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  1. Friskee

    Best RN jobs to have more time for children/family

    I went from full time ICU nights to part time 8 hour shifts in outpatient. It has made my home life so much better. I have soon to be 3 kids- all weekends and holidays off with them. Outpatient always has options to pick up extra shifts and because I'm not so stressed out I pick up often. Best decision I've ever made with small children. Eventually I would like to go back to icu when my kids are older- but for now I'm so happy with my decision :)
  2. Friskee

    Internal transfers/job hopping

    Alright allnurses folks! Looking for opinions over here! Are internal job transfers considered job hopping? I currently work for a very large health system. I was hired a year ago into my "dream" job. I stayed 8 months and found out that I did not like the unit and wanted to transfer. I transferred to a location much closer that is perfect for my current needs. As much as I love this job- I am beginning my Masters degree and know that I do not plan to stay here the rest of my career (I would like to stay part time if my future job allows it though!) I am hoping to graduate in a year and then apply for either another transfer or just a second job within the health system. Will me having two jobs within approx. three years within the system look like job hopping? Since my first transfer I have kept my benefits as well as seniority. I pretty much just had to get my managers approval and then clock in at the new position. Just trying to not mess up my resume in the future as I have been a RN for two years now. Thank you for your opinions!
  3. Friskee

    Olivet Nazarene or Chamberlain MSN/FNP

    Hey everyone! Starting Olivet FNP program soon. Working part time and going to go through the classes full time- with two kids under 5. How many hours per week are you studying/homework for the first year?
  4. Friskee

    What was your hardest prerequisite course?

    A & P for sure. Only class I got a C in (79%) I hated it so much that I did not want to retake it for a higher grade. I LOVED pathophysiology though!
  5. Friskee

    40 yr old with GED. Is a MSN even possible?

    Go for it! I pretty much blew off all of high school- barely graduated. I got older and more mature and wanted to go to college to be a nurse. I started at a community college, took the placement tests and started from there. I studied my behind off and received my BSN within the regular 4 year time frame. As long as you take placement tests so you start off where your education level is you will be set. Sure, it may add some time if you test lower but you will still get where you need to be. You can always take overload courses if you want to be done sooner. Good luck!
  6. Demented patient told me she hopes I give birth to a stillborn. I'm 7 months pregnant
  7. Friskee

    Your Starting Salary?

    Also BSN degree
  8. Friskee

    Your Starting Salary?

    27.15 plus differential (I mostly work weekends, 7-3 is 2$ extra and 3-7 is 4.50 extra) I work in a LTC/ rehab in the Chicago suberbs.
  9. So I am a new grad- 7 months in. I currently have been working in a subacute rehab/LTC since I passed boards. I had applied to many jobs without offers, so I took an offer from a facility with the highest rate of pay and the quickest start date. As stated above I have been here 7 months but am looking to try and get into the ER. I currently am 5 months pregnant and have time to prepare before I begin applying. I will not be looking to transfer/ start at a new facility until after maternity leave (by that time i'll have been with my facility for a year). I have my BSN, am signed up for ACLS in March, and an EKG general certification next month. I am proficient with IV starts, lab draws, wound care, priority setting, and working under stress (within the health system out of the 70 rehabs/ LTC's-we are the highest acuity). I also spent 4 months in the ER my senior year of nursing school. Any other suggestions as to things I can do in the next few months to increase my chances? Thank you!
  10. Friskee

    Recommendations for online FNP-30k range

    I have just started applying to Olivet. I sent in my application and transcripts yesterday to begin in August. How long did it take for you to find out that you were accepted? Do you know what the average GPA that is accepted into the NP program? I have a cumulative of a 3.5 with a BSN of only 3.2. The admissions told me they look at your GPA as a whole so I may be ok?
  11. Hi everyone! I always frequent this site and never contribute to anything so here it goes! I passed NCLEX on June 4th. I referred to this site for people's opinions on study material and I received a lot of great help. I took the exam almost a month post graduation. I wanted to take the test sooner but I messed up on my ATT info, thus had to wait. What I used to study: ATI was intertwined all throughout our nursing program. Post graduation, I attended the ATI live 3 day review because it was included in our tuition. The teacher was amazing and it was helpful. After attending this review I decided that I was good on my content so I was just going to do questions. I had a old version of Lipincotts Q &A (paid 1$ on amazon for it,) Saunders, Lipincotts alternative item format (GET THIS BOOK) and Lacharity. Honestly, I only used Lacharity for the definition of prioritization and the three level definition it gave. Otherwise I never touched it. I also did questions from Prep U (included in nursing school) and old ATI practice exams. How I put it all together: So I set a goal to do 4000 questions by test date. I did a minimum of 150 questions a day and looked up things that really stumped me or I did not remember. I did not do 150 all at once, I would not have retained anything. I divided it up throughout the day, pretty much whenever I felt like doing questions. Out of all of these resources I would have to say that Prep U was the BEST! The type of questions they ask are very similar then NCLEX (NCLEX for sure is easier than a level 8 with Prep U.) Also, using the Alternative format item book= do it. I recieved 35 m/m, 7 drag and drop and 2 picture labeling questions. I feel I would not have been able to survive those if it was not for that book. All of the other resources were good, but just for the questions. I would have to say that I only got one question on NCLEX that I had no idea what it was. PEARSON VUE TRICK: It worked for me and other students from my class that took NCLEX around when I did. I did the trick 1 hour after the test, and it worked. I kept doing the trick (esp 24 hours after) and it never changed (I used a card with not enough money in case it did try to charge me.) Later on the day I checked the continental testing site (use this if Illinois resident, free and comes up before Pearson) and i had a big fat PASS on the site. I did pay for my quick results the next day but yes it also said PASS!!! Ok that is all I have!! Good luck future nurses!
  12. Friskee

    Do you auscultate your NGs?

    I was also taught that auscultation in itself is not accurate. It is acceptable with other interventions to confirm placement. If we are dealing with a preexisting NG tube that has already been verified by imaging, we just need to aspirate, assess PH and check residual volume before any administrations of medication or bolus feedings.
  13. Friskee

    ATI Exit Exam

    How did you study? I take mine next month and all I know to do is take the practice tests and read my focused review.
  14. Friskee

    Last semester !!! S2 in January!!!

    Haha I wish I had advice for you, but I am looking for that advice for myself! I graduate in May as well! Good luck to you!
  15. Friskee

    ATI predictor

    Hi all! I am scheduled to take the ATI predictor Late February. Any tips for studying for this? Do you study the same way as the other ATI's (take exam-focused review-take all available practice tests?) Thanks for the help in advance!
  16. Friskee

    HELP!! Evolve Adaptive Learning/Quizzing

    I do not know about the adaptive learning, but we are doing the questions. We have to get to level 5 for all the ones assigned for the week. This week we had 3 tests to get to level 5, I got all done in one night and it was less than 200 questions.