Entrance Exam (hesi) TX

  1. Can anyone give me insight on this ? I got the study guide .. Supposedly we only have to take the reading and math.
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    I invite you to do a search as you will find tons of information on this topic. Good luck
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    I am currently studying for the HESI entrance exam now. I take my test on Jan. 9. I live in IL. I don't know anything certain, but I heard it's just the basics. In the study guide it does have general material in it. I just hope that I can get a grip on A&P.
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    Ok I just took the HESi and I was shocked on how little of Math was on it! It is alot of fractions, ratios and pretty basic math! There is alot of Grammer,Vocab,Reading,and Spelling. Cliff notes sells a book call the "Pre nursing entrance exam" which is pretty good. There is also an Arco book that has like 11 test for RN and other allied health fields which is good but almost too much info. I got both of the books at Barnes and Noble, but I would just sit there and look over them rather then buying them or go to the libary
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    I checked out the hesi study guide at the library at our school, but a lot of people have not been doing well on the reading so this year our school-Montgomery Community College in Conroe, TX, has decided to not use the math score in the grading. All you are required to do is pass with a 70%, but they divide the reading score by 25. So if you make a 100, you get 4 points towards applying which is a point system that is 12 points, 4 for completing 27-31 credit hours, 4 points for making a A in English 1301, Psychology 2301, and an A in A&P 1. The goal is to make 12 points. They have not been accepting any students below an 11.6. I heard from other people who have taken the test that the reading comprehension is hard and the way the test is administered is confusing. Apparently, there are windows that pop up on the screen with your reading passage and there are windows behind it and you have to move the windows around to see the whole passage. I was also told that you can not go back and read the passage. Once you have read the passage, you can not read it again which is pretty ridiculous because all the study guides tell you to read the passage and then read the questions and then go back and look for the answer but you can not do that with this test. If anyone has any pointers on this, please respond because I am taking the hesi entrance test next week.

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    I took the hesi at montgomery college last year and it wasnt that bad yes it was a little confusing with the reading but you can go back and read the passage just dont exist out of the box that has the reading paragraph. if that makes sense. just take your time and read the passage carefully. but dont over analayze it. I have heard you are doing well if you get an 85. but dont freak out. like I said it really isnt that hard kinda easy and im not good at any form of english.... goodluck. oh by the way I think the 11.6 is for the spring start at kingwood and cy fair. I think the points go down a little for the fall start due to more spaces available. but then again you never know things change sooooo much semester to semester!!! frustrating i know
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    I just took it last week. I'm at AustinCC, and they just had us do Reading Comprehension, Math, and Anat/Phys. Most of the questions were in Math and Reading - about 45 each. Math was so easy, if you have your calculator, your fine. Know your house hold measurements too, there were two or three questions on that. In the (long ago) past I have done great on all of my reading tests, but I got an 89, which, sure, is good, but I can't imagine what I got wrong! I was so sure of my answers! I guess it was trickier than I realized. The sciences though ~ there were only 25 questions, and they flew by. It was pretty generalized, not too detailed of questions. It was somewhat easy, mostly Anatomy questions. Math is what saved me though. If you can get a high A on the math, which isn't hard to do, that can really bring your grade up. Hope that helps! Good luck!!

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    Thanks, Asepoopoo! I'm planning on taking the HESI at the end of Jan and I was a little nervous about the A&P part of it. Did you use the study guide? If so, did you find that it helped any?

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    Sorry ~ I didn't. Two of my study buddies did though ~ they said it wasn't very helpful. I have no idea what the guide included, so I'm not much help there, but my friends didn't even bother to bring them to our study session. We just reviewed our Anatomy notes.

    Good Luck to You!!
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    I have taken the HESI 2x already and I made the exact same grade on the reading 78.9...I have an 11.1488. Does anyone have any sugesstions on what angle I should take on the reading?
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    I've got a question on the calculator for the Hesi exam. I understand that we can't bring our own calculator, but that one is provided with the Hesi software. This may sound stupid, but does it have a "a-b/c" key? Anyone remember? A friend of mine took it awhile back, and she said they weren't allowed to use scratch paper, just the calculator. It would make it alot easier if it had that key on it. Thanks.