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  1. mrosev14

    Pearsonvue "Trick". Is this TRUE? Does it Work Every Time??

    I submitted my test 2 hours ago after sitting for 45 minutes and getting 75 questions...based on the PVT I got the good pop up. Holy sh*t. I hope this is right.
  2. mrosev14

    Graduation Gift

    Definitely a bit less then what everyone is suggesting. I want to give it to them on graduation day while I am still on a student budget...the other ideas are great, but more likely something to happen once I'm on an RN budget.
  3. mrosev14

    Graduation Gift

    Ok, I have been asking everyone I know then I realized you guys would probably be more helpful then anyone I know. Anyways, I graduate in 37 days (!) from nursing school but I wanted to give both my fiance and my parents a present. I know that is a little backwards; however, I graduated high school in 2004 and my parents have supported me both emotionally and monetarily and I really don't think I could have done it without them. Then of course, my fiance--they tell you not to have a relationship while in nursing school because you will end up broken up (there were definitely times when it was wicked tough) but needless to say, I started nursing school with us together and not only did we survive nursing school but we survived his Dad passing away while I was in nursing school. If we can survive those two things, we've got it--we're good. Any help would be fantastic! Like I said, I want to get my parents a gift (can be one for each of them or one for them together) and my fiance a gift. TIA!!!
  4. mrosev14

    Family Practice NP

    Hello everyone. I am looking for graduate programs so I can go into acute peds as a NP, but the only program I have found is an on campus program at Vandy for $60,000. It is strictly Pediatric Nurse Practitioner- Acute Care. If I go the Family NP route will I be able to get a job doing peds acute care? Please let me know if any of you know, because this is frustrating. :)
  5. mrosev14

    id badge necklace

    I made mine at a bead store for like $8. I get a ton of compliments on it.
  6. mrosev14

    What do you take to clinicals??

    I am in the same place as Meg. I have very full pockets! I wear an ID badge around my neck and behind my hospital ID card, I bring my drivers license, debit/credit card, a little cash, and my health insurance card. I then of course stuff my pockets with my PDA, stethoscope, bandage scissors, and pen light.
  7. mrosev14


    I wear Danskos.
  8. mrosev14

    Debinding books?

    I did mine on Tuesday. As soon as I finished reading this thread I went to my bookstore, bought my foundations book, then went to kinkos and had both that one and my medterm book debound. It is perfect! My medterm tests are with random chapters, like 1, 2 and 5, then 14, 7, and 4. So I pulled the first three I needed out and stuck them into my binder. I love not having to carry so much crap with me.
  9. mrosev14

    Class of 2010 (starting nursing school in Fall 2008)

    Wow, tests right away! I am so nervous. I have my orientation next Tuesday (19th) and then classes begin the following Monday (25th), I am so excited. I want to start reading, I want to start procedures, but what if it is too hard?!? Ack, good luck to everyone.
  10. mrosev14

    What an exciting commute to work!

    Way to go!!! That is awesome, I guess this school stuff really does work, lol.
  11. mrosev14

    Debinding books?

    What a fabulous idea! I am waiting for my fundamentals of nursing book to come in and I think I am going to take a few books down to kinkos and have this done. The books are so freaking big and I just can't carry them all; however, I like to have my material with me to reference it. Woo-hoo, thanks.
  12. mrosev14

    Best student selection process?

    My school does it strictly based on a point system. I think it sucks. Here is the basic break down. *Critical thinking test: 5/10/15 *GPA for 5 out 6 pre req (they take highest 5): 5/10/15/20/25/30 *Having your final pre req finished prior to applying: 5 *Previous Application into program: 10 *There are six classes worth 2 points a piece just for completing *Then your A&P II, Nutrition, and Dev Psych are work points based on your grade: 5/A, 4/B+, 3/B, 2/C+, 1/C *Then work experience: 5/10/15 (In this group you can also supplement volunteer hours, NSA membership or an intro to health science class. Each are worth 5 points but in this group you max out at 15) With that being said the 144 applicants with the highest points get admitted. I think the process they use is terrible. I think if they want to do the non-subjective application, fine, but they need to change some things around. I think the critical thinking test should be weighted just as highly as the GPA, I mean, what good is a 4.0 if you can't think critically? I mean it is great to have a really book smart nurse, but if she can't think critically, that scares me. I also think the extra 10 points for a previous application is stupid, have they gotten any smarter in the year off? Probably not, if they needed extra points then they should have taken that time to improve the other areas, taking classes they haven't, working to fill out the 15 points, etc.
  13. mrosev14

    I get to buy my books tomorrow!!

    That is exciting. I bought mine last Monday, it was very exciting. I should have brought a wheel barrel they were ridiculous. OH and they cost me a freaking fortune! $600
  14. mrosev14


    What site are you using?
  15. mrosev14

    cadavuers in ns school????

    In my A&P classes we did, fetal pig, sheep brain, cow eye, cow heart, pig lungs...I think that is it. We have a cadaver available for viewing and their is an instructor that works on it and we can watch her dissect it. As far as cats go, we didn't have to thus far, and if we do, I wont. It is just something I will opt out of.