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  1. Is there a certain shade of royal blue I should be looking for, or does royal blue take care of it?
  2. Pardon me, I don't have Hutton. She will be my instructor this fall.
  3. So, royal blue scrubs with a nursing patch? Can any of you ladies sew it on for me?
  4. By uniforms do you mean scrubs? Or do we need actual SFC uniforms?
  5. Hey Butterfly, can you find out what we will need as far as uniforms and scrubs? I Know things won't be identical to last year, but they should be close. I'm just trying to budget for what I will need to buy. Any help is appreciated.
  6. JSFCC

    Pre-RN student with some questions

    Is there a big pay difference between ASN and BSN?
  7. What's worse, first semester nursing school or first year as a nurse? I start nursing school in a month....
  8. What about you? Have you been in college since high school or did you take some time off in between?
  9. I've done quite a few different things. Never really found anything I liked all that much. Two of my step brothers went to nursing school and enjoyed it, so I took a few prereqs and really enjoyed them. Now here I am planning to devote two more years to school.
  10. JSFCC

    Starting SFCC Gainesville Fall 08

    I've always heard that Santa Fe has a high rate passing the NCLEX. NOt sure if it's still 99% but I think it's close.
  11. I live by UF. So it's sort of a commute. Especially since we'll be starting at 9, i'll hit the worst traffic. What about you, are you in Gainesville or out of town?
  12. The book prices are all over the place. One site will have one book cheap and the others not so cheap. I'll have to check half.com.
  13. JSFCC

    cheating at nursing school

    shouldn't cheat
  14. JSFCC

    Hispanic Pain Mgt--> HELP

    good post
  15. yeah, it was my first time applying, what about you? i saw there are about 10 textbooks on the list, just some of them don't seem quite as important as others. Do you know what the cutoff for points was this year to get in?

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