a & p & english 101

  1. so i'm currently a part time freshman college student. i work full time as a cna at an assisted living. i was just wondering if i should take a&p and english 101 together and working full time? is it too much? should i drop a class? pls help.
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  3. by   AnnieOaklyRN
    Yes, that is fine. A lot of people work full time and take 4 classes, myself included. I would only advise against taking two sciences with labs in the same semester.

  4. by   pumpkinbaby
    thank you! a lot of people said i would be stressed out since those are both requirements to get into the nursing program. and both need to get a's in.
  5. by   pumpkinbaby
    what do you mean two sciences class together?
  6. by   Sour Lemon
    Quote from pumpkinbaby
    thank you! a lot of people said i would be stressed out since those are both requirements to get into the nursing program. and both need to get a's in.
    If these are people who know you personally, you might do well to consider their advice. I'm not sure what English 101 is. If it's similar to English Composition I, it may involve writing several papers. If that comes easily to you, no problem. If it doesn't, you may feel stressed.
  7. by   Sour Lemon
    Quote from pumpkinbaby
    what do you mean two sciences class together?
    Most hard sciences require a lab which can make one class feel like two classes. Anatomy, chemistry, and microbiology are three that come to mind.
  8. by   Mergirlc
    It seems okay to take both, but I have had a writing class (Philosophy) where it wasn't a difficult class........just very time-consuming. You have to be careful w/ the English classes because although you might be able to write well, English classes sometimes require reading 3-4 books/novels per semester and writing about them. These book are usually around 300 pages long each - give or take. Some instructors require a few drafts, rewrites, etc.. This takes up a lot of time -- a lot of time that might take away from your core science classes.

    I do agree about trying not to take 2 science classes at one time. Try to space them out if time allows you to.
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  9. by   LubbDubb77
    Does your A&P class have a lab with it? Both of mine did. English 101 is quite a bit of writing, which does not come easy to me. I had to write a lot and do a ton of drafts to get the grade I needed. So, it depends on you and how you will handle the schedule if A&P has a lab with it...Writing papers AND studying for A&P which can be at times, a lot of studying. It can be done, but just depends on how you handle that sort of thing.
  10. by   Neo Soldier
    I would have felt better about encouraging you to take both together but you work full time and I don't think
    it's worth the gamble to take English and A&P. If you get anything less than an A in A&P, then it may be harder to get into
    the program (of course it depends on how your school chooses applicants).
    You're better off taking your time and getting a good grade rather than struggling to get into the program. In my school for example,
    A&P would not be accepted if you took it over five years ago.
  11. by   Wannabenurseneko
    If I were you I would just take English 101, than both you will have a lot of books to read, and a lot of papers to write. I myself am taking English 101 this fall.
    Good luck to you in what you decide .
  12. by   Wiggly Litchi
    My english 101 class consisted of 5 papers - it wasn't English lit. Where there was a lot of reading. The papers were generally short MLA primers more than anything.

    If writing is your jam, then you could totally do it, but it all depends on what kind of student you are. A&P 1 can be very time consuming, so make sure you can devote enough time to getting that A.
  13. by   AmyJo2018
    I would err on the side of caution where anatomy and chemistry are concerned. Taking one class in a semester to ensure a proper grade is, in the long run much less time consuming and cheaper than having to retake classes. I also worked 40 hours while attaining my prereq's and had to retake a few of them which added extra semesters before core program. Classes like psychology and such I doubled up on and was fine, but only you know you.
  14. by   lmichelle25
    It depends on what you feel comfortable and confident with. Because A&P 1 and 2 are SO important and, to me at least, feel like 2 classes with lecture AND lab, I would only be able to focus on that class while working full time. BUT there are people that do it with no problem. But, if you're anything like me, where you can get easily overwhelmed when everything seems like a priority, then maybe you could reevaluate your schedule to make sure you have (depending on the kind of studier you are) 2-3 hours a day to set aside for studying properly. Because having to repeat a class because you got a B or C sucks and might make you feel defeated.