How Far do you want to go in your Nursing Education? - page 4

Hey folks, so i thought id get some opinions and viewpoints of people and their educational goals here? who wants to go all the way and get their DNP/Ph.D in nursing? My plan is to go all the... Read More

  1. by   BrooklynNurse590
    Right now I'm doing the pre reqs for the nursing program.. I'm still deciding if I want to go for my ADN or BSN.. I would love to work in Women's Health or L&D.. Overall I just want to make it to and through nursing school lol
  2. by   xxJaqsxx
    I think for starters I will work on just my ADN, RN and work my way to a BSN.
  3. by   Nickyg1225
    I am working towards my ADN right now, after this, I am going to continue to get a Masters in Nursing. Eventually, after some experience of course, I would like to be a nurse educator.
  4. by   rys22
    Working towards ADN right now, then get a job and work on my BSN online. I will see how I feel with that but at this point, being a NP is an option but not one I'm focusing on. Simply because, by the time I finish all this, I know I will just want a BREAK to be a mom and the kind of wife my husband deserves where I'm not flying around from work to school and back to work again

    Good luck to you all and your dreams!! Keep your eyes on the goal but dont forget to enjoy the "now"
  5. by   citylights89
    Quote from carakristin1
    Hahahahahaha, so true! For me it's Criminal Minds and the Stephanie Plum books.

    I'll let you know if I find more information about it! There are a couple websites I've found, and there's one university near me with a forensic nursing program, but not a whole lot else. Hold on a sec. *Goes to find websites*

    What is a Forensic Nurse - Definition of Forensic Nursing -
    UIC College of Nursing Educational Programs

    These all give a pretty good overview, but I just wish there was more information about a day in the life, etc., know what I mean?
    Thanks for the links! I'm with you on your last sentence though. It would be nice to shadow a forensic nurse so I can really see what their day-to-day work day is like.
  6. by   NightNerd
    Shadowing would be the best. But you know, it just occurred to me that we could probably at least find a way to interview a forensic nurse if we wanted. I'm thinking that either going through a forensic nursing program and asking if any alumni are willing to do a quick interview about their jobs, or interviewing a forensic nurse working at an ER or in corrections like Steph's friend, might be a possiblity. I may look into that during winter break - only 4ish months to go!
  7. by   Orual Of Glome
    I'm planning to get my BSN and work in the field for a bit before pursuing MSN and eventually become NP. It's fun to read everyone's goals!
  8. by   CT Pixie
    I am currently an LPN in an LPN to RN bridge program. Upon completion I'll have my ADN. I am also taking classes to apply to the RN to BSN program. I'm stopping at BSN. I have no desire to be a CRNA, NP or APRN.
  9. by   umbdude
    I'd say a BSN is a minimum for me. After that I'll have to see how much I enjoy the job and the benefits/cost of more education. I'll also want to see for myself what role NPs (or PAs) play and shadow them in order to decide whether I want to pursue it.
  10. by   Seas
    I am currently in RN to BSN program, finishing in May 2013. I want to go for MSN right after that.
    I will stop at MSN.
  11. by   fcasteele10
    Yes it is fun to read what everyone's goals are. I'm considering getting my BSN, work for a while to gain experience and then go on to MSN. It also depends on the hours and salary I may hold off school for anything past that but for now, with two boys and working part time that's all for now.
  12. by   Idiosyncratic
    I think the farthest I want to go is my BSN.
  13. by   Nursing2102
    Considering I already went to college for 4 years for another major, and for my BSN I will be in school for another 3 years as a transfer student...... 7 years of college seems enough for a long, long time.