How many attempts

  1. How many attempts/years/tries did it take you to finally get into an R.N program? Will be attending edison state college this fall or spring, so im just curious since i dont have many prereqs to do!
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  3. by   cnoto34
    It took me bout 2 years! I applied to 7 schools last few years and finally got into EVC in San Jose ca !!! I spent the last 6 years doing prereq; night classes and weekends while working and taking care of two kids! Good luck to you.
  4. by   Friskee
    It took me two. I was waitlisted for my first choice nursing school and then was accepted 1 month before classes started. I had a baby the month before and would not have been ready in time to begin. I did not think I got in so I took the summer to get prepared to have the baby. I reapplied this year and was accepted first time around. Good luck to you!
  5. by   Devin6xx
    Thank you both! The school I will be applying for does not have a wait list, you simply just re-apply each enrollment term, bleh. So I am crossing my fingers I get in withing a year or two!
  6. by   MommaTy
    At Holyoke Community College in Mass it took me 1st try It took me 5 years to do my pre-reqs (I have 5 kids so I took it slow).
  7. by   ssaarraahh
    The first time I applied to nursing school, I only applied to my first choice school and I got rejected. So I reapplied to that school plus two others and that time I go into my first choice (which does not have a waiting list)
  8. by   zoe92
    I applied to 4 BSNs for this fall.... got rejected from 2, waitlisted to 1 & accepted to 1. I am allll for applying to multiple schools.
  9. by   Ms_barnesRN
    I applied to 1 got rejected went back to school for 2 years to redo prereq and a girl at church suggested I apply to a school that I never finished filling out the app when I applied to the other, I'm like blah ok no harm, took the entrance exam and failed on the last day to take it..., the school called me the next day and said we are giving it one more time next week and I retook it and passed! Waited a month then got accepted! Took me 3 years to finally get into a school from the first rejection to the acceptance! I'll say GOD planned that! Cuz if I got into the 1st school I'm sure u would of flunked out due to personal issues!!! Good luck!
  10. by   Devin6xx
    Im applying to 4 different schools, well they are all the same "School" but different campuses. so it should help, I wouldnt mind driving an hour away for the program! im just not familiar with the area so im not familiar with any of the schools yet. Theres a university but I would see that being MUCH harder to get into! I guess I will just see how well i do with the science courses! I took honors anatomy and honors biology in high school and its def not my strong suit! mainly because its "boring" or maybe i just had boring teachers. I do have a backup plan JUST incase i dont get accepted, that way i can work on another liscense (LPN or EMT certificate) while i wait to keep myself busy and/or get a decent job while i wait. thank you all for your advice !
  11. by   AccelCNL
    It took me three tries. However, I am now starting an ABSN program in the Fall. Perseverance usually wins out in the end.
  12. by   seashellsstars
    Hi Devin6xx,
    I saw your post here via cnoto34 and thought I leave my comment too.

    I finished my nursing perequsites in 2012, and was nervous about applying to nursing school because of all the readings I saw of people trying, and trying for years to get into nursing school. Regardless, I took the chance to apply to a community college nursing school in Fresno, Ca called Fresno City College. I didn't get selected. When the Evergreen Valley College nursing application opens in Fall 2012, I applied and was accepted, first try. So you can say it didn't take me years to get into nursing school.

    Since you are currently considering applying to nursing school, my biggest advice is, like others mentioned, APPLY EVERYWHERE! It's worth the shot, and if you preserve, you will get into somewhere someday. Best of luck!
  13. by   Kvedaa
    I started my prereqs 6 years ago right out of high school. I applied for the first time 4 years ago to only ADN programs, and was not a competitive applicant at all. I finished my A.A.S. and got over 1500 hours CNA experience and applied again, was wait listed at two ADN programs. I then went and finished my B.S. Sociology with minor in microbiology and pre-health and applied again and now I have been accept to OHSU for there BSN program. I am glad it took me this long because now I get to attend one of the top 5 nursing schools in the country, it was a long process but I have to agree with AccelBSN2b14 perseverance usually wins out!