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Hey guys, If you were accepted into graduate school for the 2009/2010 join this thread for some fun! 1. Name your school 2. Degree you will be working on (including specialty) 3. whether... Read More

  1. by   Melissa94RN
    Hello everyone and congrats on being accepted.

    1.) Drexel University
    2.) MSN-ACNP
    3.) Working Part time
    4.) Attending to start part-time but hoping to bump to full time starting in Jan
    5.) I am hoping to graduate in 2011

    I am quite excited to get started.
  2. by   MERCEDES674
    Hello all...
    I am happy to announce that I was accepted into:

    1.The University of Saint Francis.
    2. FNP
    3. I will work full time until I can't take it anymore
    4. I will be attending school fulltime.

    Good Luck to everyone!!!
  3. by   VolMom
    Congratulations all!!! :flowersfo

    I am so excited, yet anxious. I wish everyone the absolute best!!!
  4. by   kkcrank
    1. Ohio State University
    2. Adult Health and Illness NP
    3. Working full-time
    4. Part-time
    5. I'm actually doing distance education for now as I found out I'm being relocated to Lackland AFB in Texas.
  5. by   tracelane

    1. University of St. Francis
    2. DNP (am an FNP)
    3. Working full time
    4. Attending full time
    5. And ...I'm excited and hope to learn lots.

  6. by   ErnestineB2009
    1.St. John Fisher College
    2.Masters of Science-FNP
    3.Still looking for employment, but most likely part-time
    4.Full time 2years
    5.And I am so anxious. I am a new graduate with no experience and starting school.:uhoh21:
  7. by   dgclough
    1. St. Louis University
    2. MSN-ACNP/educator with plans for FNP certificate
    3. FT, 3 12's in SICU
    4. Part time for 1st semester and then we'll see...
    5. I'm scared to death!!!
  8. by   kinajp
    1. Rush University- Chicago, IL.
    2. MSN- Pediatric CNS
    3. Will work full-time for the first 2 quarter, then part-time because I am pregnant and having my FIRST child in December!!
    4. Most likely part-time all the way!
    5. I'm excited about all of the new adventures ahead!
  9. by   tarapom
    No official acceptence letter yet, but I am registered for classes at Temple University
    working part time
    school part time
    :bby: My daughter is almost 9 months, so she's demanding a lot of attention too, but I figured it's not gonna get easier to go back, so I had better start now. Can't believe I am gonna be a student again. :yldhdbng: more paper writing, omg.
  10. by   rrkeni
    Quote from areawoman
    Ohio State
    Grad-Entry WHNP-CNM
    I'm currently a stay-at-home mom, which I will continue to be
    Full time student
    I too have been considering applying to this program since I live in columbus. How is the program? How competitive is it. I have a 3.2 gpa undergrad and a 3.55 gpa grad . I have not taken the GRE yet. Do you think I stand a chance?
    I have always been afraid of osu coz I had called them and was told most students who apply have at least a 3.7gpa. Is that true?
  11. by   medchick
    1. Name your school
    2. Degree you will be working on (including specialty)
    3. whether you will be working full time or part time or quit
    4. Will you be attending part time or full time
    5. And ...

    1. University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, TX
    2. MSN-Nurse Educator
    3. Working full time
    4. Attending part time (online program)
    5. Excited about this program and what the future holds for me. Good luck for everyone in their schooling.
  12. by   medchick
    Nope...I'm a school loving freak too
  13. by   LKG6
    1. Texas Woman's University
    2. MSN,FNP
    3. working full time, so far
    4. attending part time, so far
    5. I am doing RN to MSN. Good luck everyone.
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