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As I am almost done with my first year of my ADN nursing program, I decided to write this article with some thoughts about where I was a year ago. I know I am being overly dramatic here, but hey... Read More

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    Thank you so much for the real story! I will remember this...
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    Love this post! Thank you!
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    Quote from Elkay
    Thanks for the tips

    But in nursing school aren't there only 2-5 classes per quarter/semester? That isn't a lot...unless they are all very time consuming...but some of the classes you can actually take before entering nursing school right
    You're in for a surprise lol. You take pre-reqs before entering nursing school, but then you have your actual nursing classes. Yes, I "only" have 3-4 classes every semester. Nursing school however is VERY time consuming. There is a ton of information to learn in two short years to make you a competent nurse.
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    Just the post I needed to hear! Thanks!
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    Elkay, my nursing program this semester is 9 credit hours. I spend 70 hours a week on it. You tell me if it's the same as 3-3 credit hour classes? Not even close. I am in lecture, clinicals, simulation lab, lab, studying, working on skills in my spare time, and trying to watch videos to make it all make sense. It's just not the same thing!
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    so you cant have a job period? i work as a cashier 4 days a week
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    Quote from mee9mee9
    so you cant have a job period? i work as a cashier 4 days a week
    Lots of people in my class have jobs (maybe half?) and almost everyone is planning on finding some sort of hospital job soon. It's definitely do-able for most people. I put in about 40 hours a week (including classes, clinical, and studying) and haven't made anything less than an A. I could probably work part time, but my grades would come down.
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    Thank you so much for this post. I like hearing stories from people who have actually been through the experience. Although I am not in a nursing program yet, I will take your advice to not underestimate it.
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    This post is wonderful. I love your raw honesty and truthfulness. Thanks so much!!!
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    Well I go to a school that serves mainly nontraditional students and 95% of us have jobs/kids/husbands. Once you get a schedule figured out it is totally doable, you just have to stick with it and learn effective study habits.
  11. by   tenjuna
    I am a 42 year old single father of 2 teenagers living with me, trust me I know all about "non-traditional". My problem has been that I am going from being a computer nerd with 25 years of analytical thinking about nothing substantial to being a critical thinker where people's health outcomes are I have to spend a lot of time trying to put what's in the book into the perspective of a patient's issues. It's a long tedious process that requires almost all of my attention. I consider myself to be a pretty smart overachiever, but this stuff is just plain hard (for now, I feel like I am A LOT better at it than I was 6 months ago.) And if 12 hours a day of studying and thinking and note cards and Google and WebMD and everything else I do is not effective enough, then I don't know what would be.

    I would love to be able to incorporate a life, girlfriend, friends all that stuff into this, but I know if I take my eyes off the prize I am doomed. I absolutely understand that a lot of people can do it, and I probably could too if I really wanted to, but why take the chance?

    Just my 2/100 of a dollar. Your mileage may vary.
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    Quote from CT Pixie
    Yup, 2 classes for me, yet they are 2 six credit classes. Meaning, its like taking 4 three credit classes. It isn't like taking JUST 2 classes. Its the lecture time, studying, testing etc of 4 classes slammed into one.

    It sure sounds easy to those who think they are only one or two classses ..what's the big deal. Until you are actually buried in those "only" one or two classes you have no idea of the amount of reading, studying etc you will be doing.

    And, my program requires an 80 average in order to be considered passing. Get a 79.9, guess FAILED and do not get to move onto the next class.
    So do you actually get kicked out of the nursing program all together if you get lower than 80% on any tests? =O
  13. by   tenjuna
    Probably means 80% or higher for the final grade, that's how it is for me anyway.