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  1. Nurse2B2016

    Tips for Surviving the 1st Semester of Nursing School

    Loving this thread. I start the nursing program in August. Jotting down some awesome tips!
  2. Nurse2B2016

    College accepted A&P1 and 2 from 8+ years ago. Now what?

    Yes I will absolutely check directly with the Nursing department. Great advice! Thanks :-)
  3. Nurse2B2016

    College accepted A&P1 and 2 from 8+ years ago. Now what?

    Yes thats what I was thinking. Im not going to lie I felt a sense of relief when I saw they accepted them because I can get the boll rolling even faster. Im going to pick up a refresher book for anatomy in the meantime and read that. Thanks for your response and the well wishes :-) Im excited to be back on this journey.
  4. Hi everyone! I am going back to college to pursue a Nursing degree. I started 8+ years ago, got accepted and life happened and I withdrew. Now 8 years later im back and ready to pursue my dream. I just noticed that the college i applied to has accepted a&p1 and 2 for transfer along with other courses. They didnt take my Microbiology tho which is fine. Now im wondering if you were me what would you do? Is this correct? Isn't 8 years way too long to accept those classes for transfer? I would appreciate any and all advice! Im guessing I could brush up on things by rereading my textbooks and such but Im just wondering if this is normal.
  5. Nurse2B2016

    Gwinnett Tech Fall 2010 Class

    Can anyone tell me whether at Gwinnett tech there is a prerequisite course to take in order to take anatomy I? like a chem or bio? Just weighing my options between gwinnett and gpc. thanks!!
  6. Nurse2B2016

    Anyone applying to Gwinnett Tech fall 2010 class?

    I swear there is NOT one student from Gwinnett Tech on this forum ... Would love to know how this first year RN program is going so I know whether to apply next year! Anyone?
  7. Nurse2B2016

    Moving to GA and need help finding a RN school

    if your looking to live on peachtree or in buckhead GPC would be close. Maybe 20 mins away. If your going to live near the airport maybe Clayton State but that is a 4 year school that will get you a BSN.
  8. Nurse2B2016

    Moving to GA and need help finding a RN school

    georgia perimeter college-asn chattahoochee tech-asn gwinnett tech-asn
  9. Nurse2B2016

    Georgia Perimeter Spring 2011

    Great info kspunky. I wonder if that move to Dunwoody would ever happen. Not that it matters to me, im close to either one lol. I am applying to the nursing program Jan 2012. Just hoping to start some pre reqs at GPC this spring semester. Im so excited and cant wait to get the show on the road lol I wish you all the best!
  10. Nurse2B2016

    Georgia Perimeter Spring 2011

    Where is the nursing core classes taught? Clarkston campus? Just curious.
  11. Nurse2B2016

    Gwinnett Tech RN Program

    Hi all! I am thinking to apply to the nursing program over at Gwinnett Tech. I was just wondering if any students from there could shed ANY light on the program and schoool??? I would greatly appreciate it. I am also applying to GPC. I am just doing prereqs for now. Thanks, Serena
  12. Nurse2B2016

    Worth it to go to Canada in order to graduate 4 months faster?

    I was just curious what city in Canada offers a 2 year Bsn?? I am Canadian but reside in the US. Many of my friends are RN's in Toronto. All the programs there are 4 years. To answer your question. I don't think 4 months is worth all the hassle if you already reside here in the US. Serena