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POLLS - and hospitals... Our hospital is currently having us polled

by a major nationwide polling service. We call a 800 # and they ask us questions about management , the quality of care, whether we have adquate supplies, would we refer a family member to the hospital? , will we still be there a year from now?? etc., etc., It's an annual thing ...

Have you all done them??

Are they REALLY confidential???

They ask your social and birthdate.

I told it like it truly is about my hospital, and I swear, I'm not phobic, but I could swear management is looking at me a little closer...............

What do you say??


Has 20 years experience.

Hmmmmm welp, with a social sec number required to be given, well UMMM no that is NOT confidential. And I would not participate.

We do Gallup Polls where I work. NONE of them ever required identifying information.And they could be done online at work or anyplace you have internet access. That is more like it, if you ask me.


Has 20 years experience.

First I'd be weary about giving anyone my SS # over the phone.Just by having that # they know who you are,where you live,how much money you make, etc....We take a poll at the hospital I 'm at but there is nothing personally identifying us. :uhoh3:

live4today, RN

Specializes in Community Health Nurse.

There's nothing confidential about THAT poll! :nono:

lsyorke, RN

Specializes in Med-Surg, Wound Care.

Nope, wouldn't participate in anything that requires my social security number.

Asking for social security number & birthdate would make me immediately clam up. I think a fast one may have been pulled on you Passing thru.

And, all of my co-workers also said they were asked for their ss #.

I would agree with the others. This is not confidential.

Agree with other posters, this poll is not confidential. Management is using info to sweep out the complainers. Confidential has no identifible numbers. :uhoh21:


Has 43 years experience. Specializes in Vents, Telemetry, Home Care, Home infusion.

Every three years our health system conducts polls via paper or computer interface. NO SS OR DOB EVER USED! :angryfire

They use code assigned to department they work in, but we have no idea who person is.


Has 20 years experience. Specializes in Med-Surg.

even those surveys with a code--they can figure out who gave unfavorable comments. The code determines your unit, and identifying details such as years as a nurse, education level , and years at that hospital are asked. Plus I find that they always find that a majority of nurses are happy when you know that is not the case.


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