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  1. What is harder- nursing school or first year working?

    Well, I am just about done with my first year working on a progressive care unit at a busy hospital, and haven't found it very difficult at all. I think nursing school was harder family wise, because I was at school/clinicals all day and then at home...
  2. New grad - night shift difficulties

    I don't have any advice. I work night shift, but it is very easy for me. I love working nights and I was a morning bird before I started on nights 7 months ago. I am pretty sure that some people are just not made to work night shift. They really stru...
  3. Moving to Pensacola

    I will be right at a year working on a PCU unit at a level 1 trauma center. I hope to make a change in area, though. Thinking ED.
  4. Moving to Pensacola

    I am moving to Pensacola in January, as well. Too bad you haven't had any responses from any nurses in the area, yet, because I am curious about all of the same questions you have.
  5. Air Force NTP 2018

    Haven't heard anything, yet. Sitting and waiting and hoping..... Good luck everyone. Luckily, I have my job and have had multiple family vacations to keep my mind off of the waiting game so far but the anxiety is kicking in :)
  6. Looking for insight on military nursing!

    Actually your years as a nurse do count toward your rank. You should check out the government/military nurse board instead of the general nursing. There is lots of good info on that board.
  7. Air Force NTP 2018

    This week my recruiter mentioned that results COULD BE released at the end of this month. Hope so!
  8. Being called a baby nurse

    I am a new RN and call myself a baby nurse .
  9. IV questions

    The antibiotic will be running as a secondary at its own rate through the same pump. I recommend playing around with a pump and getting acquainted with the features. You will understand it better.
  10. I am a new nurse, as well. Graduated with honors in Dec. 2016, just like you. Honestly, I don't feel overwhelmed or stressed out about my job/duties, and I think it is because of the unit I work on and the orientation I had. I had 3 weeks of core edu...
  11. FY 2018 Air Force NTP

    Chief nurse interview was pretty low key. I was bummed he hardly asked me any questions. Mainly talked about being a nurse in the air force, opportunities, and about deployments. I have been working as a nurse since February and recommend applying fo...
  12. FY 2018 Air Force NTP

    I am also applying for the July selection boards. I am done with my application, MEPS and had my chief nurse interview last week. The only thing I have left is an eye consultation at the beginning of May. Apparently, getting LASIK pre military makes ...
  13. I work in Indiana and my unit has set schedules. I work Thursday, Friday and Saturday Nights.
  14. +deleted
  15. Average new grad pay?

    I am a new grad and getting $29 but I also work nights and weekend option.