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  1. I was planning to apply to UF for the ABSN too, but I'm still in the process of completing the prereqs. I'm not too confident in my grades, so I just wanted some sort of comparison since UF doesn't post any of their admissions stats on the website, I don't know how competitive it is. If you don't mind PMing me how your prereq GPA or major was or something like that.. :) thanks
  2. I decided that I really want to go into nursing. I'm currently working on my BS in psych, and I'm not sure how my GPA compares with other possible ABSN applicants. Looking back at the other threads, both my major and my prereq GPA aren't looking too great.. major is about 3.53, and so far (still not finished with taking prereqs) I've got two Bs, C+ in stats and had to withdraw from Chem (but will retake later), so that's not looking too good either! What chances do you think I have? I was considering retaking chem at a community college versus UF, where I go now. I'm really interesting in applying to UF's program (minimum 3.0 GPA), and looking at UCF and USF's programs too. Anybody in these programs or know how competitive it is to get into them? Any tips on at least boosting my application if GPA is not my strong point? I have some hospital volunteering experience, but that's about it. Thanks a lot! :imbar