Post your Fall 2013 grades!


Hey everyone!

The semester is over & I am pleased to say .. I finally got that 4.0. All the ranting and raving I did about my history grade, and I actually came out with an A. The last grade I made before the final was a 70 and I had pretty much given up on getting an A in there. The professor gave us a chance to get extra credit. We had to write a 2 page paper, and it was worth up to 10 points. Since she told the class she wasn't going to grade it lightly, I pretty much gave up on that too, but I still completed the assignment and turned it in to be safe. Needed a 101 on the final to make an A, impossible. I honestly had stopped studying for the final. The night before the test I did absolutely nothing. Well, grades were posted. I made a 93 on the exam and got 8 out of 10 extra credit points which gave me exactly the 101 I needed! Yes.

So now, for grades:


AP1 Lab-A


World History-A

Lifespan Development-A

I'm so ecstatic. I literally haven't had straight A's since middle school (with the exception of the summer semester). This 4.0 gave my GPA a nice bump. I will be spending this winter break getting my nursing school application together so I can have it turned in before next semester starts.

How did you guys do? Post your grades! Did you do as well as you wanted to? If you didn't, what will you change so you will do better next semester?

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I am very happy!!


Micro- B

Algebra- A

English Comp- A

College Skills- A

I was slightly disappointed in micro but I have had a lot on my plate so it's no big deal. It's a coreq for the program but doesn't count to get into the program. The anatomy and english was where I needed my A's.

Still waiting to take my micro final tomorrow. I took a light semester.

A&p II- A-

College Algebra- A


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Congrats, OP. I made a 4.0 too. I'm taking A&P II with micro and lifespan development next semester. Hopefully, I can keep it up.

A&P I lecture/lab - A

Intro to Psychology - A

College Algebra - A

Computer Applications - A


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Are all these 4.0s I see with y'all working full time?


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Micro Lab-A



World History II-A

American Lit-A

I've always been an As student, since elementary school. This is my fourth semester in a row with a 4.0 GPA :yes:


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ENGLISH 1101 - A

I'm stoked. I have maintained my 4.0 GPA going into applying for the nursing program. I worked my butt off this semester in particular bc I found 2 way way harder than 1. I was borderline high B low A going into final so it could've gone either way. I'm really proud of myself :) congrats to everyone getting awesome grades!!!!


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A&P I - A

A&P I Lab - A

Chem. - A (in both lab and lecture)

Physical Wellness (2-credit co-req in my program) - A


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I am curious...what is an A at the school you go to? Most of my classes require a 97/100 to get an A (it used to be 96 and even that was rough). I have mostly A's, some A-'s, and a couple B+'s. For example, I had 100% in one of my current classes, but I missed 1 question on the first test and 3 on the midterm (60 q's). Those 4 questions dropped me to 96.7, so now I have an A-. What sucks is - there is no way to raise that to an A because there are only 100 possible points and no extra credit. There is so little room for error that sometimes I think I'm going to lose my mind! Luckily, I haven't has any points deducted on my essays or weekly assignments. My cousin attends community college, and all he needs for a full A is 90% (no plus-minus system).

So - are you guys getting every single question/assignment/essay nearly100% correct, or is your grading system just different? Thanks!


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My school is does not +/- grade. Just flat ABCD. I go to a CC. Some of the UNIs around here grade with +/-. Anyway this semester was my last 2 classes for BSN. I am accepted to an ADN, and finished the last BSN pre reqs so I can immediately bridge to BSN after gradution.

Pathophysiology A (whoo hoo. worked my tush off in that class)

Nutrition B (GRRR, missed an assignment on accident early in the semester and even with mostly As on remaining work and tests, I missed my A in the class by 7 points. Ugh)


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Texas Tech -

A&P 2- A

History - A

Theater - A

Nutritional Science - A

Psychology - A

I'm applying to the BSN at the TTHSC in a few days.

4.0 Science GPA,

3.71 Pre-Req GPA

Taking TEAS V tomorrow and slightly nervous!!!

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A&P Lab-A

Intro to Organic Chemistry-A

Intro to Organic Chemistry Lab-A

perfect 4.0 this semester.