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  1. Bicster

    Union University FNP degree

    This isn't going to be a very helpful post, but I would consider staying away from Union Univ. and accelerated programs in general.
  2. Bicster

    Just took the NCLEX RN--Wondering if the Pearson Vue trick works!

    It works. I graduated #1 in my class, studied well, got 75q on the NCLEX, and I was still incredulous and skeptical when I got the "good" pop up. It works. 100% of the time. Something happens in our brains post NCLEX that makes up doubt reassuring signs.
  3. Bicster

    TN Healthcare coverage advice please?

    You may want to check out Golden Rule through United Healthcare. If you choose a large deductible you should get a relatively low monthly payment.
  4. Bicster

    ANOTHER PVT thread.....

    Thank you for your nice response Ashley. I suppose I just have trust issues!
  5. Bicster

    ANOTHER PVT thread.....

    Ok, I've drudged through hundreds of pages and thousands of replies, and am still left wondering: Is there a documented case of getting the "good pop up" and failing the NCLEX? Im only referring to the "good" pop up. Not if you checked before delivery successful, or if you live in CA. I understand if this thread gets deleted or merged.
  6. Neither of those statements are correct.
  7. Bicster

    Southwest Tn Community College-Registration

    Sorry, I just now saw your reply. Its great to be 1/4 of the way done, but this long summer is ridiculous. They could fit an entire semester during these 4 months. I feel stagnant.
  8. Bicster

    Southwest Tn Community College

    how easy/hard the test is really depends on 2 things: how bright you are and how prepared you are. i consider myself pretty bright, and i was prepared, i only missed like 4 questions. for some, the test is impossible, for the majority, its hard but doable. if you dont already have the tan nln review book get it. you dont have much time, so start absorbing everything in there. as far as the english part, either you know the words or you dont. review some roots, stems, etc. math: review decimals, percents, geometry, algebra, division and mult. with decimals, stuff like that science: review A&P, bio, micro, and physics. if i can be of any further help, let me know.
  9. Bicster

    Southwest Tn Community College-Registration

    did you ever get this figured out?
  10. Bicster

    HESI question: Please Read all the way.

    We dont need people who cannot pass a test 4 times, suing to become nurses.
  11. Bicster

    401k Plan and Pension Plan

    instead of spouting ignorant rhetoric, your time would be better spent learning what your politicians intend to do regarding: raising taxes, healthcare reform, capital gains, welfare, bailouts, the future of 401ks, etc, etc, etc. "corporate types" generally advocate keeping money in the hands of the person who earned it. obama types generally advocate the spreading of wealth. retirement is not based upon your 3 points. if you want to retire, and do so comfortably, you need to invest your money wisely and agressively (growth stock mutual funds, real estate, and ira). sure, my portfolio is down now, but this is the best time to invest. when the market recovers, ill be worth 200% more than before the recession.
  12. Bicster

    ~!~ ...SERIOUSLY ...~!~

    you should and need to know as much as possible.
  13. Bicster

    Can't decide between Accl. BSN and D.E. NP program

    d.e. np programs make me nervous, id go for the bsn
  14. Bicster

    Southwest Tn Community College

    yeah they are really bad about posting the dates. just make sure you are at the cashiers office 7am the day they are posted, there arent many seats. as far as your chances, certainly its hard to say. get that GPA up if you can, and you have to DESTROY the NLN. You can do it. if i can be of any more help, let me know.
  15. Bicster

    Southwest Tn Community College

    well, definitely be a little scared. the average score on exams were high 70's. i ended up in the 90's