? for part time workers

  1. For you part time workers who aren't provided health insurance through your companies where did you get insurance?
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  3. by   bethin
    I have Anthem insurance now, and it's expensive. About $120/month. But I also had previous medical conditions when I applied for it. There is a health plan through your employer. You decide how much you want deducted from each paycheck and it is put aside for you to use throughout the year. It's great if you don't have any health problems. I don't know if this is available to part time employees though, but check with human resources. Search the internet. I know on AOL there is a search on the main screen that you can do. It asks you how much you want to spend, what state you live in, etc and gives you results.

    Most places offer insurance to part time employees but at a higher rate. I guess your job doesn't do that otherwise you wouldn't be asking this question.
  4. by   Race Mom
    I believe most colleges offer health insurance to students. When I get into the program, I have to have proof of health insurance. I can purchase it through the college. My dh is going to be getting it through his work within the next month or two, so I may have to purchase a policy for ONE month! Frustrating!!!! That is...if I get in for Spring 2006. OK, it will be worth it.

  5. by   Jessy_RN
    :uhoh21: I don't have any insurance
  6. by   L&D4ME
    I used unicare and it is available for part time or for a SAHM like me. The coverage is pretty average and you can decide your deductible amounts. But if you have more than 2 kids it can get pretty expensive. It was better than not having insurance at all.

    PS They do not cover maternity, and I think if you have a pre-existing condition they won't cover you.
  7. by   curlyfries
    I would check with your State Insurance Department and see what the limit is to be qualified for Medicaid. It helps to check it out for those who have low or no income and are in school full-time. Disabled workers have a benefit where they can qualified for Medicaid Buy-in program but sadly this program is limited to the Social Security Administration rules.

    Another place to check out is your local Chamber of Commerce where they might have group health/dental insurance that you could buy into. Call the local Blue Cross and Blue Shield or the local insurance carrier for any information where you can get health insurance.

    Good luck with your search!

  8. by   land64shark
    My dh is self-employed. My family of 5 has insurance with Blue Cross, but got in on a group rate with the Farm Bureau. It cost me $35 to join the Farm Bureau and I have nothing to do with farms or farming. Might be worth a look.
  9. by   Princess74
    I don't have any but I sure wish I did.
  10. by   BoonersmomRN
    I have Blue Cross/Blue Shield for myself. I pay every 3 months but I think it averages out to $94 a month....I have a high deductible though..thankfully my kids are covered by my ex.
  11. by   casi
    I cross my fingers and pray I don't get sick. That's my current insurance.

    Otherwise I am going to see if I'm making not enough again to get insurance through the state, if not I'll look into bluecross blue shield or medica, both offer reasonably priced private insurance.

    Otherwise if you want something really basic. (Ya know the uhoh insurance that doesn't cover anything much other than illness and injury) I know that the Minnesota schools have their own insurance that they offer to students. Otherwise I've seen some banks (?? I guess some can offer different insurances???), and insurance companies offer really basic student health insurance.

    If your a CNA check out some of the local hospitals. Some hospitals offer full benefits to part-time workers.