her name. i went to the senator in my district to show my support (Glen Anderson). i would really love to see this work out for her. i also sent other little messages too. it only took a couple minutes for me but it took years of effort and dedication for katie.