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  1. kkcrank

    Neuro meds

    I'm on a neuro/tele floor. We see a lot of statins, ace inhibitors, beta blockers, hydromorphone, oxycodone, nimitop, ativan, insulins, cardizem/heparin drips, mannitol, coumadin, depakote, dilantin, gabapentin, lamictal, aspirin, tylenol (fevers), etc...
  2. kkcrank

    Columbus Job Market?

    I relocated from Toledo to Cbus 2 months ago, and still haven't found a job. University Hospitals won't hire without at least a year of experience, unless you are in their internship program. It sucks to be a nurse in Columbus right now. I'm only here to pursue my Master's at OSU but I'm probably going to end up waiting tables or something!
  3. kkcrank

    COT/contract question

    For those who have been to COT/officer training, I have a question from one of the nurses that I am going with: Are you able to change whether or not you accept loan repayment during COT? Our final contracts haven't been signed, and she is under the impression that if we take the student loan repayment, she is not eligible for the GI bill to finish her graduate schooling. She would rather take the GI Bill money than loan repayment I guess, but this would change her AD commitment from 6 years to 4. Can you make this change at COT, or no? Thanks!
  4. kkcrank

    AF bases that offer NTP

    Andrews, although that will probably be eliminated soon. Lackland, Keesler.
  5. I'm a little late, but NTP should be for anyone with 12 months of experience or less.
  6. kkcrank

    Nurses looking into AF Nursing..

    LOL. Wow. It wasn't meant to disappoint anyone. It was meant to encourage those who were thinking about applying to the NTP program to do it sooner rather than later. I know nurses who didn't get picked up their first time. It wasn't the end of the world. Your application can be resubmitted. I would think this quote "And then there's the kicker - "qualified". Just because a package is submitted doesn't mean the board will ever even see it - the packages are screened and weeded through before they ever even hit the board. Having worked for a major university and seen how many college apps get trashed before even hitting the reviewing table, I can imagine there's an awful lot of chaff that gets dumped down at Montgomery before it even reaches the committee. It's not out of possibility that only a hundred of the first five hundred apps would ever even SEE a board according to everything I've ever been told." would be more discouraging. I'm sure if you are qualified, you will be selected. Your "odds of getting in" aren't dependent on how many people apply, rather on how qualified you are to do the job. Good luck.
  7. kkcrank

    Nurses looking into AF Nursing..

    Also, I'm talking about the NTP program for those with no experience, not experienced nurses.
  8. kkcrank

    Nurses looking into AF Nursing..

    Not sure why she would lie to me since I'm already "in," nor am I saying it was definitely true, just passing on info in case anyone was interested.
  9. kkcrank

    Nurses looking into AF Nursing..

    Good luck! =)
  10. I was getting commissioned at Wright-Patt yesterday, and the Healthcare Recruiter told me that for the next FY (2010 --starting in Oct) they only have 180 nursing positions that need to be filled. They've already gotten over 500 applicants... before the FY has even started. It's only July! So if anyone is looking to get in for next year, I suggest getting your packet started... yesterday.
  11. kkcrank

    applying for MSN without RN working experience???

    Depends. I graduated May 2009, and was accepted into The Ohio State University's AHNP program for Sept 2009. They don't require RN working experience.
  12. kkcrank

    Questions about the Air Force

    Enjoy MEPS, it's a long day. Expect to get yelled at a lot as soon at you get to COT. It should ease up the 3rd week or so.
  13. kkcrank

    Name on BON -pending?

    In Ohio, it changes you from "pending" to "passed." Or if you fail, I think you stay at pending until you pass.
  14. kkcrank

    SURVEY for 75 questions on NCLEX RN

    75, passed, about an hour... a little less.
  15. kkcrank

    New FNP in the Air Force

    No advice, but I'm going to COT next month too. Not worried about classes, but I am pretty terrified about the physical aspect, haha.