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  1. brwnngj

    Southern State RN program

    We are Neighbors :) I am in Seaman
  2. brwnngj

    Repro cancer?

    I will totally agree with this as it was one of the leading factors up to me having to have a hysterectomy at 26. There were a lot of other reproductive problems I was faced with as well but it seems that HPV is often very misunderstood.
  3. brwnngj

    Hard to focus when worried about $$

    I more or less wrote your post a few weeks ago. For me the only option was to take off school for a year. It was a really hard decision but I know in my heart for us it was the right one. my dh is a Truck driver and there is a possibility he will be going over the road soon. We have family support or anything. Anyway I am lucky I have 2 kids in school so depending on the hours of a job I would get I will hopefully need minimal child care for my daughter and even less or none for my boys. I am taking a 2 week class to get my CNA License and will hopefully be able to get a job working at the VA home and I am sure things will start looking up for us. Then I am set to begin the RN program in the Fall of 2006 Good Luck and if you need to talk feel free to pm me :)
  4. brwnngj

    AAAHHHHH!!!!! How does anyone pass A&P I ???

    I think the only reason I passed it (With a C) was because I took it online and my dh helped me through. He quized me a lot. I am scared to death to take 2 and sadly I missed the grandfather claus so I also have to take 3 :angryfire
  5. brwnngj

    Selling New unused text books

    where is the best place to try and sell unused text books? I have all my Nursing books and will not be using them this year. I would like to get at least a good part of my money back but the book store tells me it doesn't matter that they are new they will still only give me used book pricing for them. Is there somewhere I can sell them for at least a decent amount of what I bought them for? I just don't wat to sell them to the book store for used pricing when they will put them back on the shelf for the prices I originally paid. Not to mention I still owe my credit card company for a big part of the cost.
  6. brwnngj

    Can we use calulators?

    My school supplies the calculators, they do not allow any electronical devices in the class rooms.
  7. brwnngj

    Probably won't be attending this year afterall :(

    Well the first thing I am goign to do before making any decision is to talk to my dean to find out if it would even be possible to delay going in for a year. Believe me I want nothing more to enter into the program and graduate in 2 years. As my husband puts it the day I found out I was accepted into the program you would have thought I won the lottery. I have wanted this for so long and to have it right there in my grasp and not be sure I can do it is truly killing me. My dh is a Truck driver and thankfully right now he is local but we can't survive when we have $700 a month going right back into the tank for him to get to and from work. If he goes OTR I will truly have no support, not to mention back up for daycare. Some of my clinicals are 2 hours away. I get a partial pell grant but it doesn't cover everything, and my loan is a joke but that is another story. I more so worry about the outside influences affecting my grades. I struggled through the prerequisites and still have a few non nursing classes left to take and I am worried that with the stress of our finances, and the potential of not having daycare and other stresses I will end up setting myself up for failure. I have worked to damn hard to fail so honestly I don't even know what the right thing to do is. I am just hoping my Dean has some words of wisdom for me. Thanks for all of the input it is much appreciated :)
  8. Things are really stressful here and with the rising gas prices and the possibility of my dh having to take a job OTR for us to make ends meet it is looking we would be better if I got a job and we were able to save some money so that I don't have to worry about not being able to pay for school, we also think that it would help to alleviate the stresses that could potentially harm me while going through. I have a couple of places I am going to talk to the first part of next week and hopefully some place will have an opening. I am considering a couple hospitals, a couple LTC facilities, and a Veterans home. I am heartbroken to be making this decision, however I have to think about my families needs at this time. Thanks
  9. Would a Tens Machine be helpful in managing pain from this. My friend has Men2a (Dxed Last September) She has undergone a adrenalectomy, and thyroidectomy with parathyroid implantation (They implanted part of her parathyroid into her arm) She is having sever pain in her neck ever since the last surgerywhich was the middle of June. They have tried several narcotics and a few anti depressants to alleviate the pain to no avail. Someone recently suggested a tens machine. I am doing some research but honestly do not know anything about them. Any thoughts? Does this seem like logical option? If you don't think so what might you recommend? Thanks
  10. brwnngj

    How Old Are You?

    Today I am 28, in 9 days I will be 29, and I should Graduate (Knocking on wood, books, and anything else I can knock on) when I am still 30 :)
  11. brwnngj

    RN is he making a pass at me what will this do to my job

    I have a story to tell and you can take it for what it is . When I was 19 I joined the Army and was sent to Germany for my first duty station. While I was there I was deployed to Hungary/Bosnia. My first day at camp I met this guy. He was cute and I kind of went a little gaga over him. Anyway we ended up hooking up. He was about 2-3 years older than me. Anyway I knew he had a daughter but he told me he was divorced. I fell head over heels in love with him. When we were sent home I found out that he seriously lied to me. He was not divorced and his wife was very high up in the Family support group and did so many things for our company. I was destroyed, but what was worse is my head told me one thing but my heart told me something totally different and I was young and dumb and naive when he told me that things were not good between the two of them and he wanted to get a divorce but it was not that simple because of where we were stationed. Anyway I listened to my heart and I listened to his lies and continued to see him and really didn't think much about it because he was getting divorced after all. All of our frends knew we were seeing each other. I had a heart to heart with one of our friends who told me to end it before it destroyed not only my heart but my job (And at the time what I thought would be my career) I took a 30 day leave and came back to the states so that I could clear my head as well as my heart. It was during my leave that I met my true love the man I have now been married to for 7.5 years. The married guy I was seeing is still married to the same woman they now have 3 children and he has cheated on her 2 more times since me. I don't know if she ever knew about the relationship between her husband and me, but I can say that it has been 0ver 8 years since I have seen or spoken to him and the guilt is still heavy on my heart. All I can say is thank God I had people who cared enough about me to help me see that it was nothing but a big game with him and all the while he was having the best of both worlds. My friend who told me to end it is the one who paid for my plane ticket home and he could not have given me a greater gift. Listen to your head And one more thing to think about is if he is willing to cheat on his wife (I am another that doesn't buy the roomate theory) with you what would he do to you? Good luck
  12. brwnngj

    Nursing Drug Reference Recommendations

    I have 2 Taber's Cyclopedic Medical dictionarys I got one for home and one to carry in my backpack Drug book I am not sure if it is a good one, but I have the 2005 PDR Nurse's Drug Handbook, I won it as a door prize at orientation
  13. brwnngj

    What are the item(s) you need most for nursing school?

    I am the same way and I know that friends through this is a necessity. I am hoping to be able to reunite with some of the gals I took prereqs with.
  14. I am not from Portsmouth but have considered Shawnee State for my BSN. I live in Seaman and am currently attending Southern State Community College for my ADN
  15. brwnngj

    Southern State RN program

    Any one out there in the RN Program at SSCC? If so are you 1st year or 2nd? I would love to find some people I am going to school with :)