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I'll be taking A&P 2 (10-week course) from June 1 thru the beginning of August. I'll be glad to have it done before I start the nursing courses in the fall.... Anyone else?... Read More

  1. by   brwnngj
    Quote from nurseinmaking
    Hi there, just wondering where you are taking these courses....I would love to do A&PII in 4 weeks.
    I believe my school is offering it as A& B terms A term is A&OI and B Term is A&PII how they do it is it is Monday through Friday for 4 weeks rather than Mon and Wed or Tues And Thurs, So basically I would be taking it for just as many class periods just over a shorter period of time. I took 2 Chemistry classes this way last summer and it was a lot of work but it was nice when the quarter was over and I had an extra class out of the way.
  2. by   Fun2, RN, BSN
    Quote from nurseinmaking
    Hi there, just wondering where you are taking these courses....I would love to do A&PII in 4 weeks.

    I attend a Dallas County Community College, and they offer A&P II during the Summer II semester.

    I believe it is Monday through Thursday, with longer class times than a full-semester.
  3. by   nurse2be2007
    Count me in! I am registered for A&PII plus I am taking two other classes. Our Summer 1 class is 12 weeks starting May 23rd till August 15th. Its very doable. I am taking the same professor for A&P 2 that I have right now for A&P 1, he is awesome! I am looking forward to this summer!
  4. by   luvmypatients
    I start A&P II May 2nd. We go until the end of August. My last day of A&P I is tomorrow. I week off then hit the books again!!!!!!!!

    Good Luck to all!!!
    Study, Study, Study
  5. by   galaxy781
    Hi all!

    I am taking AP2 and MicroBio right now!! I am taking ap3 this summer! I have been accepted to a masters nursing program and they are going to let me start may 16th (one month!!!) The bad thing is...they are going to let me start before ive finishsed my ap series and micro so ill be going to my accelerated masters program from 8a-4p m-th and then on to my other school to finish up my prereq from 430-10! OMG i dont know if ill be able to do it, thankfully i dont have to work bc i have the most wonderful boyfriend who is willing to support me while i pursue my dream! Luckily I start my MN program May 16th and my ap2 and micro class will be over june 10th so for about 3 weeks or so it will be pretty hard. After that i will only need to finish my ap3 so one class with my others shouldnt be too hard...sigh...

    oh and i have some websites for all the AP students, I got an A in my AP1 class from studying this webiste its sooo great!
    it takes you through all the subjects with interactive quizzes and labeling excersizes, it also has flascards and crosswords ! go under the "essential study partner" for slides and unit quizzes and tests, also do the "mixed quiz" and the "feedback" quiz they are soooo helpful!!!!!!!
  6. by   sunnyjohn
    I took A&P I and II over one summer at Northlake collge in Dallas. The teacher was great and I was so gladd to get the 8 credits in less than 3 months! It made life so much easier for me.

    My teacher was also very good. She told you what you needed and there were no suprises....

    thanks for the link galaxy!!
  7. by   americaneagle07
    I want to take APII this summer...

    I'm a junior, and when I went to go sign up for it (at the exact time my registration opened), it was already filled! I'm hoping that people will drop it once grades come out and they realized they passed the class...
  8. by   fry.girl
    Hi Everyone!

    I did A & P I last I will have to brush up on my basics for this summer. I have taken a LOA from my nursing program for the summer, so I should be able to focus enough to pull down a good grade in A & P II.

    By the way, I am attending Valencia Community College in Orlando FL for A & P (and my other gen eds) and I am an Online ASN Student at Deaconess College of Nursing in St Louis.

    Looking foward to sharing experiences...