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I've been crying all night. I just started this Spring, after many years of being out of school, at a local CC to apply for their nursing program for this Fall. I had attended several years... Read More

  1. by   Tweety
    I'm so sorry. Best wishes.
  2. by   DesertRain
    Quote from SiamCat1
    So sorry you are having this trouble. The one thing I learned (the hard way) was to never listen to my advisor or at the very least triple check what they said with multiple other sources. Why these people get paid for a job they don't do very well, I don't know. Too many times I've been told inacurate information, or none at all. Information that would have been helpful. Hope you are able to iron out the problem, and lesson learned. Don't rely on what they have to say. Good Luck.
    Amen on the triple checking, I am so thorough with my research that I am dubbed a research-a-holic ---well anything Pre-RN anyway.

    OP: I am so sorry to hear about this though. I really hope it all works out.
  3. by   Batman24
    The only thing my schools look at is that I have high school chem and bio with a C or better to avoid having to take them again. As I have been out of school for 8+ years they are only looking at my NLN scores at one school which I feel hurts me. If I am equal to a student presently in school or currently taking classes at their school, I bet they get the spot over me.

    I am lucky to have an alternate plan at another school. I am doing ADN RN program and then will go on for a further degree. Is that an option for you.
  4. by   WDWpixieRN
    I don't know specifically how long it has been since you've been out of HS, but that is probably the most absurd thing I have ever heard of!! Regardless of whether you finished the degree or not, the fact that you've completed X-number of hours should count for more than HS credits....sometimes I wonder if we've got rocks in our head in this country.....

    I especially love the financial aid situation where you can go fight a war @ 18; be held legally liable for just about anything @ 21; but don't qualify as independent when applying for student loans until you're like 30 (that's an exaggeration, of course, but not much). But that's a subject for another thread <sigh>....

    Good luck....
  5. by   justme1972
    Again, I appreciate all of the words of encouragement.

    I totally agree with double checking, but with the particular school, they have one person that I'll call "Jane Doe" that is in charge of ALL of the advising for the nursing program. Anytime you have the most basic of questions, they say, "Oh, I can't help you, you'll need to talk to Jane Doe." Well, if "Jane Doe" is giving out the wrong information, then alot of people end up getting it.

    The only requirements that they have in writing and in the catalog is that you have to have a 2.0 to apply (don't they all?), have Biology, Chemistry, and Algebra with a C or better (all high school level). They don't have any true, pre-requisites, but there is a list of courses that you get extra points for completing them in advance.

    The only compensation that I have is that I have my situation on appeal. All of my hours are college-prep courses, no "basketweaving" or silly stuff like that where A's are easy. I will hopefully hear something on Monday, as the decision for the Fall Class will be made very soon.

    They went through the entire alternate list last year (people that had GPA's that fell, couldn't finish Chemistry, no money, didn't respond, etc). So there is a very, very small chance. There is no way to know what my chances are.

    It's been right at 20 years exactly since I graduated from High School.

    Especially with the situation with the alternate list, if I could get them to use my overall GPA, I think I have an excellent shot of landing a seat.

    I'll post the decision when I get it. Please, please, please pray for me because you know how it is when you are an older feel like the clock is ticking whenever there is a possible setback.
  6. by   aviator411

    At least you can take your history course and eliminate this annoying situation.

    Welcome to the reality that there few, if any, meaningful standards in nursing education or nursing education advisement. If you do a little research such as discussing the subject with the appropriate party at your state's board of nursing you'll find out that, while the board has to approve nursing curiccula, very few of these boards get involved in evaluation or enforcement of nursing education practices and standards; most of this activity is subordinated to "professional" nursing education organizations who are not accountable to the board or to the public.

    I experienced numerous instances in which the advisor at our local community college was far more knowledgable about nursing school policies within other nearby universities than the university advisors and faculties themselves. I received advice from the universities a number of times which proved to be untrue when I followed the advice of the community college advisor. The university advisers were often not competent to advise me on what courses I could enroll in without being a student of their nursing program, etc..

    And there are numerous convincing-looking posts on the forums here by students who appear to have been treated very unjustly. It still appears that anything resembling justice for students remains but a dream. Someday an enterprizing attorney who has more time than clients will establish an affordable system to represent victims of such injustice. Until that happens, we're on our own in most cases.
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  7. by   WDWpixieRN
    Quote from Hopefull2009
    I'll post the decision when I get it. Please, please, please pray for me because you know how it is when you are an older feel like the clock is ticking whenever there is a possible setback.
    Looking forward to hearing how it goes....please do let us for the clock ticking, wow can I understand that feeling!! Sometimes I feel like I am in a race and I worry that I'll finish it in time to do all the things I am hoping to do before my time's up!! Best wishes...
  8. by   justme1972

    I didn't hear back from the Director of the Program today, but one of my computer professors that I have a good rapport with told me that I needed to see the Dean of the Health Care Sciences at my school.

    I went to see the Dean of Health Care and explained the situation (I also told him that I was originally instructed to go to the Program Director that was at another school) and he was like, "That doesn't make sense to me either," and sent me back to talk to the original advisor "Jane Doe". Well, Jane Doe didn't remember talking to me at all, and told me that she could not make an exception on my GPA, but told me that my high TEAS would probably offset a low high school GPA, b/c I had one of the higher scores that they had on the test.

    I didn't want to get on the wrong foot with "Jane" since she is also one of the instructors in the Nursing Program, so I went into her office, I was very humble, and said, "I wasn't trying to go over anyone's head," and told her how I ended up contacting the chain of people that I did...she seemed to be very understanding.

    The Dean of Health Sciences told me to come back by his office when I finished with "Jane", and when I told him she said she couldn't make an exception, he told me to have a seat, he got up and shut the door and took out a piece of paper and started making notes, which actually suprised me.

    We left it with, "Let me see what we can work out," and we just left it at that.

    I'm crossing my fingers that the exception is made. We'll see!
  9. by   aviator411

    That sounds very encouraging! Hope it works for you. I applaud you for being persistant + diplomatic. There is WAY TO MUCH VOODOO in admissions procedures!

    Best of luck; we'll all look forward to hearing the outcome!
  10. by   GottaGetIn
    I am rooting for you!!!!! PLEASE keep us updated! In the land of underdogs, I hope you WIN this one!

    And I think you will!
  11. by   chococroissant
    How horrible! you are definately on the right here. you were not at all informed and your AA is more recent and dare I say more reliable!

    Good luck on that appeal! Rooting for you!
  12. by   morte
    hadnt thought of it till now, i think this experience behooves all students to make records of all interactions with adv. or least time and date and signed by said person......I HATE LIARS, could you tell? lol
  13. by   CilliansMommy06
    I am sorry to hear this. I almost came into the same problem. I needed one credit for HS which was a basic English because I didn't do so well in my 10th grade english class. So my recruiter told me to take an online course and have it completed by feb 1 in order for them to try to accept me. Well I did it (paid 1600 for it too!) then when I was done I emailed her my grade which was a 94 and told her I was waiting for the transcript but if she wanted to get started on the next step (TEAS test) that we could do it. Well she emailed me back and said the deadline was feb 1 (but yet she told me I would be okay as long as I took the english course online and past it even though I wouldn't have my grade or TEAS done in time) so I cried for awhile and got upset then I emailed her back telling her I was confused she told me it would be okay and now after paying 1600; which I could have done cheaper this summer but then wouldn't get in until next year, that I wasn't able to attend this year! So she said she talked to the dean (or whoever the upstairs man is) and worked it through for me. Who knows see what you can do!