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Hi y'all! Anybody taking A&P 1 this coming spring semester? I'm trying to get as many pre-req's out of the way as possible and could use a study buddy or 2! Thanks! :)... Read More

  1. by   TNMommy
    I am 34, have a 3 and 7 year old (3 year old stays home with me), and I work on the weekends. I have been taking my pre- and co-reqs. for nursing school for a year now and will be applying for nursing school this spring. It can be done. I do use a recorder for classes such as A&P and probably will for Micro this spring. I just take 2 classes a semester because I think that more than that would be too much. I think that you should definently go for it! Especially if you have a good support group at home.

    Let me know what you finally decide!
  2. by   AtomicWoman
    Quote from Freshstart2010
    I considering taking up nursing and researching everyones messages about school and I was wondering if it would be okay if a person records the lectures in class? 9 pages of notes. WOW! I'm terrible at taking notes and think recording would be most helpful.
    You've definitely got to ask the professor's permission to record. If they say OK, and you think it would help you retain the material, go for it!
  3. by   prenursing128
    Can someone tell me a few good sites for grants? I need to have this bill covered in full, does anyone know if that is possible? please email me with the subject: RN Help
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  4. by   wyotech
    i took a&p 1 in fall last semester, ill have #2 in spring 09, ill take speech,gen physc,math,maybe eng comp 1. good luck to all.
  5. by   RescueGrrl211
    Ohh I wanna join! My name is CJ, Im 23 and a full time pre nursing student. Im scheduled to take A&P1 this spring. I have been scouring the web sites to help me brush up on the systems, does anyone have any to share? I figure if Im just sitting here bored during the break I might as well get a head start! Has anyone used the A&P or Chemistry for Dummies books? Im thinking about buying them..

    What other classes are you guys taking? Im taking Chemistry, Developmental Psych and Western Civ 2. Has anyone ever taken two heavy sciences with labs in the same semester? Im a stay at home mom so I dont have a job to worry about, but Im still nervous that its going to be too much.

    Heres to hoping for a great spring semester!
  6. by   Jen21874
    I'm so excited to find a forum where everyone is in the same boat!!
    I'm registered for A&P 1 and Drug admin for the health professional, I'll start Jan. 12th! I'm so nervous!
    It'll be nice to talk back and forth with those who "understand!"
  7. by   aawilwcb
    Has anyone taken the summer A&P 1 course, its very short, 4 weeks is all. Mon-thurs all day 8-2 including the labs. It sounds like a great way to get this class done over the summer but I am a little concerned about that much info in such a short amount of time. Anyone gone through this course and done well?
  8. by   Ms. Nurse Assistant
    I just registered (I think I took the last class) for Biology. I have to take Intro to Biology though. I am just so ready to learn
  9. by   freesia29
    I bought the A&P dummies book.....and I have also ordered a dvd set from The Great Courses......
    I figure I need all the help I can get! Also a stay at home mom....trying to get her brain working again after 8 years of being home!

  10. by   crissyt82
    These websites are great!! Especially helps when you are trying to memorize the terminology Kuddos THANKS a BUNCH... Taking A&P I as of Jan. 09 yippie
  11. by   freesia29
    I will be starting it in the summer.....but I am prepping now....so it won't be as hard I am hoping!
  12. by   berrysweet
    Hi everyone, I will be taking physiology this spring. It starts on Feb 9th. Is there anyone else just taking physiology?
  13. by   sherdelle
    Will anyone be taking AP&1 summer 09 at GPS or Atlanta Metropolitan College and want a study partner