Anyone applying to ASN program at Santa Fe CC in Gainesville, FL?

  1. I just applied for the first time to the RN program at SFCC in Gainesville, FL. They are on a points system and its very competitive like all the other programs out there. Anyway, just wanted to see if there was anyone else out there that applied or is going to apply there. Maybe we could chat while we wait out decisions arriving in the mail.

    I submitted my application Friday, deadline is May 31st. I won't find out until the first week of July. Its not uncommon to not get in the first time around. I had also applied to UF's accelerated BSN program and got rejected. Not looking forward to another rejection, but I wouldn't be surprised at all if that happens here too. Just anxious and this wait is going to be terrible.

    Its supposed to be a great program and I really hope that I get the opportunity to be a part of it.

    Anyway, good luck to anyone who is applying!

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  3. by   Butterfly3001
    Hi Guys,
    I got in the Nursing program this year!! I'm excited, nervous, and sick to my stomach.LOL I was wondering what you could tell me about for the first year. I heard something about taping. What is that exactly? What should I brush up on when I go in? Thanks for you help.
  4. by   Bicster
    Good luck Monty. I went to undergrad at UF. Gainesville is an amazing town.
  5. by   chuckz
    Did part of my undergrad at UF too. I miss Gainesville and might try and apply to their CRNA program. Good Luck.
  6. by   bunnyhole
    I was planning to apply to UF for the ABSN too, but I'm still in the process of completing the prereqs. I'm not too confident in my grades, so I just wanted some sort of comparison since UF doesn't post any of their admissions stats on the website, I don't know how competitive it is. If you don't mind PMing me how your prereq GPA or major was or something like that.. thanks
  7. by   JSFCC
    Hi, I got into the ASN program at SFCC in Gainesville starting August 2008. If any of you are starting as well, let me know. We can share info about where to get cheaper books and all. J
  8. by   mrosev14
    I am starting in the ASN program at SFC(no other C anymore) in August 2008. Does anyone know anything about the program? How is everyone getting prepared to start?
  9. by   Butterfly3001
    Hiya classmate!!!
    Im overly excited and scared at the same time. I haven't really started preparing yet. My cousin is now a second year and she gave me the low down for the first semester. She basically said its the easiest but to be prepared for the second semester. Im excited there are others on here. Congrats to all of us I hear its hard but oh so worth it. Good luck.
  10. by   JSFCC
    I already looked at the book list for nur1020c which i believe is the first class of the nursing program. lots of books like medical terminology and medical dictionary that i wonder if we will really need. i just took med. terminology as a class and didn't even need the book. i'm going to try to order my books online but the nursing book that is required isn't even available anywhere yet. any thoughts?
  11. by   mrosev14
    Well they said to wait until a week before classes because that is when they are posting the syllabus as well as the book requirements. I probably wont buy any books until then. Textbooks are just too expensive to buy if I don't need them.

    Butterfly- Did you cousin tell you what we cover in the first semester?
  12. by   mrosev14
    Also, what is the deal with our scrubs? Does anyone know how many we need and where to get them? Do we have to wear a particular pair of shoes?
  13. by   JSFCC
    They really aren't making any information available. I guess everything will be in the syllabus they say we get one week before classes begin. Have ya'll done fingerprints and background checks and started immunizations yet?
  14. by   mrosev14
    I've done everything that I can thus far. I did both background checks, the online one and my fingerprinting, and I have most my immunizations. I am getting the few I still need when I go home next week. Have you?