How are you paying for Nursing school?

  1. For my pre reqs I have been attending a community college and either used government loans and/or paid out of pocket, and my husbands work reimbursed us a total of $3000 for tuition. Now I am getting ready to transfer to a different school that costs $18000/year but since I have taken quite a few of classes I will probably pay about $13000. I am eligible for about $9000 in government loans so where else should I get school loans? I'm nervous because I've only ever used the loans that don't accrue interest and then are very low interest until paid off.
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  3. by   jvanwoman
    I guess a better title would be 'Where do you get your student loans at?'
  4. by   Shorty11
    I'v been paying with scholarships mainly...and federal student loans for the remainder. I have not taken any private loans, only federal. I recommend applying for some scholarships, if possible. Research the scholarships though (a lot of scams out there). My university's financial aid office was a huge help in suggesting both reputable nursing and general scholarships to apply for. Best of luck!
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  5. by   Nursing2102
    Federal loans (subsidized and unsubsidized) as well as private loans through Discover Student Loans: They had the lowest interest rates I could find for private student loans.
  6. by   Bubbly26
    I will be paying for nursing school out of pocket. I am really hesitant about taking out loans so I will be saving my pennies to pay for school.
  7. by   lauraline
    Quote from bubbly26
    I will be paying for nursing school out of pocket. I am really hesitant about taking out loans so I will be saving my pennies to pay for school.
    I am with Bubbly26. I am going to pay out of pocket. Loans and debt stress me out. So if I can avoid it, then I will.
  8. by   Trenata
    I am not sure if this is a state thing, but if you have an associates degree in Texas you can transfer to a four year university and qualify for up to $2000 in scholarship for transfecting.
  9. by   chwcbesteph
    Pell grant, then student loans. I figure I'm borrowing from my future, licensed self. I max out the subsidized student loans, because I'm not accruing any interest on them, and then I'm taking out and unsubsidized federal loan for living expenses.

    BUT- I have a great history of paying loans off, have NEVER defaulted on a loan, and I'm applying for the HRSA scholarship this year so I can knock it all off.
  10. by   x_factor
    Pell grant and federal student loans are what's getting me through school right now.
  11. by   Mandy0728
    I get the full pell grant and 2 other grants, as well as the government loans & Perkins loans. My school is about 8000 a year
  12. by   MommaTy
    Pell grants and scholarships. I literally applied for everyone of them.
  13. by   jvanwoman
    Thanks for all the responses! Unfortunately, I get great grades but I am not considered for most scholarships/grants because my husband makes pretty good money (of course not good enough to pay for my schooling out of pocket). I need to look into more scholarships but I don't even know where to get started there. Online, the school I am transferring too, community?
  14. by   NightNerd
    Yep, scholarships for me and working really hard to save money for whatever that doesn't cover. It definitely sucks that a lot of scholarships are based on need, but maybe your school has some that are not? I would definitely investigate that. There are also websites like Freeweb and such, but those are pretty competitive. =/ Is nursing a workforce shortage thing where you are, or do certain hospitals offer you money on the condition that you work for them after school? That might be something to look into as well. Good luck!