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  1. mrosev14

    Pearsonvue "Trick". Is this TRUE? Does it Work Every Time?

    I submitted my test 2 hours ago after sitting for 45 minutes and getting 75 questions...based on the PVT I got the good pop up. Holy sh*t. I hope this is right.
  2. mrosev14

    Graduation Gift

    Definitely a bit less then what everyone is suggesting. I want to give it to them on graduation day while I am still on a student budget...the other ideas are great, but more likely something to happen once I'm on an RN budget.
  3. mrosev14


    I wear Danskos.
  4. We do have a group that's primary job in the ED is to treat peds. ED and PICU are two completely different places. I don't think there is any comparison. If you like babies, I think Mother's and Babies would be best. The PICU is also really small? Are you planning on trying to get a job at Shands when you are done?
  5. Most likely PICU. I volunteered with the Pediatric Congenital Heart Center last year, so I did rounds in the PICU. I will work at Shands, in the PICU after graduation. My mom wants me to just go to the Peds Ward following graduation so I get some organizational skills when it comes to juggling patients, but both myself and the physicians I rounded with think I will do wonderful just going into the PICU. It is intense and taxing, but I love it. However, you talked about Mother and Baby...I hate Mother and Baby and LD. I want nothing to do with that, so it is yours for the taking, lol.
  6. I try to be as prepared as possible. I am a bit anal when it comes to, well just about everything. Organization and preparation is the key to a happy and successful life, well at least in my eyes. The book I am reading is good. I have quite a bit left, but I also have quite a bit of time to finish it up. Hopefully I will be done by next weekend.
  7. mrosev14

    Investing In A Good Stethoscope

    I just ordered the Littman Classic II (breast cancer edition). I was going back and forth between the cardiology III and the classic II. My mom, a 29 year veteran of nursing has the cardiology III, but we decided that for the price the class II will do. It was less than half the price and had outstanding reviews. If I feel like I am missing out with the classic II, I will buy the cardio III, but something tells me it will be just fine.
  8. Butterfly: I already did that whole package. It was very interesting, and I learned a lot. Currently I am reading: Fluids and Electrolytes made Incredibly Easy.
  9. I am so excited to start! Not really nervous, just excited. The scrubs can be any brand, any style, just have to be royal blue. I am slowly accumulating the things I need, a watch, scrubs, a stethoscope, school supplies, etc. I guess not that slowly, but I am accumulating, lol. I am also ready a book that is great, and getting me back into school mode.
  10. mrosev14

    Nervous about A&P Final

    Congrats on your A.
  11. mrosev14

    First Semester

    Great, thanks. I am so excited.
  12. Hm...sew your patch on? I am going to have to ask my mom do it for me. I am hoping it is actually an iron on. Anyways, you will all come to find out that I am not the most domestic of people. The best thing I can do in the kitchen is order take out, I don't separate my laundry (just through it all in together), and I pay someone to clean my house. So...sewing...isn't really my forte, lol.
  13. mrosev14

    at what age did you start studying nursing?

    I am starting nursing school at 22, and will finish at 24.
  14. mrosev14

    Sex and Nursing School

    That is a terrible statistic to post for two reasons, A.) statistics are so unreliable, and B.) you don't have any link verifying it. That is the same as me saying: I read in the paper somewhere that the world is flat.
  15. Well I don't have the luxury of not working, so I am just taking out private loans.
  16. I am not working. I am under the impression that we will have class everyday, I guess if we don't it will be a great way to utilize the nursing sim room and to study. I decided not working would be the best way for me to succeed.

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