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Hi, Just wondering how many prereq's everyone else is taking this semester? I'm taking: Physiology Microbiology Pharmacology Nutrition... Read More

  1. by   ChargeNurseAmy74! How do you manage?? Best of luck to you!!
  2. by   *Countrygirl*
    Hi everyone! I'm only taking two classes. I graduated from Medical Assisting school in 1999 and unfortunately none of my classes transferred over so I have to take Biology, Medical Terminology all over again. I am currently taking:
    Introduction to Psychology (online)
  3. by   ChargeNurseAmy74
    Countrygirl, are you in California?
  4. by   LMRN10
    I only have two pre-req's left. Since my school doesn't give early enrollment to you if you weren't in school the prior semester, I have decided to do one this semester and one next semester. Because I work, I would normally take two, but this is the first time I've done one. Then I'm hoping to start my Nursing classes next fall.

    This semester I am taking Intercultural Communications (online).

    Next semester I will be taking Microbiology.
  5. by   stobbe

    I am not beginning the vicious cycle of pre-nursing until Jan. 07', but here is my schedule for my prerequisites:

    SPRING 07
    - A&P I
    - Statistics
    - Chemistry I

    SUMMER 07-
    - A&P II

    (apply to Nursing program here)

    FALL 07
    - Psyc I
    - Chem II
    - Sociology

    SPRING 08
    - Psyc II
    - Microbiology

    And hopefully begin the program June 2008!

    Yeah, I know...a freakin' butt-load of classes!! Woo hoo!!
  6. by   BBQvegan
    I am taking 7 classes right now!
    Micro Lab
    Dev Psych
    Nursing Concepts!!

    I thought it might be too much, but I am doing well so far, and I LOVE all my classes! It's an awesome semester! I am also tutoring A&P I, which helps refresh my memory from that material -- thus helping with current classes! Whew!!
  7. by   studentinnursing
    I'm taking MAT, ENC 1101 (I've already written 6,000 words for scholarships probably!), HUM (don't know first thing about it) and World Civilizations (yikes) cause Nutrition was full (first semester, so I was last on the list for priority registration).

    Question about WOH; they told me I'll need it down the road?? so why wouldn't WOH be listed in my ADN prereq's, little confused about the world civ and double checking with my counselor Tuesday; it's community college, anybody else have to take world civilizations?

    I'm guessing it's a core class for AS, but thought I'd ask.
  8. by   penelopelp
    I'm thinking about taking the Health Unit Coordinator classes this Fall, and then I will start on pre-reqs in the Spring. I don't have a job right now, and I thought the HUC classes would at least get me in the door at a hospital. If I change my mind on the HUC classes, I will take Bio and lab, and chem and lab. All except the chem lab would be online.
  9. by   purplerain123
    I'm taking

    A & P 1
    Physical Education
    Intro to Nursing

    In Fall 2008
  10. by   serendipity123
    Okay... I'm not taking any over Summer but I have crazy schedules for both Fall and Spring. I post a lot about what I'm taking... mainly because I am shocked that my academic advisor convinced me to take such a heavy course load.

    Anatomy and Physiology I w/ lab
    Introduction to General Chemistry w/ lab
    Elementary Statistics
    Introduction to Sociology

    Anatomy and Physiology II
    Human Growth and Development
    General Psychology

    I'm in for lots of work and not a lot of sleep lol. But hey... what could be better to prepare me for nursing school than hard work and no sleep?
  11. by   Snowii
    I'm taking microbiology, a and p, general chem (only so I can take organic chem next semester) and a separate p course.
  12. by   osagarese
    My first semester Spring 08' I took

    Freshman English comp.
    Math (algebra MA07)
    freshman seminar

    Summer 08' I took Chem 101

    Fall 08' I am taking

    Developmental psychology

    Only doing two classes a semester from know on, first semester went crazy and was hectic, don't want to do this again.
  13. by   ashleyisawesome
    A & P 2, English Comp, and General Psych... english comes easily to me, so i hope eng and psych will be easy and i can focus most of my time on a&p!