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tracelane has 15 years experience and specializes in ER, Informatics, Oncology.

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  1. tracelane

    How to Handle Student Incivility

    I am a faculty member in a graduate program. I have discussed this with some of my fellow faculty members. A big part of the problem is the concern over student evals. Our promotion and raises are impacted by low student satisfaction scores. It's difficult not to consider this when dealing with a difficult student. Not sure I'll be able to make it! I don't have that many negative "reviews" but I've noticed having one angry student can impact the whole class.
  2. tracelane

    Venting frustration

    Venting is good! I came here for support as well. Maybe the rude person is the faculty member in question. Hmmmm.
  3. tracelane

    Any new NPs go directly for DNP?

    I'm in a DNP program now and will finish May '11. You could go straight in but I would say not if you plan to start working as a new NP at the same time. That first NP job is stressful. Look at the programs carefully. We were required to have more clinical hours in addition to the classroom time which was a bit strange being an NP already but I have learned from my clinical time. We were able to select clinical experiences in areas where we felt we needed more expertise. For instance, I spent time putting in IUDs and working in a free clinic where I learned more about community resources and funding. I also made sure I spent time with a radiologist. The finance classes were a bit rough but I can now hold my own in hospital management meetings. I didn't know how little I knew! I love learning and am glad I decided to pursue the degree. It's a LOT of time and work though. We have had some spirited discussions in class and I have gained faculty mentors so it's a win/win. T
  4. tracelane

    Survey: FNP Schedules

    Hi, I work in an urgent care setting. We work from 8am to 8pm but if there are still patients in the clinic at 8pm it is often longer. I don't even try to do anything after work. The number of patients vary. My busiest day is 50 patients in 12 hours. Usually it is around 35 to 40. T
  5. tracelane

    Spin off: how do you deal with DNP haters.

    I am in a DNP program and will finish (I Hope!) May 2011. I have had the same issues. At first I didn't realize when nurses asked, why are you doing that? , that they were being negative. I tried to explain that I wanted to learn more, etc. Now I just say Why not? That stops them. It seems to be a variation of the nurses eat their young sort of thing. Instead of being supportive, like crabs, some people try to drag you back down into the bucket. T
  6. tracelane


    Hi, I'm just starting the process and after reading all this will try and be patient! Is anyone an FNP or know if there is a great need for FNP's? I'm hoping to relocate to NM and work in the IHS. Thanks for any info! Tracy
  7. tracelane

    NPs Losing Ground?

    Hi, I was talking to a Nurse Practitioner in another state and mentioned a few years ago South Carolina lost our ability to write for schedule 2's and the language in our practice act was changed from collaborative agreement to supervisory agreement. Have any of you notice similar changes in your states? Tracy FNP
  8. tracelane

    DNP application

    Hi, I started the DNP program last semester at University of St. Francis. They didn't require us to identify our capstone project. It's a nice program and the faculty are very supportive. I'm taking the first part of the research now and am enjoying it. I did tons of reasearch before finding a program so check them out before you decide. I also liked the Duke program. Good luck, T
  9. tracelane

    Interview Tuesday, any tips?

    Hello you guys, I got the job! Thanks for the tips. I am now a full time ADN faculty member. I think this is my first emoticon. T
  10. tracelane

    Interview Tuesday, any tips?

    Thanks you guys! I took the advice. I used mostly images on the slides to force myself not to read word for word. I added objectives and a bit of humor. The director said it was a great presentation and it felt as it things went well. I should have an answer in a couple of weeks. T
  11. tracelane

    Interview Tuesday, any tips?

    Hello, Well, I've been keeping my eye on the adn nursing faculty openings at a Tech school nearby and applied. I have an interview Tuesday. I'm working as a nurse practitioner and teach online courses part time for UOP but want to teach full time. I'm supposed to do a 10 minutes presentation on wet to dry dressings with a target audience of new nursing students. I'm actually nervous! I'm usually not worried about interviews but I don't want to mess this up as I really want the job. Any tips from those of you who've been in the audience? I've very tech savy so will go with powerpoint. Thanks! T
  12. tracelane

    UK NP compared to US NP

    Hi, Here in the US our scope of practice varies according to the state. I thought it would be fun to work in the UK for awhile and wondered about nurse practitioners in the UK. Here's a link to the Pearson report which details the regulations for each state. http://www.webnp.net/ajnp08.html T
  13. tracelane

    I&D and MRSA

    I do lots of I&D's. I often think fondly of myself and the abscess queen! I always give antibiotics. It has been something of an argument among the docs I've worked with about whether to give Bactrim DS 2 bid or one BID for 10 days. Some infectious disease providers prefer 2 BID so I usually go with this. One of the docs I work with always gives Cipro but I haven't found this to be effective. I remember way back people were using Bactroban but nothing recently. T
  14. tracelane

    I should have gone to med school! (rant)

    Hi, I know exactly how you feel. Some may think it is because you don't come off as confident but there are too many of us with the same problem. I've had nurses argue with me or refuse to complete orders I've written and have walked up to hear a nurse asking the doctor if what I've ordered is okay. I'd ordered the CDC recommended dose of Rocephin for an std. I've also walked up to hear an MD making fun of me for ordering Zofran IM to other providers and having to explain I'd looked it up and it was fine. It is very frustrating. I think it is related to the state regulations. I plan to relocate to a state which allows for independent practice and open a cash clinic if I have to. I think the credentialing issue is interesting. Just because your state allows you to work within certain parameters doesn't mean the hospital will. The doctors in the ER had to put there names on each chart we (np's) saw and they ever received credit for them toward their bonus. I won't give in and go to medical school but I've had the same thoughts. T
  15. tracelane

    Don't Hate Me, All....

    I'm getting an anti nurse vibe but I'll answer. A nursing model it is a collection of theories and concepts which incorporate evidenced based research to form a framework within which to work. This framework helps assess the patient's needs, plan and provide the appropriate treatment/care. There are several nursing theorists. I'm a fan of Neuman's model. T
  16. tracelane

    Don't Hate Me, All....

    On the topic of clinical hours, don't discount the hours of clinical training when in school to become an RN as well as the hours while in our NP programs. One should work as an RN before going into an NP program. I gained valuable experience as an RN. I understand the importance of ordering an IM injection if possible over an IV injection when the nursing staff is strained. I am not the same as a PA or MD. My training was different and I prefer the nursing model over the medical model. It works for me. If the medical model works well for others, that's okay too. The important thing is to let patients have a choice. Some patients may prefer the nursing model over the modical model and vice versa. T