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  1. Hospital requiring ER nurses to chart full admission assessment

    I work in a small hospital in a rural area in Washington state. Yep, we are supposed to be doing these assessments on patients that are boarded - IF they have been sitting in our ED for more than 2 hours after boarded status is applied. However, it i...
  2. how to get into hospital??!

    You are gonna probably need to know someone that works there to put a good word in for you and your BSN. It's the same way where I live - tough to get into the hospital here unless you know someone that can get your application pulled for an intervie...
  3. Yale Nurse Replaces Fentanyl Vials with Saline

    I just want to say people like you with so much experience are the reason this website is so good. I am a new RN and reading this thread and responses is just jaw dropping! This story and all the stories I have read on this thread are just insane. I ...
  4. Suspicion About Med Error

    Why don't you look in the MAR and see if she administered it? Or, are you saying that you think she is documenting that she is administering it - but really isn't? Personally, I wouldn't jump to conclusions. You should observe and investigate ...
  5. Primary v.s. Secondary Diagnosis?

    Not sure why my reply has a quote attached. My previous reply may have been confusing, I apologize. I wasn't directly giving an example from what the student had provided. I was giving a generalized statement.
  6. Easy Win-Wins to Impress Your Clinical Instructor

    I'm sorry, I don't agree with most of your comments. They are very generalized and detached. The only time where some of what you said might have been true is during the beginning stages of the pandemic. But, most programs have adapted and some are e...
  7. Primary v.s. Secondary Diagnosis?

    Primary dx - the problem you are focused on. Secondary dx - what it is caused by. Ex. Primary: Ineffective airway clearance r/t increased airway secretions (symptom, what the pt is experiencing) Secondary: Pneumonia I would...
  8. New Grad Pediatric Home Health Care Help?

    I will agree, it is a bad idea for a new grad to be in home with a medially fragile child annnnnd I would advise against it. Usually the companies will say they will give you additional hours of inhome training, like 40 hours total. Additionally they...
  9. How to deal with staff who blame you for stuff on their shift?

    I think this is pretty common. It happens at my work too but we have pretty good communication, so, we talk about it openly. It would be good to address it in a nonconfrontational way and just discuss these things during report. Pts are not the sam...
  10. Anyone w/ multiple criminal charges read!

    I have an expunged record and nothing comes up on my FBI background check. However, do not ever underestimate what the BON can or cannot see. When I was in the situation of trying to figure out if I should disclose my record or not - I called the BON...
  11. LVNs in Hospitals Again?!

    In WA we use LPNs in hospitals - I have seen ads for LPN ER positions. Also, I have a friend that works at a major hospital in Portland, OR as a LPN. I am not sure of her exact role, but she does the drive up covid testing right now. It is nice to se...
  12. Anyone w/ multiple criminal charges read!

    Depends on the wording on the New Mexico application regarding criminal record. Some states don't require that you disclose expunged records. Are you testing for your RN or LPN?
  13. New grad......did I make a mistake?

    I am a new LPN and graduate with my RN in december. I am in pediatrics and LOVE being a nurse. When the covid hit, our census was low, and I got put on per diem. So, I went into a LTC facility to get some hours and UGH - GIRL, I feeeeel you. It is ju...
  14. Anyone w/ multiple criminal charges read!

    I am in WA too. You will be fine. My friend had a DUI with resisting arrest and got her LPN license. She sent in all the court documents, a letter of explanation, and recommendation letters. There is a list of disqualifying crimes somewhere on the DO...
  15. COVID-19: NCLEX Changed!!

    In Washington State they have suspended testing altogether. They are supposed to announce what the plans are April 16th. Unfortunately, I fell into that group ? No testing for me.