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  1. rockermom

    Johnson & Johnson commercials

    Perhaps? Um... yeuh.
  2. rockermom

    Need scrub and shoe recommendations please!

    BTW - Grays pants come in tall, love em. The New Balance scrubs look really cute, but I haven't had a chance to try them on yet. My best best best advise that I give everyone I know (and they all agree) is Asics running shoes. Best shoe ever. Period. I dealt for years with plantar fasciitis and have tried every shoe under the moon, even spending up to $250 on fancy New Balances with inserts, but since switching over, I need to look no further. Just try them on and you will feel the difference. I'm sure they can be found in all white online - maybe Zappos.com? Good luck!
  3. rockermom

    Staying late - effect on pay

    Thanks you guys! I'm sure that's how it'll work for me as well - to account for lunch. Now to see how often I actually get a thirty minute lunch break!!
  4. rockermom

    Staying late - effect on pay

    Hi all! I know policy varies from hospital to hospital, but I'll soon be a GN working 7a-7p, and am curious to hear some versions of how the hours and pay work. Firstly, as a student, we had to get in early to get report (0645), this usually remains the case for RNs, yes? So, would these 15 minutes be paid in addition to the 12 hours of the shift? If so, is it at a night pay rate? Also, I hear repeatedly that nurses have a hard time getting out on time, so when staying after 1900, is it on a evening pay rate? In other words, is there a good chance that my 36 hour weeks aren't actually so?
  5. rockermom

    Austin - New Grad Pay

    Yeah - does anyone have info on the diffs?
  6. rockermom

    Austin - New Grad Pay

    Cool, thanks!
  7. rockermom

    Possible Pedi NP path - where to work?

  8. rockermom

    Austin - New Grad Pay

    Does anyone know what GN pay is currently at for the Austin hospitals? Last I heard, it was between $21 and $22. Does anyone know of any expected increases soon to come? Thanks!
  9. Hi guys, I realize that this is an older thread, but maybe someone can help me! I graduate in May, and am due in September. Double yay!! I plan to take the NCLEX asap and not work until a few after I deliver, say November. Although I will begin working well after graduation, I assume that I will still be considered a new grad (right?) - so, will I be able to receive the standard orientation that everyone else does? I just don't want to miss out on anything! I am so excited about everything I could wet my pants!! I have faith that it will all work out, but the planner in me needs to know what to expect! Thanks!
  10. rockermom

    07-08 HRSA Nursing Scholarship Notification

    Has anyone received their denial letters yet? Just curious...
  11. rockermom

    New Grad to Delay working

    Thanks guys! Just the info I needed!
  12. rockermom

    New Grad to Delay working

    Hey there, I am in Texas, and this may be state specific, so I came to the Texas forum... Can anyone tell me: I graduate in May and am considering putting off working until the end of the summer. Since I plan to take my NCLEX over the summer, when I start working, I won't be a GN, I will be an RN, yes? So, does this mean that I won't receive the same orientation period that I would if I were to start immediately? When a tenured RN changes positions, do they too, receive the full orientation or is this something only specific to new grads? Thanks for any help! Sarah
  13. rockermom

    Pregnant New Grad needs advice

    So, does this mean that if a new grad were to wait a few months to enter the workforce, that they would not receive the same orientation as a GN? Thanks!
  14. rockermom

    07-08 HRSA Nursing Scholarship Notification

    That is so strange - since the application deadline has passed, when viewing the page, I see no log on option. Can someone provide the link you use to to access the log in screen? I was told by one agent that they did not receive all my supplemental docs, to be told by another agent soon after that they have no way of knowing that because they can't look that far into my file???? I wouldn't expect more from a government agency.
  15. rockermom

    07-08 HRSA Nursing Scholarship Notification

    Hey Father Tod, I too was a first funding preference but didn't receive the email. Not sure whats going on with that, and haven't had time to call. Good luck though. All, How do I check my status? I see no link on the page anymore?? Thanks! Good luck everyone!
  16. rockermom

    Protonix - Why?

    Thanks guys! Admission was due to altered mental state - no cardiac problems. I'm guessing it's b/c of the corticosteroids used to treat Lupus induced inflammation. I read that steroids don't cause ulcers, but worsen them. I think this combined with the lessened activity and like Tele said, stress, calls for it's prophylactic use. Wow - you guys are great, thanks!!