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hello all,

we just had our last final of nursing school earlier this week. I was curious in how long does your school take to post results? last semester, they posted the grades almost instantly. This semester, so far its been 3 days and no results. I don't think thats right to do that.:down: just curious about you. thanks!


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yeah. this semester we always waited a whole week for the results. but i thought it would be different being the last final and all. whatever, i guess.

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Our instructors post exams the night of the exam. And I'm a night student... so to me we are truly blessed. One time when everybody( except me and others) failed the exam it took one extra day.

We take our tests in the morning at like 0830 and normally know the results by 1300. Even so the wait is excruiating!! Three days or more would lead me to drinking!! lol


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Take our exam on Wednesday 8a...and they post the grades Thursday by 12n

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Our grades are IMMEADIATELY posted after we hit "submit" on our final exam.

So, you know exactly what you got as soon as you leave the testing room.

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wow. I am surprised. We take our paper test after we've turn in our scan trons and I'll know as soon as I mark what questions I missed and such what I got. I don't think I could wait a whole week. But then again we do all of our test like this. It really helps though cause once you've made the mistake you can read it and know what the answer should have been and then learn from it.

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We take our tests at 10AM and they are usually posted later that day. Not sure if it will be the same for the final. I have test #3 next thurs and the final the thurs after that :sfxpld:


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so, 6 days later and no results. even my family members and friends are telling me this is borderline inhumane/sadistic. hopefully tomorrow. hopefully...


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We have to wait a whole week every time . . . I agree that it's torture and I complain about it every semester to no avail . . .


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Some are fast about it (if there's multiple teachers for the class, sometimes they're up before the class is done), and others like to take their time...but in any case, exam results are usually up before midnight that day.

Of course, that does not stop most of us from checking the class website q15 minutes from the time class ends until they are posted :)

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