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Just curious - my method works for me, but it's time-consuming. Maybe we can get some ideas from each other! I read the chapter before class about 98% of the time. Then I take notes during the... Read More

  1. by   smattles1of2
    So far in A&P I haven't even opened the text. I just take the lecture notes and turn them into flashcards.

    With microbiology, that class wasn't really memorizing, so I used double column notes. I read that textbook like crazy!
  2. by   NaomieRN
    The following work for me:
    *Skim through the chapters before class
    *Jot down a few key points
    *Read the chapters by paying attention to charts and do the end-chapter questions
    *Listen to the lectures
    *I only make flashcards on certain things (I find too much time is wasted by making the cards rather than reading from the materials)The information is not that hard to understand, so for me I do not see any need to make flashcards.
    I used to rewrite my notes in A&P, I do not do that for nursing because I already have the powerpoint.
  3. by   allthingsbright
    I write a lot too--it works well for me as I pull A's and B's in nursing classes. I pre-read (usually), take class notes, then go back and type up study guides for the test, then write stuff I am not getting on notecards. Then I continue to review my notes until it clicks. They say it takes at least 6 times of reviewing something to actually GET IT.
  4. by   lisabeth
    Boy, am I ever in this learning class? My A&P teacher wont let us record. I did very well on the first exam, and I think I can on the next ones too, but I asked my nutrition teacher if I could record his lecture yesterday because I had only had 3 hours sleep the night before. He didnt mind at all. I recorded and have listened and refreshed my mind on it. Boy, what a difference. I feel so much more confindent when I can listen again. I really retain the information so much better.
    I will just record Nutrition from now on and just do the best I can on A&P. Good luck everyone.

    Quote from scaredofshots
    I record the lecture and take good notes then when I am doing house work or just driving the car I can play my tape in my headphone and maybe learn something.
  5. by   reese19
    I re-type my notes and outline the main things in the book that my professor talked about ... I use different fonts, bolding, different colors for different terms or emphasis ... Then I study what I've typed over and over again. I also complete the questions at the end of each chapter. Then I create a sample practice test. The practice test is the most helpful thing I do ... I try to phrase the questions the way I think my professor would, and I ask about every question I think he could ... Then I take the test a few times!

    Also, what has proven extremely helpful particulary for labeling bones, etc., is to make a copy of the bone (or whatever) and then liquid paper the answers, make copies of it without the answers, and then re-label it until you know it by heart .... I believe this is what really helped me get an A on my last Anatomy test.

    Anyway, there are lots of good tips on this thread. I'm not really a flash-card person, but it seems to really benefit a lot of other people. One reason I prefer to study my typed notes is because I've found that, when it comes test time, I can actually "picture" my notes in my head and it helps me to sort of "see" the material. With flash-cards, everything sort of "runs together" in my mind.

  6. by   chicksmom
    I do the flash card thing too, but what i do is go down the lecture notes in order and make up questions about each point. If i can answer the questions, then i know the information pretty well.!!!
  7. by   medhead
    It depends on the class. But for, say, the science classes. I listen intently in class, ask questions during lecture until I completely understand the concept that's being taught (not the details necessarily...just the concept), do any written assigned homework, and then a night or two before the big test, I review any necessary readings and go over my notes two or three times. Since I've already got the concepts nailed down, the review cements the details of the concepts. It's been working for me so far... I got 4 A+s and an A last semester and am working on similar grades this semester!
  8. by   stpauligirl
    Quote from MMW37
    Just curious - my method works for me, but it's time-consuming. Maybe we can get some ideas from each other! I read the chapter before class about 98% of the time. Then I take notes during the lecture in my own notebook, not on my powerpoint slide handouts (unless it's all diagrams, bones, etc.). I usually learn best by writing. Later on, I go back to the chapter and take my own notes, already knowing what the instructor emphasized in lecture or told us to go back and read. I've been putting my lecture notes in a 3-ring binder and keeping my book notes in a spiral notebook so I can see both at the same time. Then, before the tests, I go back thru again and make flashcards. By the time I get this far, I usually know it well enough I don't have to go through the flashcards much, but that's easy to do at work, while eating, etc. How about everybody else?
    Learning is accomplished through REPETITION. The more you handle the material the more will stick. Looks like you are doing a fantastic job!!!!! Keep up the good work.
  9. by   SC2006
    I just do as many questions as i can find. Memorizing information does not help at all in nursing school.
  10. by   chococroissant
    Im not much into heavy duty studying... but here's a really neat trick I learned not so long ago which improve my grades whenever I do decide to use it:Immediately after class, even during those 5-min breaks, I go over notes or important points and clarify them. This really helps esp in memorizing.

    Sometimes when I feel particularly inspired, I go over them in my mind as I leave class. yup, I blank out with my friends, but trust me it makes a big big big difference!

    I know this works simply becauase most of the time, I get so relieved class is over that I brush away all the new info. Rethinking them, clarifying them helps to reinforce and lenghten their stay in mah brain!

    Try it!
  11. by   FairyPrincess06
    I know for anatomy I try to use my anatomy coloring book because it helps you understand the diagrams alot better especialy for lab. Sometimes we have to look at organs and be able to id the parts on the organs for pratical questions. By coloring the pictures in the coloring book I feel helps especially when you are studying locations of things that are in the body or even specific organs like for example the heart or brain.
  12. by   Mexarican
    Pay attention in class, no notes.

    study off exam review sheet, if no review I ASK the teacher what is going to be on the test and what to concentrate on. Most teachers, if not all, will give you this info if they don't hand out a review sheet.

    my policy is no homework unless it counts for a grade or if its math then a couple of practice problems. I think someone else does this as well as previoulsy posted.

    I have taken five classes each of the last three semesters and worked fulltime and i have to study efficiently for my learning style...i can't afford to waste precious time on learning activites IF IT DOESN'T really make a difference in my grade.