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  1. Acuity staffing for Oncology

    Our charge nurses have the same patient load as any other nurse, day or night. That's 5 or 6 patients each. Yes, when necessary (not often), we may have to go to ICU to give chemo, even with our own patient load. Just last weekend, our charge nurse o...
  2. Acuity staffing for Oncology

    Where I work, we have 16 beds on an our Oncology Med-Surg unit. I have been a nurse for almost three years and have seen our staffing go down down down as the patients get sicker and sicker. I am at the end of my rope. I am ready to go work as a wait...
  3. neupogen

    Yeah, we give it SQ, too. Of course, the MD has to order the route of administration.
  4. calling the md at night when charge disagrees

    I am just nearing the end of my first year as a nurse. This is a tough job, and we have to keep our priorities in order. Like another poster said, "ABCs, my dear"! The situation = the patient cannot breathe well. Were O2 sats dropping? Was there a ch...
  5. New grad to Research Nurse

    Good for you!!!! I am a new grad (May 2009) and have been working at the bedside since then. I am burnt out already! I would love to have the job that you might get offered! Congrats! Take it! And don't look back!
  6. endocrine disorders

    The Hurst Review has a good textbook and class with a good success rate. I know they lay out endocrine disorders in a simple, easy to understand format. Maybe you could find a copy of the book from a classmate or on ebay, without spending all the mon...
  7. Do you wear goggles when....

    Well, no, but it sounds like a good idea! I think I went home covered in urine and blood clots one day. None in my eyes though! Maybe a gown is a good idea?
  8. Orientation Length/Number of Pts

    Berquj, It is very frustrating in the role of new grad. I had 12 wks orientation and I felt that was just the right amount of time. Everyone said I could have stopped orientation long ago, but I am glad I had the time I did. I work nights, and we are...
  9. Help with oncology route during nursing school

    All excellent suggestions! Also, tell your clinical instructor you are very interested in oncology, and ask if you could be assigned any cancer patients during clinicals. Good luck to you!
  10. New Grad Positions Question???

    Yes, just do a search for "nurse externships" for a good start. Look at individual hospital websites. I was interested in oncology, so I found programs at MD Anderson in Houston, MSK in NYC.... Also, Mayo has a program on many different units -- not ...
  11. Wow, so basically the magnet designation means diddly-squat nowadays? What a waste. I assumed that ALL institutions would be making cuts, but wondered if the nurses at Magnet hospitals felt any less disgruntled than others. I guess there really is no...
  12. New Grad Positions Question???

    You are usually eligible when you are entering your senior year of nursing school (when you have 1-2 semesters left). Most programs are for 10 weeks during the summer. Applications are often due anywhere between October and February before that summe...
  13. Having a Colectomy

    Just a quick bit about prep and recovery. Most patients getting a colectomy will be "NPO" (nothing by mouth) for at least 8-12 hrs prior to surgery. If your bowels can empty sufficiently, you may get the Go-lytely bowel prep that people usually get b...
  14. New Grad Positions Question???

    I graduated in May and have been working as a new grad since June 1. I started applying back in January. Upon being hired, I was given a 12 week Orientation period in which I work with a preceptor. I am finishing up my 12th week now, and will be on m...
  15. Hi fellow nurses. I've been a new nurse for the last three months. I am in my last week of orientation, then am on my own. In these few months, I have seen my hospital cut out recruitment incentives/benefits, try to increase productivity, and elimina...