Acceptances for the year 2007 - page 11

Hi all, if you want to share where you have been accepted, please do so here. As for me, I am accepted to the University of Massachusetts Amherst School of Nursing for the January 2007 semester!... Read More

  1. by   txcowgrl
    Accepted to USN-Henderson Accelerated BSN program. Congrats everyone!
  2. by   samclaug
    I was accepted to Ivy Tech Evansville! Start in August!!!!
  3. by   laura11
    congrats all. I just got accepted to the three schools I applied to , Suny Farmingdale, QCC and NCC. My problem is which school to go to, is n't life grand after trying 3 times:spin:
  4. by   shippoRN
    I just got my acceptance letter too Phillips Beth Israel School of Nursing....I'm so happy I can't stand myself :spin::hatparty::smiley_aa
  5. by   RNisme
    Accepted Holy Name Hospital, Still waiting for Bergen CC
  6. by   serendipity123
    Conrats everyone!!!!!!! Hopefully in 2 years I can post that I got in to the BSN program at my first choice university!
  7. by   krenee
    I was accepted to Northern Virginia Community College for fall . . . starts in August. I'm very excited because orientation is Tuesday, so finally all my questions will be answered about what it will entail.

    Congrats to everyone else too!

  8. by   stpauligirl
    I originally answered this post while in limbo.... News update: I was accepted to San Antonio College ADN program and start classes August 27th
  9. by   blue heeler
    rogue community college adn program, starts sept 20!
  10. by   livingthedream
    Accepted MENP for Sept 2007 at DePaul in Chicago!
  11. by   pwrcple

    all day!!!!!!
  12. by   pwrcple

    all day!!!!!!
  13. by   lilyellowmama4ya
    Accepted to Our Lady of the Lake Accelerated ASN Program, Fall 2007, class of 2008. Congratuations to everyone!!!