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  1. LubbDubb77

    Need advice

    So, what happened? Did anything show up on the fbi fingerprint scan?
  2. LubbDubb77

    States that will license a RN with a criminal background

    https://www.google.com/amp/s/convictionfree.com/becoming-a-nurse-after-a-criminal-conviction-faq/amp/ Read this. I found it very informative and interesting. I think it will answer a lot of questions for Californians trying to become a nurse with a criminal history - and give you some hope!
  3. LubbDubb77

    Need to vent!!

    I am currently a CNA and have my nurse delegation with special focus on diabetes. I am also enrolled in a RN program and am half way through the program. So, I have summers off from school so I have been working through an agency. However, I was head hunted for a small assisted living facility (memory care). I have been working there for about a month now and was hired on as a CNA/Med tech (never did end up being trained on the cart). The nursing director is an LPN, no RN's on duty. There are med techs on duty - some are CNA's, most are HCA's or RA's. The med techs that are HCA's and RA's like try and boss me around - im not having it. I had a pt who desperately needed a shower and had been refusing for who knows how long. When I told the HCA, well this pt is now saying yes to that shower. She said you have to do your scheduled showers and if you have time you can do it. Where is the critical thinking or good judgement in that?!?( I gave her a shower anyway). Next, a med tech claimed to be a nurse - that pissed me off, she is not a nurse. Guess what, I told the nursing director and we pretty much got into it. I told her I will not be delegated patient care tasks by the med techs especially because one told me she was a nurse and the other has bad judgement, I don't agree with it. She says it's the chain of command and she as an LPN has taught and been the boss of many RN's. I stopped her and said I have read those laws and excuse me - you can never ever delegate a patient care task to an RN. Also, I just don't understand how that make sense. Back to that pt I gave a shower to - I told her about that situation with the HCA and that the pt smelled. She said that pt's who have IBS usually always have an odor (ridiculous, the pt was dirty). I gave her a weird look like "YEAH OKAY". So, my question, should I just not go back to this job and turn in my assigned equipment on Monday? I did turn in a note just before this discussion saying I will no longer be working full time as of in a couple weeks because I will be back in school.
  4. LubbDubb77

    Lower Columbia College Fall 2018

    Yep! I applied for fall last summer and got put in the winter quarter cohort. Quite a few of my classmates got denied for fall acceptance and reapplied for winter and got in! Just keep at it and don't ever give up! The year prior I applied to Centralia and got denied acceptance. Took that next year retaking classes and taking additional classes to apply at other colleges as well. Finally when it was all said and done I got into all the schools I applied to. Best of luck to all of you!!
  5. LubbDubb77

    Nursing school Clinicals

    In my program, we were specifically instructed to not bombard the nurse with questions because they already have enough on their plate. If we have questions, to ask the instructor. In my opinion I would talk to the instructor and apologize. Just explain that you didn't know and won't do it again. Just show a sincere interest in correcting whatever you did wrong and ask for help.
  6. Everyone learns differently but for pharm I write out the classification and the meds underneath. Then I write out the things they all have in common. Under that I write out what the outliers are or if there is anything specifically different for a particular med. It's tough to remember each one bc a lot of them do the same thing. But some have different side effects, BBW's, and contraindictations. I like the idea of colored pencils. I tried doing something similar with highlighting and it didn't work for me. Maybe writing in different colors will help. I hope my post helps you! Best of luck!
  7. LubbDubb77

    How many care plans do you do?

    Im in an ADN program and we have to do 5-6, 2 system careplans per quarter with full patient data sheets. It takes quite a while for me to complete it but I actually don't mind it. A lot of the info really helps me apply what I am learning in my theory class.
  8. LubbDubb77

    Cheating in nursing school

    I don't see the point in cheating. You have to know the info to pass exams, nclex, and when you're a nurse. Not knowing the information only hurts you because you have to know the information and more importantly puts patients at risk.
  9. LubbDubb77

    Commuting to clinicals from 1 hr away??

    I drive an hour to school everyday and clinicals are at 6am..Oh and I have a child to have to load up with me - gotta drop him off at like 530ish. With determination you can do it. I have a class mate that drives 1.5 hours away. She doesn't have children; so, if snow is on the way she stays at a motel or stays at a classmates house. You can do it!
  10. LubbDubb77

    How do you study? Effective methods and suggestions!

    ATI study books are great. I took 2 weeks and read the whole book. I did tons of practice questions with rationales. I did just fine. Studying, I like to listen to a lecture, then go back through and hand write everything. Afterwards I just re-read everything before the test.
  11. LubbDubb77

    Question about Aberdeen Gray's Harbor ADN program

    Congrats to you! How exciting! I got accepted as well! However, I forfeited my spot. I have been accepted to Lower Columbia College RN program, which was my first choice. So i will be going there. Best of luck to you and cheers to getting into nursing school!!
  12. LubbDubb77

    Lower Columbia College Fall 2018

    Congrats to you as well! So, the traditional RN is 6 quarters long. So, start in winter 2019 and graduates Fall 2020. December, 2020 is graduation :-) So how does that work for you? Do you start this winter or the following winter? I have never looked into the LPN2RN, so I don't know how that works.
  13. LubbDubb77

    a & p & english 101

    Does your A&P class have a lab with it? Both of mine did. English 101 is quite a bit of writing, which does not come easy to me. I had to write a lot and do a ton of drafts to get the grade I needed. So, it depends on you and how you will handle the schedule if A&P has a lab with it...Writing papers AND studying for A&P which can be at times, a lot of studying. It can be done, but just depends on how you handle that sort of thing.
  14. LubbDubb77

    Lower Columbia College Fall 2018

    Good luck to you Pinky! Let us know how Sumner goes! You will do great!
  15. LubbDubb77

    Lower Columbia College Fall 2018

    Do not give up. Retake those classes you got lower grades in and reapply for spring! Or reapply to a bunch of places! You can do this, believe in yourself and keep going. I was just thinking about this today. Last year I applied to Centralia only and got put on the alternate list - didn't make it in. This year I have had probably a hand full of people give me the side eye when I tell them I applied to LCC, like I wouldn't get in. Also, my MIL told me that like 3 people told her I wouldn't make it in to LCC. I got accepted into every school I applied to this year because I believed in myself and I retook classes to get here. That road is long and hard, but you can do it. The point is, forget all that crap - If you believe in YOURSELF and you have grit, it is ALL possible.
  16. LubbDubb77

    Lower Columbia College Fall 2018

    No, winter was not my first choice. I have no idea how they choose who gets into different cohorts. Either way, I am STOKED to get in either way. Good luck! Let us know when you get your letter!